Snarl, Rage, etc.

One of the ironic downsides to playing on a Roleplaying Server is having to actually deal with the Roleplaying Community. Yes, I’m aware how reality-warpingly absurd that statement sounds, so let me elaborate and get a few petty gripes out of my system in the process. If that’s not something you want to listen to, feel free to skip this post.

The Roleplaying Community has always been split, to some degree – we have people whose only contact with Warcraft is World of Warcraft itself, we have people who have played all the strategy games prior, we have people who throw themselves over sourcebooks to devour all the information they possibly can.. and then we have people who just want to play Forgotten Realms Drow or Warhammer Space Marines. Combine this with how roleplaying can often very much be about wish-fulfilment and you essentially end up with a powder keg of egos just waiting to explode, and some rather atrocious takes on the Lore to go along with it.

To bastardize a quote from Ian Malcolm: Many are so occupied with whether or not they could that they never stopped to think if they should.

The latest subject of my ire is the most recent Sentinel guild – a group that had me wary from the start because I’ve seen plenty of attempts at both Sentinel and Warden guilds and I’ve yet to come across a single one that actually suspended my disbelief – either if it is due to teenage drama, inability to grasp the chain of command or what their area of responsibility is, I’ve yet to be convinced such a guild isn’t doomed to fail. Of course, I’m slightly skating on thin ice saying that since Starwatch (or, the Kal’adore forward scouting Sentinel detachment) that old priestess Nhani Moonfall commands is technically a Sentinel guild, but their numbers are limited to a few fellow nubs that I trust are able to use salutes, proper formal address and capable of acting with professionalism and dignity.

I’d like to think I’m not unresonable – I can accept their members having Teenage Drama(tm) when in tabard (and therefore, on duty) though old Moonfall would describe such behaviour as unprofessional at best, I can accept them being unable to refer to Shandris Feathermoon in proper formal address (It’s General Feathermoon!) and I can accept some of their numbers being the xenophobic sort that don’t like non-Night elves around Darnassus and that they speak derogatively to such, though again Nhani would have a few words about improfessional and irresponsible behaviour. I can even live with how they seem to have both males and druids as a vast majority of their numbers, in spite of how much that means their leader(s) are essentially spitting all over tradition.

What I can not accept is when they decide that Sentinels – not the Temple of the Moon – are the ones who dictate Night elven policy; when they decide that they suddenly have the authority to throw out members of the Alliance out of Darnassus simply because they’re on a xenophobic power trip and when they decide that a lowly Sentinel of their ranks have more authority than a Priestess of the Moon.

Of course, I realize to a point I’m blowing my own whistle here, but I’m not going to appologize for claiming old Priestess Moonfall has authority over a single upstart Sentinel who demands human friends of hers will have to leave Darnassus mid-conversation because they are “trespassing”, especially not after the community happily had her represent the night elves when signing an agreement between the Alliance and the Horde!

Now I admit that Nhani came down pretty hard on the guy, but let’s face it – she has her own set ideas on what it means to be a Sentinel, and among those are to represent the best of the Night elves; being an undiciplined and upstart git to her face while in uniform is a fairly quick way to earn her ire. It was actually rather amusing how it ended, as it’d derailed to the point where old Moonfall was essentially throwing her full title and authority around, and our Sentinel goes “Prove it”. Now while I could have thrown a fair bit of retorts there that is basically his reality versus mine and would’ve gotten us nowhere.. a random passerby druid stops, goes “She is right.” and continues with how there are very few who don’t know of Nhani Moonfall. I’ll admit I was a little too busy having a wide grin on my face to respond when the Sentinel mumbled something about god moding and ran off with his tail between his legs.

Yes, it seems I can still out-fame people on rare occasions. I have no doubt this is just a start of a growing animosity however, nor that it’ll force me to play that politics game again, no matter how much I resent it. It’s rather ironic, though, because barely a week ago one of their number sent me a whisper saying that he felt Nhani should join their Sentinel order and I politely declined because she has her own duties to attend to. Now, a week later, I’m at a point where Nhani’d seriously consider publicly stating that their entire company be declared renegade and dismantled because their loyalty is clearly neither to the Temple nor Elune.


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  1. January 25, 2010 at 15:51

    A tad unfortunate there. But, I wouldn’t say there are no proper Sentinel guilds either, because you have only seen those on your realm, Earthen Ring. On the Roleplaying server Argent Dawn, Astranaar is mostly an actual RP hub, and the town where a lovely Sentinel guild houses, called the Silverleaf Sentinels. We do have a clear chain of command (not even the Captain can disobey the grove Priestess, for example), we have formations with commands, we do patrols often, we host events once a week for the entire Kalimdor community to take part in, called Astranaar Village Hours, where activities such as an archery contest takes place. We have equipment sets for particular ones (very fitting ones), a fitting tabard, and a weekly training night.

    I would suggest to make an alt on Argent Dawn just so you could come take a look sometimes (mostly on tuesday and saturday evenings), so we can prove you there’s a very decent, correct Sentinel guild out there. 🙂

    • 2 Nhani
      January 27, 2010 at 01:37

      That does sound like a vast improvement over the examples I’ve seen about here. I’m still not sure if I’ve seen a single Sentinel force that actually made me believe they were in the least bit military with millenia of tradition. Of course, I think the Sisterhood (like most things night elven) is quite difficult to properly characterize, but it’s good to hear of someone actually putting a proper effort in.

