On the drawing board: Hani model revision

There’s no real logic to when I revise a model – there’s no set amount of “bugs” notticed, possible new features or time since last that stand out. It’s more a case of having enough things I want to change or fix, having had enough time to think about them that I feel I have a good idea of what I’m trying to do and.. well.. essentially feeling like it and deciding that now is the time.

It was awhile since I touched Hani’s model – I’ve felt little need to since in the past, I haven’t really considered changing her appearance much – her armour and overall look suits her rather well. Most changes I’ve had in mind have been more generic – trying to figure out better eyes apply to all night elves, perhaps Te’len most of all. Improved hands again applies to all the elves, and the main one set for revision for a time has actually been Tyrande – but I’ve yet to decide how I want to handle her dress, so she’s had to wait.

Lately though I’ve started thinking about a Hani-specific change I’ve been wanting – Te’len had a change in her last model revision that saw her become a little less thin and a bit more soft and rounded. I’ve wanted to make the difference even more apparent with Hani, so..

The simple changes that might migrate to all the other night elven models if they work out are hands, face and eyes. The hands aren’t done yet in this render, but I’m essentially re-importing new hand models and then starting essentially from scratch with those, seeing if I can address some faults in my present hand structure that way. The eyes and the face are both subtle, but significant, changes – the face have a few more polygons around the cheeks to hopefully help certain expressions, and the eyes.. well, they’re no longer simply a texture – they’re a model. I’m still not entirely content with how they’ve turned out – there’s a few issues that make them look really odd in some cases, I’m hoping to figure a way around that before I start trying to make the this model revision poseable.

There’s one pretty big, Hani-only change so far though: Size.

Not just tall, Hani is both strong and agile – I’ve been wanting to see if I could change her model to have that come across better. The above work in progress has quite a few changes to that end – her arms and legs are thicker and more massive than they used to be, her neck is a little wider than it was, and her upper torso and shoulders are a broader than they used to be.

There’s still some tweaks, changes and additions left before she’s anywhere near done, and I’ll have to change her biped skeleton around a fair bit to accomodate her change in build, so I’m a little concerned with whether I might end up introducing more deformation issues than I’ve fixed, but so far.. Hani’s definitely gaining some bulk before long.


3 Responses to “On the drawing board: Hani model revision”

  1. 1 TheNic
    June 20, 2009 at 23:55

    I was thinking the same, Hani could use some more muscles, I mean she is about as thin as squishy Te’Len šŸ˜›

  2. 2 TheNic
    June 21, 2009 at 00:00

    by the way, I studied this allitle closer, and I’ve noticed that Hani is looking very happy in general, I mean her face, cause she doesn’t seem like the cheeriest girl I’ve ever seen, imo I think it would be better to give her face abit more of a firm look to fit her personallity, atleast of the latest chapters, where she has been more silent and thoughtful, she looks abit “too happy”

    And with the Tyrande part, she doesn’t seem like she is so powerfull, I mean I know she is, but when you see her in the chapters, she looks so ordinary, like if she was any elf, I think you could change her dress abit, and maybe her hair, make her look abit more cleaned up, and abit taller than the rest? just what I was thinking, hope it was of some help, but all up to you šŸ™‚

    • 3 Nhani
      June 21, 2009 at 06:07

      Huh, I actually thought of the face more as “calm” or “content” myself, so I always thought it fairly fitting in that – especially how that face can very easilly split into an actual smile (though in Hani’s case that’s kindof rare) or outright snarl. It’s a good point though, so I might try to make her expression a triffle more bothered to go along with her presently distant state of mind.

      I actually don’t want to make Tyrande taller – I haven’t seen any source claiming she should be, and I’d like her to convey force in a different way. I do have thoughts about how to meddle around with her texture somewhat, including getting that permanent scowl off her face. The main thing that keeps me wondering about how to design Tyrande is that I can’t decide what to do with her skirt – I don’t want to give it a cut like Te’len because that might erode the air of dignity.

      Actually.. I’ll make a post showing how far I am along the idea train.

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