Reaching Old Heights Once More

So with Cataclysm reveal is still fresh in mind I’ve started even now – before we’ve even gotten to see Icecrown Citadel – to think about what I might need to prepare for my eventual character list overhaul. With my present main – Nhani Moonfall in her priestess class form – transforming into a gnome priestess, I’m already setting my sights on some typically gnomish things (Coliseum tabard and mount, etcetera) to get for her for when the change actually comes. More than that though, I’ve been thinking what to do with Nhani herself – where the character might go and what that means for my playing her.

I didn’t think I’d go back – I felt a relief when I deleted her old rogue self to free up the name, and I had the rogue reinstated under another name and appearance just in case I wanted something from her later. I felt I couldn’t go back as Nhani herself had evolved from her former Sentinel roots into the force majeure who during the scourge attack on the Stormwind Harbor not only safeguarded the protectors and healed the injured, but channeled so much force into the incoming armada that she lifted from the very ground – tearing Frostwyrms out of the sky through through the power Elune granted her. With that, I felt, how could she ever return to her old ways of war?

And yet it seems she will. Cataclysm is a huge event, and for someone old enough to have seen the Sundering, I think it would resonate in many unsettling ways. There’s a great deal of details that I haven’t worked out yet, or suspect won’t really work out until I simply feel my way through them, and I’m definitely intending for my gnomish priestess to be my main character, but through this, she’ll still be around. In that form, her command over the Starwatch might in fact make more sense too, because she’ll have a greater possibility for stealth.

Dusting the old rogue off and figuring out her gear and her spec was the first hurdle – I haven’t really touched her since shortly after her old niche all but crumbled to dust. Reviving what remains of the spec, picking what I needed from the gear and everything took a fair bit of thinking – after all, we’re talking a rogue whose main soloing trinkets consisted of the Ancient Aqir Artifact and Commendation of Kael’thas. I have a feeling you’re not likely to meet a rogue geared quite like she is.

She still works, which is a relief – it’s nowhere near what it was in its prime, and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to let her do things like tank Prince Malchezaar again, but I’m killing things rather than them killing me, which is a good start. I really have no idea how long her old gear will hold out before I’ll need to swap in parts, but I imagine I’ll simply discover that as I go.

I’ll admit – I’m a little curious just how far I can push my dodge% at level 80 – diminishing returns is an obstacle, but Wrath also drowns in agility gear, so there might be some decent options to go about. The claims by Blizzard that they intend to bring everyone up to plate levels of health in Cataclysm intrigues me in this regard, and the hints that they might consider the option of making atleast one rogue spec lose some burst/damage to be a little more tanky does more so. Like said, I doubt they’ll ever let me tank with one again, but I’m curious to see how far I can go in terms of battling Big Nasty Things.

In between leveling my old rogue incarnation up to 80, I found myself with an even greater drive to hunt for More Shiny Things for my present priesty main; there’s a great deal of things – equipment, pets, mounts – things that ancient priestess Nhani Moonfall couldn’t be caught dead wearing/using/tending to that a gnome can field just fine. As much as I love my bike mount, using it in public areas feel like a huge breach of character – for a gnome, this won’t be the case. Especially is the Tyrael pet a friend game me quite some time back – a pet I really like – that would be a stretch to explain for Nhani but would be much less problematic on a gnome priestess.

Now, there’s still some elements of Cataclysm I’m not all that pleased with – there’s some concepts, ideas or changes that I don’t entirely appreciate or approve of, and I remain convinced that Cataclysm will be a very good time for me to have a main character that isn’t a night elf.. but I’m definitely excited by an even larger amount. I’m feeling quite giddy over a great deal of fiddly little details that we quite frankly know next to nothing about at this stage – changes to talent trees, class tweaks, itemization changes, world overhaul.. I can’t wait to see it.

Now gief Gnome Priestess race change!!


5 Responses to “Reaching Old Heights Once More”

  1. 1 Iasion
    August 31, 2009 at 17:14

    I play my rogue similar to how you played yours; dodgy, beguiling, and devilishly ‘tanky’. I went Sub BS though, and my impression is that you went combat swords. I never did the raiding you did, or achieved the trinkets you listed. Playing on a pvp server is fun, but it tends to draw your competitive types. Playing as a ‘tanky’ rogue provokes many insults and relentless questions. I assume an rp server is more forgiving. 🙂

    • 2 Nhani
      September 2, 2009 at 06:29

      I had subtlety with a dash of combat, actually – picking up the extra agility talent, ghostly strike and the absolutely awesome Shadowstep for fun, while still dipping enough into combat for the parry and dodge talents there. It’s a weird spec because you essentially have to tank to get the full value out of it – every time you dodge you get a combo point, and without the energy recovery of full combat or full assassination, you need them!

      I find it’s less that an RP server is more forgiving and more just being around a bunch of people that can (and will) think outside the box.

      • 3 Iasion
        September 2, 2009 at 06:41

        Hah! Sounds like you got all the talents I went for. The infamous Setup and the incredibly unpopular Riposte. However, using BS I often Gouge>twirl>BS. If one of those missed or got interrupted for some reason, then I relied on Ghostly Strike until Gouge or Kidney Shot is available.

        Did you use Hemo, SS, or BS back in BC? I found that with Sub in general you really have to scrape for that 5th CP. It’s often more profitable to use a 4pt Eviscerate than bother plugging for that 5th. Still, I had more fun with the spec, and thematically it fit my character like a glove.

      • 4 Nhani
        September 2, 2009 at 06:56

        Riposte is awesome. Doubly so now when it slows enemy attack speed (instead of disarming) and awards a combo point, considering it’s just 10 energy for a free slap in the face – provided you parry something first.

        I used Hemo – investing that heavily in subtlety and mainly picking up just the hit and avoidance talents from combat meant that I didn’t have the talents that boosts SS damage, so the cheaper Hemo felt the better alternative (nevermind it provided group utility).

        I also found that I never used Eviscerate much – Rupture does more damage, and arguably Slice and Dice does too, and when soloing things I find Kidney Shot is more ‘fun’ than eviscerate is. Eviscerate is really just a combo point dump when I have too many points to spare and needed to put them somewhere.

        Mind you, I hear pre-nerf HAT builds spammed the crap out of it in properly stacked raids; I have no doubt believing it, knowing the talent.

  2. 5 Iasion
    September 2, 2009 at 16:57

    I suppose using rupture and SnD are more useful when you don’t have to gouge enemies for your main attack. And Hemo’s just kind of depressing with a dagger- it is actually a better energy:damage investment to use a 4pt. Evisc than trying to get a full 5 with a 30 energy Hemo.

    And yeah, HaT’s great. You do end up spamming Evisc a lot in a group, but the CP income varies a lot too. Sometimes that’s frustrating, but it keeps the play style a little random, which is more often welcome. I suppose you end up getting more out of Evisc with a slower, stronger weapon too. ;p

    Sometimes I think I should give up on BS go As, like every other rogue. But, I find BS much more fun. Sometimes it’s frustrating (like when you can’t find the back of a mob for some reason, or your screen is jammed with big spell effects and overlapping mobs), but ultimately I enjoy it. 😀

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