  2. January 25, 2010 at 15:53

    Apologies for the double pst, but I had to since there’s no ‘edit’ button. When I mentioned equipment sets, I meant particular ranks*, not particular ‘ones’.

  3. 4 Noriam (ER)
    January 25, 2010 at 17:11

    Night elven lore is no trickier to grasp than that of the humans. The difference is that people know a large section of human lore already – they see the guards there as a police force and to some extent an army. In Darnassus, if they bothered to get off their arses and look they’d see the sentinels are not this sort at all. It comes down to ignorance and of course power-mongering. Such actions would ordinarily produce a diplomatic incident, let alone be the every day perogative of a sentinel.

    So, yes indeed, it is rare sentinel guilds succeed because they’re not born out of a “good idea” so to speak, they’re born out of “Let’s get RP to Darnassus”. This is true even if there seems to be a good idea, the undertone is usually that dragging RP to Darnassus is the aim. Unfortunately that brings the Stormwind-Quality with it, and we all know what that does…

    • 5 Nhani
      January 27, 2010 at 01:34

      Agreed, definitely. I recall there having been several forum dialogues about how people wanted to bring the cops and robbers style of roleplaying over to Darnassus because it would “inspire” more RP, and I would speak up how they were all out of their minds.

      I think what many people don’t get is that both the character and the world has to be.. well.. in character.. for it all to work.

  4. 6 Furau
    January 25, 2010 at 19:22

    Ah, another reason I tired of WoW and left, the growing frustration with many RPers. I -enjoyed- Furau and his desire to be more Elvish and try to adopt their culture, which was different from the oh so many Elves who came to Stormwind and acted just like humans. Rozalore who I’ll give a shout out to here by the way, as she came to Stormwind, took part in the culture and clearly found it interesting, but, and here’s the important bit, still acted like a Night Elf in a human city.

    • 7 Nhani
      January 27, 2010 at 01:32

      I remember Nhani speaking to her – she actually felt quite believable, because while she definitely had signs of having been.. well.. “domesticated” to a point, there was a very night elven spin on it. As I recall, Nhani quite liked her.

      Furau was interesting on that spectrum too, much like Kalzaryn; it was interesting too to see the difference between how Nhani reacted compared to many other night elves of similar ages.

  5. 8 Gordrake Thunderhoof
    January 25, 2010 at 21:10

    I’ve already encountered the Stormwind patrol guards myself on Durunbar…it was an interesting encounter. One of the females had a bit of a mouth on her, but things simmered out when her commanding officer kinda made her take a back seat in things. Was interesting, since I only happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Sad to hear the story’s pretty bad in Darnassus, though, and I hope that things improve there for everyone concerned. Might even have Durunbar pay a visit there soon just to see how things are.

  6. 9 Thalis
    January 25, 2010 at 22:38

    Although I play on normal server, I also RP a little (but not enough to justify transfer). As for me, I visit your site not only for BtT, but I also like to read how is it on a RP server. So, you are not boring me, quite an opposite.

  7. January 26, 2010 at 00:06

    I play on an RP server, and I find it odd that people seem to discourage RP.

    After a succesful raid/instance is there something wrong with the Night elven Warrior Tank activates his “Orb of the Sin’dorei”, puts on his hard earned (Silver Covenant)RP gear, and thanks the party by saying “Anar’alah belore! On behalf of the Alliance and the Silver Covenant, al diel shala! Glory for the Alliance! Shorel’aran! For the Quel’dorei!”

    …apparently most people I run with think its pretty stupid. …sigh.

    • 11 Yerdiss
      January 27, 2010 at 09:13

      In itself there’s nothing wrong with it. Keep in mind though that many people (including myself) try to separate instancing and RP, since instancing is one of the more immersion breaking parts of the game when it comes to roleplay. For some characters, it might be completely logical to run in an elite tag-team to frontline strategical locations to fight legendary foes (ten times over), but for many, it’s a stretch. I would never stop anyone from RP in such a place, though, since at the very least, I enjoy looking at it, even if the locale isn’t one my character could be IC in itself.

      On the other hand, viewing your example, I have a question that pops to mind. Why would a Night Elven Warrior speak Thallassian and dedicate his work to the Highborn or High Elves? Yes, there might be a good back story, I trust. Yet seeing that many players who cross the line on their characters from Night Elf to whichever kind of other elf or derivate (Highborne, High Elf, Blood Elf, Naga what have you), have shown to prefer a different kind of RP than mine. So yes, if I were in a group and see that bit of RP, I would be hesitant, I confess 🙂 Not enough to not join in if I have the chance to get IC without it being illogical for my own character to be there, but still… hesitant.

