Cataclysm and the Night Elves: regarding Tyrande

Cataclysm is strange, I’ve decided; with the recent article released by PC Gamer UK, the rumor mill is once more in full storm, and we’re left with trying to pick the pieces apart and judge which ones are coherent and which ones are pure speculation; with the article largely mirroring earlier rumors, it’s still up in arms whether or not the article confirms the rumors or is simply based on them. That said.. that’s not the problem I’m having; my main concerns are directed somewhere rather differently, and by large centered on one character: High Priestess Tyrande Whisperwind.

I make it no secret that Tyrande is my one favorite WarCraft character; strong, steadfast and capable yet still with flaws, she very much represents the society she has led for the last ten millenia, and it’s with good reason at least two of my characters almost worship the ground she treads on. So why bring this up? Well.. there’s the matter of the expected return of her beloved. Malfurion Stormrage.

It’s interesting really, because prior to the Cataclysm announcement.. I felt that Malfurion’s eventual return really couldn’t happen soon enough – Tyrande had spent enough time alone already, and Staghelm needed to be promptly kicked out of a seat of Cenarion Circle leadership that made little to no sense for him to be sitting in to begin with. My first reaction to the rumor that he was finally returning for Cataclysm was definitely positive; at last we’d have our Shan’do Stormrage back. Over time though.. that elation has slowly transformed into a creeping dread.

To put it simply, I’m concerned that Malfurion’s return will completely overshadow Tyrande and see her reduced to a largely backseat character to sit by his mighty throne. As silly as this might sound to some, consider that Malfurion’s reawakening is covered in a book – titled Stormrage – written by none other than Richard A. Knaak; and while my opinion of Knaak and his writing is best saved for another time, it does not exactly put my mind at ease. Knaak, after all, is the same author who wrote the War of the Ancients trilogy, the very same series of books where the mighty Queen Azshara, the woman whose very greed saw the Burning Legion first enter Azeroth, ends up taking a back seat to a scheming vizier; the same trilogy where Tyrande spends nearly the entirety of the third book being in one distress or another, where Maiev’s role was changed from being about the dangers of blindly clinging to duty to simply about Jealousy (towards Tyrande) and Vengeance (for her younger brother) and in which Shandris was randomly put into a romantic pairing with a character who we have never heard from again.

Of course, Knaak isn’t so much responsible for the game itself, but between him and other elements, I can’t shake the feeling that between the return of Malfurion and the introduction of the Highborne, Tyrande may get pushed aside to fill a supporting role for our new and shiny additions to take the stage. That she’ll be reduced to the flighty High Priestess that exists to bestow Malfurion with smiles and occasionally require him – or the Highborne – to rescue her from her own mishaps.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to see Tyrande assert herself and retain her position of unquestioned leadership of the larger Night elven society, but between Knaak handling of Malfurion and the discussion Archmage Mordent Evenshade keeps having with Sentinel Stillbough, I’m starting to get this impression that Blizzard might intend to have two very male-dominated factions come rushing in to rescue the seemingly incapable women from their own ineptitude; I simply can’t shake the impression that they are – albeit unintentionally – going down that direction, and it’s a very sinking – not to mention uncomfortable – sort of observation for me to make.

All that said, I’m not accusing Blizzard of a political agenda here before anyone gets that idea – if this is really the sort of path they’re taking, I sincerely doubt it has anything to do with any sort of malicious intent or statement; people simply tend towards writing what they’re comfortable with writing, and I’ve unfortunately gotten the impression that there’s a whole lot of people that simply finds strong female characters somewhat uncomfortable – writers included.

I’d love to be proven wrong, of course – I’d love to find out that all this concern have been for nothing, that Tyrande will remain the determined leader she always has been and that the Highborne will have their superior egos taken down a notch or two while Malfurion sets his mind largely on druidic matters – of which there are many seeing the current state of Azeroth. Like said though, I can’t shake the thought; there’s too many things that seem to point to the possibility, from Knaak’s contributions to the massive continuity snarl that is the War of the Shifting Sands.

Actually, let me do an aside on said war for a moment, since I never once found it fitting into continuity proper. So there’s this war against a huge insectoid foe a thousand years ago, with the Night elven forces – a combination of Sentinels, Druids and Priestesses – led by none other than the druid Fandral Staghelm. The first question that jumps out is where, exactly, was Tyrande? Or Shandris, for that matter? Secondly, seeing how this was during the Long Vigil, why, exactly, wasn’t Fandral or the many druids under his command asleep within the Emerald Dream? And if Fandral woke up, why didn’t Malfurion? Certainly, you can come up with somewhat plausible excuses for all of these, but without a proper reasoning it’s still a gaping hole in the overall lore that really doesn’t make all that much sense; all seemingly just so Staghelm could randomly lead the night elven forces simply to establish his character, even if it really doesn’t make much sense for him to have held that position to begin with.

Cataclysm will have a whole lot of changes either way, of course, and I sincerely doubt it’ll be all bad. Gnomes will get back Gnomeregan (yay!) for one, I’m hoping the rumors about Cairne are wrong and he’ll instead go on some quest for a crowning moment of awesome instead, and I’m still hoping to see Thrall eventually put a boot of sense up Garrosh’s much needing hind end. Unlike what some might suspect, too, I actually don’t mind Varian that much, and considering his developments in Icecrown, I actually think he might develop in an interesting direction come time. With Night elves however, I’m not sure what to think. I know they’ll be pushed back a great deal and I’m naturally not too pleased about it, but my main concern is still whether or not Tyrande (and by extension, the Temple and the Sentinels) will get to keep her central position and simply have new allies to call upon, or will be reduced to a background character in favour Malfurion and the Highborne. Sure, Malfurion returning is a big thing and I’d be somewhat disappointed if he’s not allowed to do things suitably epic following his return. That said, one of the main elements with the Night elves as a whole for me was always about women kicking arse, with Tyrande at the very top of that ladder. If Blizzard diminishes that element, I’ll be rather disappointed.

