Reclassing old Moonfall

There exists no character I’ve spent anywhere near as much time with as priestess Nhani Moonfall – be it characterizing her, practicing her characterization or writing stories; the Beyond the Tree cast are in a position where they might eventually come to rival or supplant it, but old Moonfall has a few years advantage over them. One thing that always stood out for me with Nhani compared to many other World of Warcraft characters I’ve seen is that she was never defined by what in-game character class she was – she might borrow elements from the one currently characterizing her, but she’s never been the class (or the anti-class, as it were). An ancient former Sentinel turned Priestess of the Moon – as much a skilled martial combatant as she is a spiritual guide and voice of wisdom.. no one class truly abstracted all that she is, and giving her form in game mechanics is a delicate balance of which aspect to emphasize.

She’s been many things in her time, some which worked better than others. To be honest, I never expected her to be back where she truly started.

To most who are familiar with her.. well.. legend, as one person put it, old Nhani Moonfall began with the rogue class. It was later shifted to the priest class, then back to the rogue class during my rogue tanking period, then back to priest for most of Wrath up until now. What most people don’t know is the early draft of Nhani Moonfall that existed on EN Beta 9 during the European Final Beta phase of World of Warcraft. It was before she ended up with her priestess title which came with the Lights of Elune guild – she was just a former Sentinel.. and classed warrior.

I’ll freely admit I didn’t know the mechanics very well back then – the basics, sure, but the intricacies of how hits are randomized, how strike damage is calculated, how talents and abilities synergize.. all that was an alien concept and I was just running around on a 56k modem dial-up (yes..) with an arms warrior wielding dual daggers because a fast attack speed had a tendency to kill caster NPCs before they could blast me, unlike slow two-handers that took forever to swing. As one might understand, I didn’t do too well with the class and decided to shift when the game hit retail and the choice ended up between rogue and hunter.. and I picked the former because “everyone else was picking night elven hunters”, heh. Hindsight is amusing, sometimes.

The Warrior class and I have a strange history. I’ve gone on record saying many times I don’t like parts of it – notably too much in-combat stance dancing and the tendency of the rage system to run out on you when you most need it. And yet I had two warriors at level 70 on the same server and same faction. Lately, I picked up one of my warriors again, pulled her up to 80 and started utilizing the emblem-rich nature of the latest patch to gear her out, and.. to my surprise.. I was really enjoying myself.

The problem of course that I had was that I’ve been pretty set to have a Gnome priestess in Cataclysm for some time now, and with the warrior being a Gnome, my plans were somewhat led astray, because I still wanted to keep Nhani around in some form.. and with how poor I am at maintaining alts.. with one warrior Gnome and one priest Gnome, she’d be left wayside. I was thinking maybe I’d keep Nhani as the priest and go with a Gnome warrior.. but there’s something special about a Gnome healer and gnomish casting animations, so I found myself in a spot where I was outright questioning what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go.

Then I got a suggestion – one of my Yelnenu cronies helped me sort out that what if I made the priest into the Gnome, eventually, and made the warrior – seeing how I was enjoying that – into Nhani. I had one of those moments where it’s just stop.. waaaitaminute.. that’s an idea..! Initially it was something I was going to hold off until Cataclysm but as I was thinking about it.. going it over in my head, what it’d mean, what I’d have to do and how it’d affect things.. I found myself utterly falling for the idea of putting Nhani into the warrior class. It’d let her protect people, and moreover would fix my pet annoyance about her being too frail – as a warrior, especially one with Protection as main spec, she’s one tough woman.

After having spent nearly the entire thursday evening just going back and forth between people rambling indecisively.. I took the plunge. Gave my gnome warrior a race change and figuring that if it really was a total failure, I’d be able to undo it again and return things as they were.

Of course, the warrior class isn’t all that she is – it holds the ferocity, the stamina, the strength and – curiously enough – the leadership; but it often lacks the subtlety and some of the guide and caretaker. It’s not a perfect match – no class is – but it surprised me how right it feels at the moment. After spending so much time in the back row in a dress, she finally gets to pick up arms and go straight into battle herself. Moreover, she gets to stand toe to toe with larger foes again, and prevail. She feels larger, stronger and more powerful – like a true force to be reckoned with; what’s more – like a protector.