      • January 27, 2010 at 17:34

        Oh, to answer that question is pretty simple. I grinded an “Orb of the Sin’dorei” fro Heroic Magister’s Terrace, an item that changes you into a blood elf for 5 minutes (30min cooldown ; 😉 So, after equipping all my gear, I LOOK like a high elf from the Silver Covenant. (with green eyes… but most people can’t tell the difference either way)

        …on a side note, my brother helped me in aquiring the “blood elf” starting equipment, so I can look like a BE nub as well. 😛 (AND I still have my Night Elf starting equipment to look like a night elf nub too!) XD

  8. 14 Frostsaben
    January 26, 2010 at 06:34

    Yes, unfortunately there’s lots of people like that, every one thinks that roleplaying should be done only how they want and they should kick everyone out of places they call “their own”
    This is precisely why I abandoned my character on the roleplaying realms, just too frustrating having to argue with people every time they want to tell others the whole world belongs to them and you should get out.
    That and the fact once I left a character in Darnassus on a roleplaying server and when I was in the mood I logged and did a /who Darnassus to see if there’s people I could talk too and from the 14 names about 10 were just stupid. Huntergirl, Arthrusdk etc… and be sure that they weren’t just people who started playing, they were all over level 40.

    Nowadays I’m having more fun playing on Shadowsong, a normal realm with friends and the thing is that I can find some roleplayers there too, even though very little. Besides that my guild is full of nice people and even though nobody really roleplays I’d rather have them then be on a roleplaying realm, enter the auction house and someone saying me they bought the building…. yes, true story, and in Darnassus too

    • 15 Nhani
      January 27, 2010 at 01:39

      I remember back in a time when Nhani’d often spend nights in the Sentinel bunkhouse due to her Sentinel past, and every so often people’d try to treat it as a house without for a moment realizing that it actually had an official purpose attached to it.

      It led to some rather awkward moments.

  9. 16 Jai
    January 26, 2010 at 11:52

    Interesting that you would write this. I find that a lot of RP guilds, and people on RP servers end up Doing It Wrong more often than you think. Possessiveness, attention-mongering, the aforementioned teenage drama, a lack of respect for both basic lore and the English language…

    … nothing you’ve written here surprises me, but I’m glad to know that you roleplay and that you tend to feel the same way I do about it when you see ostensibly immature people trying to RP out a power structure.


    • 17 Nhani
      January 27, 2010 at 01:46

      I’ve no doubt of that, actually; having played a Night elf for nearly five years now, guilds like these would-be Sentinels tend to burn my goat more than when it happens in, say, Stormwind or Ironforge because then I can still pretend it’s comfortably distant.

      On the topic of the English language, I find one of my own amusements is how very few roleplayers seem to be even the slightest aware of proper formal address. Nearly every night elf I meet will speak of “Tyrande” compared to Nhani who will typically refer to her by “High Priestess Whisperwind” in public; and then there was this council meeting thing where the vast majority of the membership were humans who’d refer to their king by “Varian” or “Wrynn” or “the king” or – at most – “King Wrynn”, while Nhani – who doesn’t really have too much respect for the man and whose opinions on monarchy could probably best be described as “We had a queen, once..” – would refer to him as His Majesty King Wrynn.

      • 18 Jai
        January 28, 2010 at 15:16

        That’s an interesting point about formal address you bring up there. Yes, our characters are pretty important people in Azeroth, but there should still be some sort of deference to leaders – especially if you play someone who would work alongside or under one of them.

        I managed to avoid most bad night elf RP; my particular rogue had a slight falling out with the elves in general and high-tailed it to Stormwind.

        HOWEVER, all of that said, there is a certain amount of when-in-Rome-ism when my character deals with the humans. She currently lives in Theramore, and the mayor of her town isn’t “Jaina”, she’s “Lady Proudmoore”. Even though the game mechanics and lore point to a strong chance that they know each other.

        Interesting things to consider there, though.

      • 19 Aux-Ash
        January 30, 2010 at 18:16

        Correct me if I am wrong… but I was under the impression that one uses the first name, not the family name, in the formal adress of monarchs. So adressing the king of Stormwind properly would be: His Majesty King Varian I (or wichever number he has).

        • 20 Nhani
          February 1, 2010 at 10:07

          That’s actually a point, and it would be far from the first time I have a petty gripe about something I’m not entirely versed in myself. Suppose the difference lies in posts that have going bloodlines or chosen names?

  10. January 26, 2010 at 13:00

    I’m actually contemplating on stop rp-ing on any realm.
    Currently i’m on Steamweedle cartel EU and i earned a bit of a reputation there.
    However when i rp with the other more ‘well known’ rp-ers i allways feel being looked down upon.
    They really make you feel like you are dirt compared to their ‘leet rp skillz’ and enjoy dissecting your backstory and tearing it apart because it’s ‘Mary Sue’ ish.

    My character Gorvar is a minor Beast-master (le gasp you cant be a Beast-master that’s mary sue) of the Bleeding Hollow clan (gasp the Bleeding Hollow no longer excists, Mary sue!). I rp Gorvar for about three years as one of Kilrog Deadeye’s (many) grandchildren but he doesn’t want any claim on leading the clan, so far no complaint from anyone. When i mentioned his bloodline after two hours of talking to two other Orc heavy rp-ers about a week ago they insulted me both ICC and OOC.
    One day later i checked my wiki page of Steamweedle Cartel and saw it being vandalised because i’m a mary sue.

