Colosos and the Extended Picture Assembly

So after the earlier picture of old priestess Nhani Moonfall trying her charms on a particular Draenei male, I naturally had some further dialogue on the topic with some of my Yelnenu cronies which only served to increase my affection for the idea. Perhaps it’s the season that’s to blame, but I found myself having fun spending the morning making all manner of suitably cute imagery. After a few hours of deliberation with myself I finally decided to post them in case some of those who got a kick of the Can Opener picture might appreciate these too.

So without further ado..

I’m going to admit that one of the things that I’ve really enjoyed with making this picture set is getting to see old Moonfall happy – not just proud, pleased or content, but genuinely cheerful – as if she for once didn’t have a care in the world. It’s a very rare thing, so I ran with it and tried to make the most of it. To what degree I’ll actually adopt any of this into the actual character I’m not sure of, but for now I’m happy to keep the image(s) in my head, heh.


16 Responses to “Colosos and the Extended Picture Assembly”

  1. 1 Ilyara
    May 8, 2009 at 00:27

    Picture 1: aww, I like this :3

    Picture 2a + 2b: Good thing Nelf women and Draeni males are so strong ^.^ *glances at 2a again*

    Picture 3: *chokes on her drink* O___O

    Picture 4: *hack-hack* ..oh Darkshore…yes…I so love Darkshore… *finally stops choking* that’s one of my favourite romantic spots too ^.^ ‘ ‘ ‘

    Picture 5: Aww, this is sweet too. Perhaps they are too sensitive, but I was hoping she’d pull him into a kiss with his face tentacles ^^

    • 2 Nhani
      May 8, 2009 at 05:39

      For five, that was the original intention actually – it hit a speed bump with the fact that while she’s all rigged and poseable, he.. well.. isn’t. I might amend that if I keep making these. xD

  2. 3 Arafor
    May 8, 2009 at 10:38

    Shame he doesn’t have a poseable model, his face is so neutral through all of it. She seems happy though, hell, she radiates of warmth and happiness. It’s quite amazing how you managed to capture the emotion so well.

  3. 4 Messai
    May 8, 2009 at 16:33

    Pic 1 : cute ;p

    Pic 2: that’s how you a real gentleman acts with his lady ;p

    Pic 3: *speechless* great moment, let’s not ruin it. c’mon folks keep moving ;p

    Pic 4: i agree on Ilyara´s statement.

    Pic 5: Colosos’s face is priceless. ”wait? what are you gonna do?” *get kissed* hope he finally got the meaning of it ;p ( *shakes hand* good job Colosos )

  4. 5 Tilanya
    May 8, 2009 at 23:55

    Aww, this is just so, so… cute! Even though I don’t know much of Nhani Moonfall since I RP on another server, this was really nice to see.

  5. 6 Moltrazahn
    May 10, 2009 at 21:06


    1: Awww, cute, dont really mind the thing about his leg looking abit off, since i find that the picture in itself looks neat.
    2(down from 1): Allmost looking near-erotic in a way, but it could also be interperted as sensual, wich is also a “state” which newly inlove find alot, those moments of just plain ease at the others presence, so if thats the idea, i think its a nice hit.
    3/4: … Mounted marathonish fun? Now i realise that you often see how “crasy women” tend to assult the bag of the “poor man” whom they are dedicated towards, but i never tought of it before seeing a piture XD, so yea… the look on the Draeneis face remind me of someone rideing into mounted combat.
    5: Just plain ❤
    final: Not much to say, besides i really like it 🙂 They make a nice arnold & Arven (lotr) sorta look ^^

    all in all, i like how its going 🙂

  6. 7 Nhani
    May 11, 2009 at 06:27

    To be honest, with the reclining image my own idea was largely just that she was sitting in his lap and essentially leaning back almost half snoozing. It was only afterwards that I was pointed out the potentially erotic undertones and subsequently went “…oh.. uhm.. That wasn’t intended! D;”

    Though I suppose seeing the theme, either interpretation is.. well.. functional <.<

    For me it was a fun exercise in seeing ten millenia old Priestess Moonfall – a woman generally held down by burdens and resopnsibility – just shed all that for awhile and be playful and utterly carefree.

    • 8 Moltrazahn
      May 11, 2009 at 08:52

      and really, if she ought to find a man not of her own kin, a Draenei is a perfect choice, heck were as Nightelfs might be up to 10,000 years old, a Draenei can be from back in the days of Argus, meaning more like… what 100,000? if not more. So if one tends to follow the idea that the male is more of age then the women, then she has taken a perfect coice. And as for the “Erotic undertones” that may or may not be present, dont worry yourself about such! its not something one might aim for, but love and spending time with your partner is also a reomantic and “sensual” experiance, and while elves can be more in control of their feelings, i would belive that if you had been single for a cuple of 1000 years… HECK i wouldnt blame her for looking pleased! *nods sagely* and we know your not trying to make such “schemes” and just makeing what you think is right for the given topic or page, so i say keep doing as you do.

  7. May 11, 2009 at 07:47

    Sweet and cute ^^
    I allways enjoy two diffirent races faling in love.
    Wonder how there offspring would look like though…..

  8. 10 Ellessar
    May 12, 2009 at 12:25

    Meh my NElf charachters are always very open to other races (except mages and locks of every kind) but he will never understand why they would fall in love with them, because to my chars they just look plain old ugly tbh eventhough they usually don’t care about looks too much.

    I could understand why a human would fall for a nelf but not the otherway around, they all seem like kids to my chars (mind you the youngest of my NElf chars is about 4000 years old)

    The pictures do look very good though.

  9. 11 Ellessar
    May 12, 2009 at 12:27

    Ow and added to that. I know Draenei can be much older, but they are just… well… aliens to azeroth and thus not of this world and therefore they just somehow feel wrong to the natural order of things to my NElf chars 🙂

  10. 12 Nhani
    May 12, 2009 at 15:21

    I’ve actually given it a great deal of thought, and I think for old priestess Moonfall, there’s a great deal of reasons why she’d take to Draenei men rather than Night elven ones; starting with the physical, Draenei are tall, broad-shouldered and impressive – along with the shining eyes and blue skin tones, there’s definitely enough to catch her eye.

    Beyond that, I’d think she appreciates the Draenei mentality – “each day is a blessing”, rather than some of the lingering despair of some of her own kin over the loss of their immortality, nevermind that to some degree – as a Priestess she is expected to care for most of her people as children in a sense. Draenei are exempt from that, so there’s less of a conflict between dual purposes.

    Cross-racial relationships can be something of a cliché, but I do like the idea of this particular one. It makes a great deal of sense to me, and while I can’t see Nhani ever being interested in humans, gnomes or dwarves, Draenei are a whole different matter.

    • May 14, 2009 at 14:23

      Dreanei have more ‘life experince’ sort of speak in Night elven terms, and to be frank, their males are more good looking.
      Aslo their Religon (the light ) might also be soemwhat the same like Elune.

  11. May 13, 2009 at 20:55

    You know, picture two could so easily be twisted into something dirty, but I’ll refrain and let your dirty imaginations do the rest.

  12. 15 WoWplayer
    May 21, 2009 at 00:35


  13. 16 Jai
    July 13, 2009 at 09:22

    I *play* a Draenei/Night elf romance… This evoked a lot of “Wow, I wish I had the computer power and know-how to do *that!*”

    Doesn’t help that Choline Moonstorm (my rogue main) looks an awful lot like Nhani.

    Must be the hair.

    Great work, I really enjoyed discovering this. 🙂

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