Time, of course, will tell where it all leads – how long it lasts, and if/when she might shift form again. I’ve been enjoying both the tanking and the damage aspects of the mechanics – though I harbor no illusions I’m anywhere near as good at them as I am at healing – I’ve held my own. There’s a whole lot still to sort out – finding a proper dress for official attire (the Gossamer one being unpleasantly rare these days), gather up all manner of casual, out-of-armor outfits as well as catch up on whatever quests, achievements and titles I might want. While things can still change, and we have yet to learn what exactly Blizzard intend with class balance and talent design for Cataclysm.. it’s provided something that I’ve been looking for for a long time.

Something to do with Nhani.


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  1. 1 TheNic
    January 11, 2010 at 22:20

    before I start, just wanna say that it looks like you almost have exactly the same gear as my tankadin 😛

    anyhoo, like the idea you make of Nhani, you keep her together and I think that makes it more interesting to play, I usually do that in my mind as I play my characters, I picture their childhood, see them interacting with the npcs instead of just being asked to go kill 10 000 kobolds… And I especially do that with my newest character, wich just happens to be a warrior, warrior was actually my first char I ever made, but I got that to level 2 before I threw taht down the crapper, I have now 4 level 80s, a couple of level 60s and 70s, but I never have been able to get a warrior going, but then I did some tanking on my paladin, and I realised, there are way too many paladins tank in WoW, and seeing as I also have a level 80 holy priest, I have realised that DKs are just a damn pain to heal, and Druids…well, I just can´t stand druid tanks ((no offence to anyone out there)) so that left me with warriors, wich I just cannot cannot figure out what the hell I am doing, anyhoo, I made the character a week ago now, and as it was on the hollidays, I have managed to get it up to 65 already, been prot since level 10, got dual with fury at level 41 though, and I have all the heirlooms I can get for a warrior, and I have to say, I love tanking with her, she is interesting to play, and hopefully, soon to be a level 80 that can tank pretty decent =)

    • 2 Nhani
      January 12, 2010 at 08:55

      Warrior tanks are in a rather curious niche these days; back in BC and before they were the block-based tank which gave them an easy way of avoiding crushing blows. All those mechanics changed with Wrath, so now Paladins are actually the block-based tanks and Warriors.. well..

      Warrior tanks have unprecedented mobility. Charge, Intercept, Intervene – all available from any stance, whether in combat or not. You can zip back and forth across the battlefield in instants. They still don’t have a solid area threat ability (like paladins have Consecrate) and sometimes do suffer for it – on the other hand, Shockwave can be incredibly useful since it’s cone damage, threat and stun.

      Warrior tanks do seem a little like the swiss army knife of the tanks in the game at the moment – they don’t really have any specialized role and rather just have a large set of abilities for various utility and other functions. Where some tanks have one or two abilities that do a whole lot of threat, warriors have several ones spread out across the spectrum.

      They definitely have their downsides, and some packs in some places are just headache-inducing with warrior area threat being what it is. Some other ones though, you can really use their mobility to its fullest.

      • 3 Gordrake Thunderhoof
        January 14, 2010 at 17:06

        Threat-maintaining tends to work better if you keep using Thunder Clap every so often, though. Shield Slam is another good one for threat, and all this is added up by the Defensive Stance (if you’re in any other stance, keeping threat really does become a problem). And if you need to really get their attention for a while, there’s always Challenging Shout…though I never find myself using the Shouts that often. Odd, hm?

        To give an idea of how I use him at the moment, this is my shortcut bar:
        1: Shockwave, 2: Rend, 3: Shield Slam, 4: Concussion Blow, 5: Devastate, 6: Thunder Clap, 7: Last Stand, 8: Shield Wall, 9: Bloodrage, 0: Shield Bash, -: Revenge, =: Shield Block. And I also have G(as in Shift-g) for Charge, with Intercept and Intervene close to where it’s set on my other bars.

        • 4 Nhani
          January 14, 2010 at 17:27

          The thing is that Wrath 5-man instancing is very much about area-effect abilities – threat and damage both. Packs up to three or so are generally manageable because you can supplement Thunder Clap and Shockwave with Cleave (glyph for +1 target). As pack size increases above four however, it’s going to become increasingly more difficult to actually keep up because both Thunder Clap and Shockwave have cooldowns to restrict their use and unlike Paladins, Warriors don’t get nearly as much threat from blocking due to not blocking nearly as often.