    Sod the fact my character has flaws, his bloodline barely playing any role in his adventures, me actually growing from hunter to beast-master over the years, they keep at me.
    To them you allways have to be a peasant or a peon and they can be knights and lords.

    Had enough with it all.

    • 22 Nhani
      January 27, 2010 at 01:22

      I can relate, really; ending up part by accident in the situation where old Nhani Moonfall was in game mechanics classed rogue, but was in title a Priestess taught me early that it took alot of work to make people believe. Many would just see the class and that was that, while all manner of unpious and unscrupulous people classed priests or paladins were accepted outright.

      There was that funny time when a paladin laughed in my face for the attempt, while claiming himself one of the best paladins on Azeroth in the sort of attitude that would ensure him being one of the worst.

      Ultimately you either just have to live with it or do something else. I know I’ve had my share of significant upset with much of the Earthen Ring roleplaying community at times, to the point where I grew so sick of the game that I stopped playing for a few months before coming back.

      I always tried to be humble with Nhani’s position and abilities in the past – the reason she’s grown so far beyond that came out of people believing in her; at a time when I was unsure whether she’d be able to magically heal even a cut, people suddenly awarded her the license to knit bone and bring people back from the brink of death. At a time when I thought her political influence was basically nonexistant, people suddenly entrusted her to lead an entire army against the forces of darkness.

      Then suddenly it became an all new manner of struggle of how to maintain that kind of image of her in a way that didn’t involve demanding people just accept it. I still think she’s a rather down to earth person, and the reason people respect her input and wisdom is because she actually does makes a fair bit of sense.

  11. 23 Myrion Starblade
    January 26, 2010 at 15:38

    I find this to be a very common occurence as well, as a (former?) roleplayer of The Sha’tar. It isn’t restricted to Sentinel guilds, either, you always get some Scourge, Stormwind Guard or various other characters who seem to think their “title” and guild-type offers them the chance to act like idiots without repercussions. Usually just for the chance to cause some kind of conflict; be it randomly raising a horde of undead in the middle of Orgrimmar and declaring war on the Orcs, or trying to arrest a human priestess, for rejecting his illeterate advances… It’s all about them feeling powerful, and in-control, this fictional authority they’ve supplied their characters with feeds their ego, but they don’t stop to wonder how they should control them.

    One thing I’ve always respected about your webcomic, is how well written it is, and how engaging the storyline manages to be. It doesn’t cross boundaries, with ridiculous twists on the lore, it’s realistic and makes the reader think “Yes, this could have happened”. World of Warcraft was initially my first experience with any sort of roleplaying, and my first experience of the Warcraft universe as well, but since I started, I’ve discovered it to be something I really enjoy, as well as becoming an enthusiastic “lore-whore”.

    I mean, I get irritated when I see Night Elves frollicking in Stormwind, or using guns and other engineering marvels… or even fighting with a shield, it doesn’t seem right to me. And not so much because they’re implausible, or even terrible roleplaying, but when there are so many raiders running around doing the same, I feel it’d improve my immersion to have the actual roleplayers sticking closer to the Kaldorei’s known lifestyles…

    • 24 Nhani
      January 27, 2010 at 01:04

      I think Earthen Ring has something like two or three Scarlet Crusade guilds active and happily wandering around Stormwind, even now when the true face of the Scarlet Onslaught has been very much revealed. Also, isn’t it funny how the people who have titles like wanted murderer or descriptions how they emanate death and evil walk happily around cities?

      As for Beyond the Tree.. when I started working on the unified narrative for it, I definitely wanted it to be a believable what-if situation; it’s not entirely the world we know from the game – there are some things changed, tweaked and taken on a new spin.

      Imagine, for example, if the remnants of the Burning Blade in Desolace managed to incite the Mangram Centaur clan into sudden and violent attacks on both the Horde and the Alliance and the only way to get to the bottom of who was actually responsible would be to aid the barely holding on remnants of the Gelkis clan; only to find out that the mastermind was none other than Tyranis Malem, as a show of his loyalty and cunning. It’s not at all how events happen in the game, but it takes enough hints and ideas that – I’d like to think – it still seems plausible.

      As for Night elves, I’ve already written on lengths how I feel they are a complicated people that many don’t entirely get; as for them using shields, though – Huntresses in Warcraft 3 held rather huge ones, so I don’t think that’s nearly as much a stretch; you just have to start thinking of the shield as a weapon.

      • January 27, 2010 at 17:37

        As a night elf warrior tank, I can say that Shield bash/slam is my best friend. 😀

      • 26 Gordrake Thunderhoof
        January 27, 2010 at 22:47

        As a Tauren Warrior tank, I second the above comment. XD

        In respect of roleplaying, though, I have a rule to follow called the “Consent Rule”. Generally, if something happens you don’t want to follow along with, you can choose not to follow it and completely ignore the situation. In the cases where there’s someone who chooses to be a complete pain in the ass or thinks they can have some sort of authority that they have no serious claim to, they can be blanked out by those concerned (using Ignore if needs require it) and continuing on as if it never happened. It’s a rule I started following since my days playing Furcadia (text-based RPing thing…with fur) and I’ve stuck to that rule for a lot of my RPing.

