Sampling Gnome Destiny

I’ve felt incredibly directionless as of late – my priestess main only has achievements and wealth to attain outside of daily quests (doing those), pvp (skipping that) and raid content (not soloable). While my revived rogue incarnation who’ll eventually get the mantle of being old Moonfall again is up to speed and in definite need of proper kit to get some output.. I’ve not really felt driven to do much. It’s just more questing or more battlegrounds – neither seems to call to me much. The slump extends out beyond World of Warcraft too – I have plenty of 3D modeling work I’ve been hoping to finish that I’ve not really put enough time into. The spark simply hasn’t been there.

It’s somehow just feeling like most of the things I want at present – both including ingame things such as completing my priestly robe look with a belt, transforming my priestess into a gnome and out of game things such as waiting for Batman: Arkham Asylum to be released for the PC and then arrive in my mail. With everything being sit and wait, I’m somewhat stuck on figuring out how to pass the time.

So. I decided to pre-empt Blizzard somewhat. I can’t have my gnome priestess just yet, but I decided I could atleast try to start her off; get a sense for her character and provide her with some sort of origins rather than her suddenly just appearing on Azeroth, decked out in epics and honorary titles. So I made a gnome mage, picked the appearance I wanted, handed her a human priest starting robe and went off to cleanse Troggs with holy fire.

While I certainly don’t enjoy the class too much – atleast not at this low level – giving the character a ground has been interesting, especially when she spent an evening wandering around the madness that is Stormwind – a place I rarely take any of my night elven characters simply because there’d be far too many situations where they’d simply have to sigh and shake their heads. As a gnome, I feel far less inclined to take everything seriously, including people whose descriptions claim all manner of outlandish features or supreme powers: I don’t have to consider the potential repercussions – either of accepting them or of not.

But, on to Mini-Tyrael, which is one of my favourite vanity pets in the game – especially now when they’ve made him a whole lot more animated in a recent patch. I was given him once, quite some time ago, and my one regret has by large been that I’ve not had a character where he made sense to have around. Old Priestess Moonfall would be expected to explain him if he’d been in her company, nevermind would want a good reason why she’d bring him along anywhere. She’s like that – most of my elven characters are – and that’s part of why I’m trying to get away from that.

As a gnome, however, it’s almost like all stops are pulled out – there’s no need to really know or understand what the creature floating along with her is, just as long as she knows it’s friendly and tries to help. People are free to make their own explainations, and said gnome can spend more time trying to have patience for a travel companion that keeps prancing around or falling asleep. So far, the two of them seem to make a very good duo that plays off eachother perfectly.

It’s a start, at least; something to do and something to let me wander around Stormwind and see how things have changed over time. I’m still hoping to get started on other things too, of course, but it’s a taste of where I’m intending to head with Cataclysm. I definitely like the look and feel of gnome casters more than night elven ones – especially since for me, gnomes have a greater license to be frail. And no, for the record I still haven’t gotten over how the night elven Priestesses of the Moon have been reduced from capable warrior women into the priest class.


8 Responses to “Sampling Gnome Destiny”

  1. 1 Noriam (ER)
    September 17, 2009 at 19:57

    … Where do you get that little critter? Talk a wierd guardian angel! Does that thing even have a face?

    • 2 Nhani
      September 18, 2009 at 08:27

      Well, I had this friend who was to the 2008 Blizzard event in Paris who didn’t want one.. *cough* I think he’s awesome. Well, both the pet and the friend.

  2. 3 Iasion
    September 18, 2009 at 05:48

    It’s interesting you mention that priests have no martial combat ability what so ever. I think in the creative direction of the class, once upon a time, was to allow a Discipline priest to have more options for combat than the other casters. I assume you were around when Inner Fire gave a bonus to attack power? I figure someone at Blizz pictured a monk-like fighter, using either a staff, mace, or sword for white damage while casting other abilities.

    Would have been cool, and required quite a redesign to make it work and not make it redundant with paladin. :\

    • 4 Nhani
      September 18, 2009 at 08:38

      I remember it was like that once; human priests also had a special that allowed them to drain mana from melee strikes back then, I think?

      Inner Fire never gave a viable amount of attack power, of course, and it might simply have been a remnant from that back in WarCraft 3, Inner Fire was castable on others.

      Nhani inhabited the rogue class back then; it always suited her Sentinel side better, so at present that’s what she’s going back to – that way she can at least stand up to some degree of harm.

  3. 5 Mouse(ER)
    September 18, 2009 at 07:18

    I’ve done exactly the same thing, though I’ve spent the gold to level lock the mage at 1 until there’s the option to roll her as a priest. It’s been my rather, urm, “interesting” introduction into Stormwind RP on Earthen Ring. Until recently I tended to stick to more traditionaly Gnomey areas for RP.

    I’ll keep an eye out for you on my stumblings around the city.

    • 6 Nhani
      September 18, 2009 at 08:35

      “interesting” indeed.. it’s not all bad, and I did run across some decent conversations (and have some of my Yelnenu cronies frequent the place), but then there’s also cases like the dark druid with the hand made of stone (Hellboy much?) and the self-professed Avatar of Elune that spends most of her description on how special she is and can sometimes be seen bunny-hopping through the trade district.

      Yeah. I’m feeling vindicated about my decision with not bringing ‘ol Moonfall here; she’d have a few too many frustrations and choice words to bring around.

      As for Nhomi, she should be fairly easy to find when I’m around – just look for the gnome with a strange sleepy angelic creature in tow. If you hear someone randomly utter “Slowpoke!” then it’s probably her you’ve heard – Tyrael sure takes his sweet time going places!

  4. 7 Noriam (ER)
    September 18, 2009 at 16:24

    Mousie, mon soeur! Hi.

    And, well, I’d say “I’ll give you a SW RP tour” but in all honesty it speaks for itself once you’ve had a good look at what happens, especially around the Cathedral district. Unfortunately realism is lost on a lot of people, death knights especially. Once or twice I’ve seen them guarding the orphanage; what’s up with that? They’re usually winterfall firewater junkies with huge kickass weapons and generally not particularly friendly armour. Children’d be flaming terrified, especially as that sort of image is what would have done away with their parents.

    On the other side of things there are plenty of decent people. If anything pop in to the Cathedral and hope you find me, or say, Ewy, to natter with… Although Ewy’s blind, she’s just the first I thought of.

  5. 8 Alex
    September 22, 2009 at 07:47

    Much of Stormwind is silliness, though there are a fe good RPers tucked away there, Avari and Beon come to mind.

    The problem being that lots of people frequent it, many of them are headaches. No names shall be mentioned.

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