          That said, Warriors have some of the best area spike threat because both Thunder Clap and Shockwave unload all their threat upon cast time. The problem being that that threat actually needs to last until next cooldown; compare this to Consecrate which unloads its threat for its entire duration and can be reused when the effect ends.

          It’s not like Warrior tanks are useless, of course not, but there’s a definitive disadvantage on some packs – typically caster-heavy ones of sizes of 5 or more that are somewhat spread out.

          • 5 Gordrake Thunderhoof
            January 19, 2010 at 06:15

            “Warriors don’t get nearly as much threat from blocking due to not blocking nearly as often.”

            Sorry to pick you up on that, but if you combine Shield Specialisation among other Warrior talents you can find yourself blocking very often. I think at present I can block at least one in 10 attacks, maybe less. And obviously Shield Block gives a timed boost to blocking. It kills two birds with one stone, too, if I have to use a lot of Rage to get aggro since Shield Block gives me a Rage boost because of all the attacks blocked using that skill. Handy in a pinch too if you’re not doing too healthy.

            Having said that, though, they are very vulnerable to casters. They’ve always been my biggest problem when there’s more than a mob of three or so, because of their distance from each other mostly. Means the AoE’s and Shockwave aren’t nearly as effective. If I’m in a group, I often have those disabled or killed first, then deal with the close combat small fry. Works about 99% of the time, too, when it’s done. Sucks that the only defensive skill against spells is reflecting them – Shield Slamming only works up-close, by which point casters are vulnerable to my stuns anyway.

            If you got a good team, though, simply streaming Thunder Claps to maintain aggro often is all that it takes. It’s only failed for me on occasions where some DPSer jumps the gun and goes AoE before I got their attention. They often died afterwards…their fault though, I figure.

            • 6 Nhani
              January 19, 2010 at 10:47

              One in ten is not anywhere near what I’d call “very often”. Personally I have about 17% chance to block at present; discounting hits that are dodged or parried (provided the one-roll hit system works the way I remember it), I will block roughly every one hit out of three, less in IceCrown 10-man.

              This might sound like much, but take the other tank with block, Paladins, which between Holy Shield and Redoubt should pretty much never ever not block an attack that didn’t miss and wasn’t dodged or parried.

              So basically, unless you start blocking every single hit that gets past your avoidance, no, you don’t block very often.

              That said, damage shield apparently does more damage than holy shield does, so maybe it sort of evens out for threat, not counting reckoning which is mostly single target.

  2. 7 Ragefury
    January 12, 2010 at 17:13

    I’ve been curious to ask – what realm do you play on? Lately I’ve found the world of cheap, ambushing ganksters, undergeared achievement wanna-bes and endless days of daily farming on the same old PvP-realm to be plain dull, so I’ve thought about rolling a NE hunter on your realm – first since I haven’t played hunter higher than 30 ish, secondly since I’d like to explore the role-playing side of WoW.

    Now, back to the topic – warriors sure lack the ability of regenerating much threat these days, unlike the old pre-TBC days when it was all about getting 3 sunders up on the mobs before you were allowed to dps – or it could depend on most dps’ers being too overconfident today and starting to dps before you’ve been able to build up some base threat. Me, I’ve not found it too hard to tank as a prot warrior, as long as I can land the first blow on the mobs before the dps’ers pull their triggers. Makes me wonder if they’ll give prot warriors some solid area threat ability in Cataclysm – maybe adding such an effect to their Thunder Clap ability would suffice. 😉

    • 8 Nhani
      January 13, 2010 at 10:10

      Old Earthen Ring EU – it’s always been.. home as it were, even if it’s not always entirely welcoming. These days, I’m less of an active member and more of a bitter old cretin standing off to the side scowling at some of the antics of the new kids around.

      I’m still around here and there, walk around a few places, talk to people.. just not all that involved in the big events and councils and whatever anymore.