        Perhaps it’s something that every good RPer needs to start doing, since there’s an increasing number of people who, I think, are not really understanding the lore of the game enough to take roleplaying seriously. I ended up ignoring two twits in Stormwind because they chose to pretty much stalk me all the way around the city. Got to the point where I had to Hearthstone to Shattrath to get away from them then double-back into Stormwind afterwards…

        …by which point Nhani had already left for Darnassus. I was not amused by those two.

      • 27 Myrion Starblade
        January 29, 2010 at 02:17

        I suppose the shield dilemma I have, is a rather personal one (the fact that my tanking abilities are god-awful, may have something to do with a biased view…), as I like to think of the night elf infantry, so to speak, as savage Amazonians. Preferring to hold a blade in each hand, parrying with one, and slashing with the other. I’d be more welcoming to the idea of the Kaldorei taking shields into battle, if there were any that actually fit the style of the race. When it comes to shields, armour and weaponary, Blizzard haven’t done the best job of them. That always breaks my immersion slightly, as well. Druids tend to have it a lot easier, and occasionally rogues & priests, but otherwise, we end up looking ridiculous.

        I’m always tempted by the idea of setting up a Sentinel guild, and doing it properly, but if I did I’d prefer it to be on an RP-PvP server. Seeing an orc wander too close too Ashenvale unflagged, without being able to sever its head always breaks my immersion. I guess some go a little downhill because the members OOCly want to be able to instance more easily, so they end up allowing druids or priests into the ranks.
        And I’m always confused in wondering whether or not to accept male members into the group, or possibly female draenei hunters & warriors, since the races have become close. Drives me mad. I spend so much time thinking of ways to create a successful one, I never find the time to get ’round to it.

        • 28 Nhani
          January 29, 2010 at 09:24

          Ironically, seeing their ancient greek origins, Amazons are actually often depicted with shields; the thing with shields I find is that you have to cross the stretch of stop thinking of it as an extra piece of armor strapped to your arm and think of it as your off-hand weapon.

          Dual-wielding full-size weapons on the other hand is a fantasy concept that – as far as I know – has very few ties to reality; historically, dual-wielding with melee weapons involves a full-size weapon in the main hand and a small dagger in the off hand that’s actually used more for parrying and deflecting blows than as a truly offensive weapon.

          Of course, finding shields that are entirely stylistically fitting is difficult, but the same goes for swords or other weapons period I find; since we can’t swing moonglaives, we just have to improvise.

          • 29 Myrion Starblade
            January 29, 2010 at 12:07

            I’d be delighted if Blizzard took the time to place some Warglaives and Moonglaives into the game. It doesn’t even sound too hard a task, clearly the models are already there. It’s just a shame that the only Warglaives they bothered to place into WoW were Illidan’s ugly, flourescent green ones…

            • January 29, 2010 at 20:17

              Yeah, its kinda funny how there are so many npc’s in the game that use certain equipment (demon hunters/initiates in outland, Sentinel Gliaves, Tauren Totems (the BIG ones like the ones Cairne Bloodhoof use), shields) that has yet to be released in-game.

              Its also interesting to note what COULD have been. If you ever browse around on the model viewer, there are a bunch of unused NPC models, weapon/armor models (like a bow that looks like the ones used in WCIII, and a Winged Helm that looks like the Captain’s helm), different sized quivers, pouches, etc.

          • 31 Ilyara
            January 31, 2010 at 18:19

            In fencing, off hand blades like main-gauches, are often used to disable your opponent: a classic example being a lunge to engage your enemies blade and place you within their reach, followed with a cute to the calf to hamstring and topple your opponent. The killing blow is then made with the epee.

            Small daggers are really not very useful for parrying, you’d use something like a buckler for that which has a clear advantage over a sword, by protecting your entire hand. You’d be more likely to use a sword breaker or parrying knife to break your opponents blade, when it’s engaged with your epee, or to pin the opponents blade so you may disengage your main hand.

            There are quite a few oriental styles that make use of dual weapons however: in fact perhaps the most famous Japanese swordsman, Miyamoto Musashi, was renowned for his use of two blades.

            In essence I think the practicality of wielding two weapons depends greatly upon the opponent you face: the efficacy of shields in battle is the fact they can not only protect you but the person next to you, and that they are a far better defence against ranged weapons, cavalry and massed spears, than blades. In a duel, at similar range, an extra blade can definitely provide an advantage and if they are slightly shorter length provide a defense and offensive option when the enemy is inside your guard.

          • 32 Gordrake Thunderhoof
            February 11, 2010 at 17:13

            They should have an orc-style shield. With blades coming out of the edges of it. Preferably only on the bottom – reduces the chances of self-decapitation. Crude, but effective and helps visualise the shield just as you say – an off-hand weapon. Perhaps have special effects attached to the shields, like increasing attack power or chance of a counter-hit of so-so damage…

            I should be giving these ideas to Blizzard…and tell them to throw in some decent shields in the game for us tanks.

  12. 33 Yerdiss
    January 27, 2010 at 09:30

    Ah yes, the wonder of WoW RP is that many players join together in a massive universe where the lore has been (partially) fixed by Blizzard. Yet it is not managed, controlled, nor enforced on the player level. There is no “Is this a good concept” button or a friendly RP-GM request option. So all we have is the countless opinions of other players.

    What seems to work for me is to seek out likeminded players for the actual planned RP and when I bump into it to just enjoy my encounters with “the others” by, well… allowing the others the chance to share their RP viewpoint and enjoying it when they fail to do so by force. Sometimes, this leads to an eye-opener on my side (“Hey, this is actually quite amusing”) and sometimes it just leads to the other party building up enough steam for the High Tinkerer to fall in love with. That pleases me too. All in all, it’s bound to deliver a grand evening.

  13. 34 Iasion
    February 1, 2010 at 22:25

    I’ve considered transferring my characters to an (pvp?)rp server for some time. It seems that each server type has its faults. Pvp servers, which I currently play on, attract your most aggressive and competitive player base. I myself am much more laid back, participating in only casual raiding and have pretty much stopped pvping during LK.

    Rp servers seem to have your narcissistic, self-indulgent, oblivious attention whores. I’ve seen it first hand and discussed some of my early experiences here some time ago. I can’t comment on how competitive this player base gets, though. I assume that the ones who actually level up and gear up for raiding are likely to be competitive regardless of what server they roll on, *hopefully* softened by a personal desire for rp.

    I guess in my mind’s eye, the ideal WoW experience would be in a guild that’s laid back and values casual raiding as well as rp. I guess transferring would depend on whether I can find such a thing, and how well I can tolerate the angsty teens who need to be the center of attention.

    Oh, and the health of my wallet. Transferring is expensive!

  14. 35 Grimmy (AD)
    February 5, 2010 at 15:37

    As a long time Rp’er over on Argent Dawn Horde Side (Because orcs rule and you all know it), then, along with some mates makeing some alliance Chars, It was intressting to see how very diffrent the Rp was. For example, The majority of the alliance Rp was stuck in Stormwind, whereas Horde was far more spread out across the entire world. Now, for the alliance, there’s frankly loads of places they could use and get some dammed good Rp out of, but they all seem reluctant to leave their comfy city.

    So, along with the hundreds of guard guilds, theres the cultists, whores, drama teens, stalkers, super hero’s, criminals, doctors and of course the not-very-well-played-Pirates-of-the-Carribean-rip-off Pirates. How all frolic, or in most cases ride at speed about the city.

    Admittedly, horde have the same problems, Silvermoon City for example is where all the morons evetually end up, luckily very few of those before mentioned morons turn up to any of the large events, the often hosted story and feast by , hosted usually in Stonetalon, or my own Clan hours in Razor hill.

    Every Rp server will have thier problems and idiots etc. And yes, i enjoy ranting.

    ~ Your freindly Neighborhood Orc, Chieftain Grimgorrez Bloodstorm
    Argent Dawn (EU)

  15. February 5, 2010 at 21:49

    I don’t RP in WoW, but I play almost exclusively on RP servers. The culture seems to me somewhat more courteous and literate, with less l33t-sp34|< … though it would seem that BARRENS CHAT, murloc movie jokes, and Anal [random link of WoW] spam are unavoidable everywhere.

    I’m going to echo Gordrake Thunderhoof, on the consent rule. Like him, I used to RP in a text chat. I even wrote a GUIDE FOR THE PLACE, complete with a guide to combat resolution by mutual consent.

    • 37 Gordrake Thunderhoof
      February 11, 2010 at 16:40

      Barrens Chat…oh yeah, that brings back memories. Glad I’m not there anymore – at least not for the time being. I’ll likely have to cut through there a few times in the future on my Horde RP servers, but that’s a long way away – I’m sticking to ER for the time being. Less stress that way, I think. I’m unfamiliar with the whole “murloc movie” one though…I mean, I’ve seen the movie (assuming this is the L70 Tauren Chieftain we’re talking about) but I’ve only heard of it from friends who talked about it offline, not so much in-game – if at all. And yeah…gold sellers are completely unavoidable until Blizzard start name-tracing and banning accounts that advertise the gold sites.

      BTW, that guide is pretty epic. Reminds me of the good days of roleplaying back when I did chat-based RP in places like Neonteen or Teenspot (same bloody thing these days, and littered with pop-ups) though that part on Traditions is awesome. WhereWolf and the tale of the “Apu Stick” is fun. The only tradition I can recall from the Neonteen days is that if you wanted to train your fighting ability or test out a new attack sequence, always attack the moderator. It pretty much acted like one of the training dummies in the major cities. Was always fun, finding new ways of tearing it apart. Oh…and the attacks against typos. That was a popular one, too. Typos, there, were considered pests that were beyond count, so killing one would do nothing for eliminating the whole typo race, but it sure made you feel good.

  16. 38 Frostsaben
    February 6, 2010 at 18:03

    Speaking of roleplaying, I was curious what people here think about how death knights would be accepted, especially night elf ones?