      As for some sort of solid, persistent Warrior area threat.. I’m part concerned about the prospect because Warriors have other things instead that while far more situational.. really have their moments. Still, what happens up in Cataclysm is anyones’ guess until Blizzard starts talking about it.

  3. 9 Frostsaben
    January 12, 2010 at 19:04

    To be honest I love the tanking aspect of warriors, have one too, even leveled as a tank (changed for a time between 45-60 to fury/arms) but then went back to tanking and been a tank ever since (which made me even not know how to dps anymore with a warrior).
    What can I say is that tanking is fun with one condition, which is you have a group of nice people, if you get some stupid dps that attacks unmarked mobs with their 5 billion dps then cry out how you suck it really isn’t fun at all.
    Since Wrath people have slowly started forgetting they should watch their threat too, and I can say it’s not hard at all, also have a rogue and a death knight and don’t use any add-ons to see threat levels by the blizzard one yet I rearely have problems, mostly when I really don’t have much time till I need to log.

    Anyway, unfortunately priestess of the moon the way they’re characterised in lore can’t be played in game by any class… a plate wearing class that can heal and lead armies on the battlefield? who can do that? … come to think of it, the paladin in-game class would be closer to this ideea then the priest in-game class…

    Oh well, good luck with your new tanking role, may you get as little as possible jerks in groups or who knows what 🙂

    • 10 TheNic
      January 12, 2010 at 19:42

      have to agree on most points, first of all, in instances I actually do more dps in prot with my shield and one hander than in fury with my 2 heirloom 2handers 😛 although that is still in TBC dungeons, and ye, 5k dpsers who just attack whatever they want is a pain, I don´t mind it when they tell me I suck more than when they say “whatever, we didn´t die…” cause when they tell me I suck I can just agree with them and mostly they shut up, probs because they excpect a fight 😛 and that is also the problem with these emblem stuffs, it is waaay too easy to get gear to do their 4k dps now, and not get any skill at all… I have my warlock who I worked hard with, I did Naxx 25 once a week when that was the only thing out there, and was going to go Ulduar when it came out…unfortunatly I broke my arm and couldn´t play for some months, and when I came back, everyone was doing 4k dps, and I stood there with my 3k and looked stupid…but atleast I know what I am doing, and now that I got it geared up, I can manage to stay top dps, and still pull less aggro than that bloody DK with it´s 800 aggro pulling with death grip just because he doesn´t know what to do -.-

      • 11 Frostsaben
        January 13, 2010 at 04:40

        Indeed, you are right there, and for the bad dps I usually point it out first then if they repeat I let them tank what they pulled (especially when they pull stuff before me because they’re in a hurry) and if they say something after I don’t say anything which makes them even more annoyed. And if they continue after that I vote kick them because I always have at least one guildie with me. Yes, I’m a mean person like that :p

        Also about gear you’d be surprised, but I see more people with blue gear that do 2500 dps or so and more people with triumph stuff that I have no ideea what they’re doing with 900. I am not an elitist to ask 10 000 dps or something, but when people have full tier 9 and are plated in epics even better then mine and do 900 dps… I mean really! oh well, luckly I mostly get guildies 🙂

      • 12 Frostsaben
        January 13, 2010 at 04:41

        I wanted to say I get guildies to not try my luck at the pug lottery, not that my guildies suck, in fact my guildies are great people!

    • 13 Nhani
      January 13, 2010 at 10:33

      I recall one of the changes they did in the pre-Wrath patch was that all tanks got this huge built-in threat boost to make it mostly a non-issue. With gear having caught up there are times when some classes with some specs can unload to such a crazy degree that they out-threat the tank, but it generally involves classes without threat-reducing abilities or talents *cough*warlocks*cough*.

      I generally stay away from whole pick up groups as a principle – I never really had much luck with them and generally prefer to have at least so many people I know (or people I know vouch for) in a group; especially when I’m part of the tank/healer synergy. As a healer, I need a tank I can trust. As a tank, I need a healer I can trust. Without that trust, the synergy ceases to function. I can go along with one or two randoms, but I need a majority that I feel I can rely on.

      That doesn’t mean randoms are automatically doomed to fail – some are pleasant, intelligent and competent.. but many are also not, and my luck with random groups tend to gravitate far more towards the former.