    First let me explain how I see the ideea:
    -although many people don’t like death knights and consider that night elves would treat them just like like humans I don’t think so
    -the kaldorei are older and have a diffrent understanding of things around them, not like the short lifespan races (draenei are the same too)
    -let us not forget that death knights, unlike demon hunters, didn’t choose their destiny
    -that said, death knights don’t have their powers because they choose so, they were forced to become undead and mind-controlled afterwards till they managed to free themselves
    -if we think about demon hunters, they choose their fate, some ritually blinded themselves but all fight the demons with the demon’s own powers, not because there is no other choice, but rather because they think it’s the best choice, so therefor night elves are really suspicious around them and don’t want them near them
    -still, could the same be said about death knights? well I think that if a death knight could prove they are not a killer in the service of the Lich King and that they can remember their old past and maybe even prove they are good they would be accepted in the society
    -this doesn’t mean that they wouldn’t be eyed with suspicion, but it means that they wouldn’t be treated like human death knights for example, which humans think of as just killers and scourge members.
    -I think night elves could see in the other night elf death knights just some unfortunate members of their race, heroes who fought for them and the Alliance (considering how many night elves are there in the world they could at least know of said death knight and what he did before they died as to make an ideea about how they are) and for them they gave their lives and were cursed with this disease, the disease of undeath
    -it’s also been said that death knights are emotionless, all they feel is revenge and hatred, yet if we’d look at Tharassian we’d see that he is one at least that does have feelings, he cares about his sister when she’s mind-controlled, he doesn’t want to return to her to not make people banish them both. Darion Morgaine is another example of death knight that has emotions, when he talks with his dad, and afterwards even now.
    -consdering this I think that night elf death knights would be more accepted in the night elf regions, and people would look at them more with pity then with hatred.

    So, what do you think? Any kind of opinion is ok as long as you support them with some examples though.

    • 39 Gordrake Thunderhoof
      February 11, 2010 at 17:07

      I think you’re right in a lot of that. My DK, Durunbar, is pretty much going through the phase now of ensuring his acceptance in society – for him, that means becoming a blacksmith, dumping his armor from his days of service to the Lich King and fighting like he once did for the Alliance and for Azeroth. He may still have the eyes of a Death Knight and perhaps even the power of one, but he feels that perhaps if he could shelter others from seeing this change he could be at the very least seen as a normal dwarf in others’ eyes. Also gives me an excuse to run around like a frenzied loony mining Iron like it was running out.

      What you don’t take into consideration, though, is that many of the races once fell prey to the Death Knights and to the Scourge, so those who still have that presence of a Death Knight (newer ones, mostly) will still be marked with the same scar as the Lich King himself. As long as the people are reminded of these beings, they are going to be indimidated and afraid of these one-time servants of Arthas. There are going to be a lot of races, particularly the longer and wiser races, that will gladly accept Death Knights back when they see that the person that was there before has returned, even if altered by the dark powers of the Lich King, while younger ones, like the humans, will only respect DK’s when they have proven they are not with Arthas.

      Of course, the more the Death Knight leads a normal life and/or proving his worth to their faction (skilling up, levelling, etc.) the less they will be seen as a Lich King’s lackey and more as a reputable ally. In other words, a level 80 DK is less likely to be accused of being Arthas’ lapdog than a level 58 DK who just handed in his letter to the King/the Warchief. About the few who would be rational about the heart of a DK would be the analytical(sp?) races/classes. Human mages who love their books and studies in the world of Azeroth would be skeptical of the DK at first but will be one of the first to defend the DK should they come any scrutiny in their travels because the mage would be seeing for himself where the DK’s heart lies.

      One thing I noted in my story writing for Durunbar, though, is the possibility of having the Death Knight killed out of mercy for the undead host that the spirit was now caged inside of as it’s home. I.E. The only cure for undeath is death once again. There may be some zealous Priests or Paladins who may take up this trail of thought (and I do not make an exception for Draenei or Night Elves, either – Death Knights aren’t really an example of the Naaru’s way and the Night Elves do have a quest to kill a spider that was corrupted by Teldrassil, so a corrupted Kaldorei could always be seen in the same light) and would look to kill them out of mercy. There’s so many ways to play it from both sides of the fence, that’s what makes DK’s an interesting RP class.

      Oh…and you forgot to mention Tharassian’s quest to rescue the Blood Elf Koltira.

      • 40 Frostsaben
        February 13, 2010 at 13:47

        Indeed, must say you have an interesting perspective of death knights and you put some points I had forgatten or simply haven’t thought about.

        One thing where I am most certain you are right is that of the priests and paladins that would try to “purify” said death knights even if they may have proven themselves so as to cure them through death. I actually did think of that too, and that is one of the things why a death knight must always be attentive near a priest or paladin, maybe even druids, no matter if they are fro their race or not or if they proved themselves already. In fact I think quite a few would try to kill the death knights not because they hate them or see them as servants of the Lich King, but because of pity, for an orc for example of pity that he died a honorable death then was brought back, he could not have his rest as an example.

        Anyway, I wrote this to see if everywhere people think the same and I’m glad they don’t. You see, even though I don’t roleplay anymore (I just got tired of seeing vampires and naked night elves everywhere I went or gnomes trying to hit on my character) I still sometimes visit the forums and on the Europe forums everyone acts like death knights should be roleplayed like their only goal is to kill the Lich Kind and that’s it, no emotions, no returning after, no nothing, and I never agreed with that.