      As for Priestess of the Moon.. yes, they are a bother. You’d essentially need a specialized class for it, and seeing how they’d largely be night elven only.. it doesn’t really work the way things are designed. With several of their core abilities handed off to hunters and druids both, there’s no real class to use to represent them. More I find, being a Priestess of the Moon is all about the character – it’s not something a character can simply say they are, it’s something they just are.

  4. January 12, 2010 at 20:41

    Your on the european realms?
    I’m suprised i never saw you on the roleplay forums (unless you are using a alt).
    To be fair it’s fine either way what class Nhani is, everyone will remember her as a Priestess of Elune, i know i will.

    • 15 Nhani
      January 13, 2010 at 11:08

      I was only ever really active on the forums in the beginning, prior to realm forums and all that; back in the days when people on Earthen Ring EU couldn’t even post on the forums because the european World of Warcraft forums wouldn’t recognize characters from it.

      I gave up on the roleplaying forums a long time ago.

  5. 16 Alex
    January 13, 2010 at 17:06

    I myself have certain dark intentions for both Tere and Furau should I return to WoW come the expansaion. That’s still all up in the air, depending on my activites at the time. However, certain plans for Furau involve the tender kiss of a Worgen and his struggles in dealing with that. It’ll also mean he can be a human druid now. (Sort of.) My Tere based thoughts are something I’m far less comfortable with, and given that they’ll lead her towards a vengeful style I may discard them altogether, after all, her family going down with Astranaar is something I can’t really reverse.

    • 17 Nhani
      January 13, 2010 at 17:32

      Nishlamena actually asked Nhani if she knew where Furau’d gotten to two days ago, interestingly enough.

    • 18 Ratheia
      January 14, 2010 at 12:43

      Hi Furau! ^^

      Fun to see old rp-friends posting at one of my favourite comics, but perhaps I should not be surprised. 😉

      I’m really looking forward to Cataclysm, since what has annoyed me in both BC and Wrath is the focus away from the old world, and the new mixed cities. Both Shattrath and Dalaran have never felt like rp places to me, just as a pass-through from the playing areas (Outland/Northrend) to the rp places (old Azeroth).

      On to the classing topic: I fully agree. Many concepts become hard to map to the game classes. I have both played a character that started as one class (hunter) then found her calling (druid), and in a tabletop rpg, you could have melded that into something unique, but here you just have to ignore or pretend.

      The old hero class ideas that were around pre-release could have gone a long way to make up for many ideas, but I can understand why it was scrapped due to the complexity.

      We just have to keep using our imaginations! 🙂

  6. 19 Iasion
    January 13, 2010 at 17:59

    If they ever allow NE’s to be paladins, Nhani seems like she’d fit right in. They lack the subtlety that you’d want, but they have everything else. Nhani seems to be a broad character, a rogue-tank-healer all in one. The only class other than paladin that supports all those roles would be druid. The holy defender who aids her allies is probably typified best by the paladin class.

    Shame NE are getting mages come Cata instead. I bet a number of players would prefer paladin as it is the closest thing to priestess of the moon (which itself seems so broad it could only ever be a hero class, in my opinion).

    • 20 TheNic
      January 14, 2010 at 14:53

      if I am not completly wrong about this wich I might be, I think that while bringing the Arcane power to the Nelfs is wrong, they used to have it in their community while the Highborne were still respected amongst them, however bringing in the holy light would bring in a whole new religion to them, and while the Nelfs fight amongst themselfes for many reasons, the one thing that keeps them united is Elune…

      and as I said, ther is a strong possibility that I am waay down the highroad on this one

      • 21 Nhani
        January 14, 2010 at 15:09

        Well.. you’re right after a fashion – or rather, you’re right in the context you provide, but you’re not reading the right context.

        Consider this: The priest class is very Holy Light inspired (save for the Shadow tree, which is its own deal) yet it’s supposed to abstract pretty much every faith in the game, right down to a few Naga females happily casting smite. If the Paladin class was handed down to Night elves, obviously there’d have to be some elements involved implying that the power comes from a different source in their case.

        A “Paladin of Elune”, if you would. That said, I’m not expecting it to happen, and I’m not sure I’d act on it if it did – the Paladin class is as tied to the Holy Light as the priest Holy tree; I always preferred Discipline due to that, so I expect I’d have some conflicts of ideology.