        • 41 Frostsaben
          February 13, 2010 at 13:50

          and yes, had forgatten about Koltira too. And on his subject, I saw when I did his quests in Dragonblight that they aren’t any diffrent then other living orc’s quests for example: “kill x to charge crystal/gain weapons/gain an advantage/allies so that the Horde will reign supreme” is the general ideea of many npc’s at Angmar’s Hammer.

  17. 42 Nirene Feathersong
    February 18, 2010 at 16:20

    I never thought a topic like this would be brought up.

    I just started playing on Earthen Ring EU (RP) a few months ago to get away from the endless days of farming dailies, reporting spammers/gold sellers in trade chat, filling up my ignore list with complete asswhipes and struggling with heavy lagspikes and overpopulated dungeons (I still do raid with my good ol’ guild on Shattered Hand during raid nights). I never really thought about what role I should take, so I pretty much improvised, and all has gone well thus far. There were a point, however, when someone mentioned a certain add-ons most RP’ers are using, and that’s pretty much how I started building up my character.

    I have to admit, you really can’t get away from the people who lack the sense of not acting childish, but realms like Earthen Ring and Shattered Hand are vastly different when it comes to the number of times you actually see people in trade break out in a brawl to prove who’s most mature etc. etc….

    I very much enjoy RP’ing, mostly since I’ve been quite fond of actually playing in-character, but also since I know a great deal of the many races’ lore and wish to use it to the advantage of actually playing good RP.

    Like Nhani, I too have encountered some of the would-be sentinels, or as they so rudely call themselves, and they act way out of the characters they should be. I met two of them outside the temple in Darnassus, trying to throw a human mage out of the city, and just like Nhani I noticed one of them talking like an uncouth ruffian when using the common language, which I found rather silly. The other one disputed my interruption, trying to shoo me away, then went all groofy when I explained my current status with the sentinels.

    As of that, I thought that young Nirene should be working her own band of seasoned soldiers as a sentinel division. The whole idea is for the guild to work under direct command of High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind herself, but also work for a different purpose than what the usual sentinel soldiers does, namely for serving others. One would normally think of this idea as “Oh, you work to serve others, just like everyone else”, but I don’t think many would take such a simple one-man task to a role-playing level, involving numerous other players, unless it were simply a matter of doing dungeons and/or raids. Whether or not it will turn out to my expectations, I’m currently just working on the idea.

  18. 43 Galtrug
    February 20, 2010 at 03:59

    well, normally this post would have been a reply to the above death knight subject but for some reason i couldn’t post it as a reply.
    I’ve never really RPed all that much but it seems strange to me that the death knights would be allowed back into the alliance, after all, they rejected the forsaken and as risen minions of the Lich King who freed themselves, the death knights are for all intents and purposes, just the same as the forsaken. In addition, when you’ve recently freed yourself from the Lich King’s will and you walk into stormwind or orgrimmar, why is it that the only opposition you face is a few rotten apples and some saliva? It seems to me that if the cities’ guards defend their leader so poorly, what would stop a death knight who is still loyal to the Lich King (since the guards still thought you belonged to the scourge but didnt stop you) from simply waltzing into the orcish capital and impaling their beloved leader on his sword without warning?

  19. 44 Arcfelonas
    February 20, 2010 at 18:41

    My own take on RP is I do it on a regular basis. My DK who shares the same name on here is on The ‘ Shatar realm EU. I also follow the constant rule and agree with some of the other posters that it’s not always easy to find decent rp or players who can commit time to it and make the effort. For me it has been relatively easy because I’ve done High Fantasy for some five to six years before coming into WoW. So character building and all of that is fairly easy for me.

    That said I am quite aware of the frustrations or lack of understanding some players on these realms show for those who do it and do it well. I also detest the behaviour of some players especially teenagers who think they own everything in sight in game. And some of them have even tried giving me “ownership documents” made with the GHI addon which I sometimes find have atrocious spelling or even worse they use text speak on them. I normally laugh and leave them to it and come back later if they whisper me or try to get a reaction I stick them on ignore for about a week and they tend to not bother me again.

    I have recently got back into being in a guild and it’s a new RP one so I am hoping to pass on some experience and be someone the other members can turn to when they need guidance and or advice on how to RP . I think what really alienates people on RP realms is the disdain or complete lack of abilty to listen to them from the so called Elitest RP players that is sad and it’s sadder still when a realm gets too many people acting like they own everything.

    I guess the best way to do it or how I’ve done it is to read up all the lore on your chosen race learn to get into the mindset of the said race and live as they would do. If you can block all of Real Life out as much as you possibly can. Sometimes it is even a good idea to go off WoW and write up a background/bio on your character and look at the lore see if it is consistent with your character’s past and then go from there. By no means is that easy for some people but it is a lot better than being berated in game as I’ve seen some people completely get things wrong then wonder when they get an earful for not knowing lore.

    What I am saying is if you are an RP player or don’t RP just accept some people do and they take it seriously if you have the respect to ask them what they are talking about they will be more than happy to explain. If you go off on one and don’t get your facts right don’t wonder why you get stick. Most important thing I think to remember is we where all new players and we have to learn to adapt to where we are. I know I’ve wittered on a bit here and likely have repeated myself but this is my 2 pence on RP so to speak.

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