        Plus, there’s always the huge bunch of nutters who just see the class and then can’t see beyond it.

        • 22 Iasion
          January 14, 2010 at 18:04

          The light seems to be Blizz’s answer to monotheistic religions in WoW. They’ve incorporated renditions of other religious views, like animism, pantheism, etc, but the light seems to stick to some base philosophies of monotheism while keeping the rest of it open to interpretation. By using only the base, underpinning philosophies of these religious views, they’ve been able to create a universe where they cohere pretty well while also allowing flex room for player-developed slant.

          If I had to guess (since none of this is explicitly stated as far as I know), WoW exists in a dualistic universe. Essentially this means that there are great, cosmic, super natural forces at constant war with each other- Good vs Evil. Though the pantheon in WoW holds a status of ‘god-hood’, they aren’t meant to be understood as being omnipotent. The gods are subservient to these higher, abstract concepts; their actions measured by the standards of good and evil. I think we can say the pantheon is allied, directly or indirectly, with the force of good in the universe. Their activity in the universe is to roam about, finding suitable planets that can maintain life, and engage in the process of creation. Their function seems to be sharing the gift of life with other creatures.

          The light seems to be the manifestation of the force of good in WoW’s universe. There are agents of the light, but paladins by in large seem to strive to experience the light directly rather than through its agents. I’m not sure how responsible this is as I’ve not actually leveled an alliance character, but draenei seem like they might operate through the naaru on a consensual basis (unlike blood elves, who used force). My impression of the naaru is that they are more like messengers, though.

          Again, if I had to guess, I would say that Elune is also affiliated with the light. As the moon reflects the light from the sun, she could be a reflection of the light from a greater source. Priestess’s of the moon, or night elf ‘paladins’, are like an order of holy warriors who operate specifically through Elune. Their use of holy spells, healing and smiting, would have a specific identity attached to it rather than just directly tapping into an abstract ultimate.

          There’s more that could be expounded on, but all this to say I believe night elf paladins could work. My guess is that this would be the closest thing to a true priestess of the moon, which itself would also have plenty of hunter and druid thrown in. At that point it might qualify as a hero class that would be specific to one race. As things are now, I believe that to be less likely than just adding the paladin class to nelfs. (Maybe after Cata?)

          Still, if Nhani is more the type to draw on inner strength, that could still be seen as tapping into the light. If life is a ‘good thing’, then it would be an abstract governed by the light. The pantheon imbues their creations with life, placing an element, a reflection, of the light within them (at least within their quintessential forms). Nhani seems the type of a good raw material, probably having a lot to draw from. She might draw from within while a typical paladin might draw from without, but it all ultimately comes from the same source anyway.

          • 23 Shadda
            January 23, 2010 at 08:05

            The way I see it, most Priests of the Holy Light are Holy priests. Traditionally they tend the wounded, praise the Light, and do little fighting of their own. Priestesses of Elune are Discipline priests. Not only do they heal and bless armies: they ride into battle with the army, doing damage and taking damage, if needs be. Shadow priests are those who have turned from the teachings of the Holy Light.
            That said, my Kaldorei priestess justifies use of Shadow magic by saying that Elune has two faces: the one that you can see is a light in the darkness, but the other side of Elune, Her hidden face, exists in Shadow.

  7. 24 Alex
    January 13, 2010 at 18:26

    To not leaving the players and characters hanging, a little digging will show he’s returned to various duties and tasks in Northrend, in hard to reach areas. I may come up with something a little more solid if needed.

  8. 25 Gwaith
    January 14, 2010 at 19:52

    Regarding AoE tanking I found out I enjoy it alot more when the numbers start to increase over 3 mobs… Then I find myself loosing aggro as a paladin where I as a warrior have no problems just switching targets spamming cleave and the occasional shield slam just to unload rage while using shockwave and thunderclap every time they are off..
    This really surprised me as I always thought of paladins as AoE tanking kings… For myself this is not so much so. It is to easy to lose threat as a paladin especialy early on as they make low next to none threat when mobs run to you. It works ok if I am the one running to them and manage to hit everything before it starts moving. While I as a warrior could just run to them thunderclap all on me move them infront of me shockwave and threat is stuck.

  9. 26 Aries
    January 15, 2010 at 00:01


    rimefang’s claw….want so bad…..damn scourgelord keeps giving me axes….grmbl grmbl….

    …and more on topic, i find it easier to AoE tank a SHORT fight as a warrior, than i do as a paladin. Consecrate lacks burst threat…and with some dps…you need to get that threat out there in a hurry. But yeah if the pally can hold threat through the first 2 or 3 rotations, it is usually theirs as long as the fight lasts. Whereas a warrior can get threat for the first 20-30 seconds easy…but then the 4th….5th….6th….mobs start thinking how tasty the spacegoat mage looks.

    All hail Vigilance.

    • 27 Nhani
      January 15, 2010 at 01:37

      Agreed, very much. Warriors have significant area burst threat – my common approach is generally to charge in, position things up and hit Shockwave, then Thunder Clap, hit Shield Block when they come out of stun and then cleave freely and use abilities as prudent. In a short fight, that’s generally fine. The longer it goes on.. the more chaotic it risks becoming, especially the more enemies there are.

      Of course, it’s also limited by how easy it is to corral enemies together for that initial burst. Ongoing continuous waves or spread out packs of casters can be somewhat more troublesome to handle.

  10. 28 Rosaceae
    January 17, 2010 at 00:24

    I started Warcraft well back in 1994 (my brothers game) to be exact. Then when wow came out I went for the cheaper Guild wars had a lot of fun. Untill I tried WoW… I was sold and made my first character, I was think what the easiest class would be and in most 3rd person perspective games I’d played that that been warrior. So I went for that, took up a shield so I could live longer. Some other players said I was a tank so I said I was indeed a tank. This was all when Naxx was on the horizon of being released into the world (of Warcraft). And so I was leveling around the level of 20/30 when Naxx hit and Leveling became somewhat challenging with Abominations patrolling duskwood, and a abomination in Shadowfang keep killing the party everytime. I very slowly learned to tank and thought I had the ability in hand when the Burning crusade hit.

    Since Warcraft 2 I had been a fan of the High elven rangers so I made a… Blood elf Paladin (I had a night elf hunter already) I’ve been horde ever since, started raiding. Saw half BT, trash in SWP. I leveled my 2nd character to 80 in Wotlk (I say 2nd because I had my warrior leveled to 70 in TBC but I was hardly active on her) And then faction change came in… My human warrior had become a Orc protection warrior. and I loved her again, I mean I really do love tanking as a warrior again. Morso then I like tanking on my (holy/prot) Paladin. Warriors just feel more powerful when they use their own strength to make the earth shake instead of concentration. I am Rosaceae, female gamer and I like warrior tanking. Yes I said it! there you go!
    ow BTW love the comics I vote everyday 😀
    keep up the good work!

  11. 29 Gryffyn
    January 17, 2010 at 20:43

    I started out in WoW in August when WoW had first hit the release in November. I rolled a warrior and a night elf because my friend wanted us to level together. She had her heart set on a druid. I was told that the best way to get into a guild was a pally. Problem was Pallys and Druids started a world apart so Gryffyn was born. He was originally just into doing mayhem to monsters and bosses till my friend gave me the Fodor’s Compendium which started the quest for my Quel’Serrar. I got that and the guild leader told me that from now on I was tanking.
    Since then I have bounced around in raids as fury, arms and tank. There is an old WWII movie called Kelly’s Heroes where in the climatic scene, Clint Eastwood as Kelly and his two partners, Donald Sutherland and Telly Sevalas boldy walk up to a German Tiger tank with nothing more than a couple of sub machine guns and a pistol. I think of tanking as a warrior that way. You walk up to the boss, knowing that if your healer disconnects you are toast. We also know that when the raid leader tells people to run away, we have so much threat built up all we will do is pull the whole boss and his mobs on the escaping crowd.
    A pally goes into battle shouting “For the light”! A feral druid prays to Cenarius to make him strong. A deathknight feels the old hunger to feel the soul drain out of the kill. What does a warrior do? He or she strolls up to the boss, taps them on the shoulder and says to them “It’s you or me and it ain’t gonna be me today.”

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