On a final note, there’s one more concern I have for Cataclysm, one of a – thankfully – much more mundane nature: What about Raene Wolfrunner? I very much admit, if Blizzard kills her off, I will be somewhat upset. She’s an important part of Beyond the Tree! I’m not going to sit quietly by and accept her potential passing; I will rage! And it will be fearsome and loud and.. such.

Please don’t kill off Raene, Blizzard. ;(


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  1. 1 Sanaje
    March 17, 2010 at 10:18

    From Tyrande’s latest portrayal of angsty teen in distress from the fabulous new novel, I do believe your fears are grounded. The anology of sitting by Furion’s throne will probably be exactly that, except now that they’re married in typical – dare I say- Stormwind RP fashion, she’ll be a princess instead of just a trusty side-kick.

    Apolagies for sounding overly cynical, but the direction the lore is taking lately just has me taking more and more distance from it.

  2. 2 Ilyara
    March 17, 2010 at 10:55

    I couldn’t agree more: it’s promising that Blizzard have said they made a misstep with the characterisation of the Night Elves following WoW’s release, but the tenor of recent official efforts leaves a lot to be desired, for all the reasons that have been said by you and the poster above. “Women kicking arse”, as much in metaphorical as violent terms, is a big part of why I loved the night elves and started playing WoW to begin with

  3. 3 Ilyara
    March 17, 2010 at 10:57

    ..also I feel the same way about Raene, having got to know her in this comic :'<

  4. 4 Mike
    March 17, 2010 at 11:19

    A very nice article as always šŸ™‚

    Now it is another time!

    Does anybody else find the books written by Knaak to be absolute bloody drivel at times?
    The subject matter is frankly the only reason I read any of them – to be fair to him the story was already written and he had to embellish it and at times he does it wonderfully, but sometimes it is amazingly confusing:

    *spoiler alert* If you have not read Night of the Dragon and want to read it stop here! *spoiler alert*

    “The last shard of the Demon Soul had fed him, but, once destroyed within, it had set loose a chain reaction that fed the slight instability that Dargonax had shared with his twin predecessors but that would not have proven fatal as with the pair.”

    That passage made me laugh because it makes almost NO sense, that and he repeats lines especially about Korialstraz being powerful but not powerful enough to godmod his way through the book – in every book he has written with Korialstraz he has had his power drained in one way or another.
    He also used the phrase ‘Did not go unnoticed’ which is a pet hate, because its just using words in a complex way for no real reason.

    And funnily enough even after that little rant… i will go and buy Malfurion tomorrow lol.

  5. 5 Gordrake Thunderhoof
    March 17, 2010 at 11:59

    We’ve actually talked about this before, but I’ll just throw in my two cents again about this if I may. If not, you can always delete the post.

    In regards to the Night Elves, I can’t see Tyrande being off-handed some lower benchmark just because the love of her life has returned. She’s been in that seat of power for a long time and not even Staghelm dared to extend his reach to take over Darnassus from her, for all his mouth. As much as she might love Stormrage, I can’t see her bowing down to him either and I do say that, while there may be more inter-gender elements regarding some aspects of Night Elven society, I find it exceedingly unlikely that we’ll see the last of Tyrande in her seat of power. She’s just too awesome to just cast off! And I can personally see both Tyrande and Malfurion being ticked off about the Highborne thinking they can just get back into the world and believe they can be accepted by the people who exiled them years ago. They got NO chance of power in Darnassus.

    And frankly, Staghelm getting his ass kicked out of power has been a long time in coming. To have Malfurion reassert his position and to have him butchering Fandral for messing up the world like he did is bonus points for Blizzard from my point of view. That said, though, with the world being altered by Deathwing, I can see Druids in the latest expansion becoming evermore important game-wise, since a big part of what they do is nurturing the world and nature as it develops into it’s own and becomes self-sustainable. I think that will be the only aspect of the game where Malfurion would become assertive and take a leading role, with Tyrande protecting their homeland from any intruders like the forementioned Garrosh and his blood-craving Orcs.

    And speaking of…if Cairne gets killed by Garrosh and Garrosh then kicks everyone out of Orgrimmar as the word seems to be on the rumour wagon, I can see the Horde literally collapsing in on itself. The Tauren would feel betrayed at the killing of their leader (not to mention the Bloodhoof most Tauren looked up to because he had the leadership to bring the clans together and founded their home in Mulgore) and would crave the blood of the orc who dared to take his life. So there would be outright war against Orcs and Tauren on that front (unless you’re one of the Grimtotems, in which case this would be a good opportunity to take over Thunder Bluff). Then there’s the Forsaken and Blood Elves being kicked out of Orgrimmar. For the Blood Elves this will be nothing new, but they turned on the Alliance for casting them out and I daresay that they’ll do the same to the Orcs of the Horde as well for it. The Forsaken, however, are known to be volatile against those who use them like some tool. The Scourge and Humans have paid for that in turn (as have some Orcs before) but this will not just involve Varimthras’ lot now – this is the entirety of the Forsaken. No news of the Trolls as of yet, but I can’t see Vol’jin sticking with a volatile leader like Garrosh either.

    It could literally mean the Goblins and Orcs in one sect of the Horde and Tauren, Forsaken and Blood Elves in another sect, with Trolls either on their own tangent or, for the more eager ones, taking sides with the Orcs and dividing the Horde in half. Such a division would only be a boon for the Alliance, frankly, since between in-fighting and the sending of Orc forces into enemy territories the Horde could very well collapse. At the very least, they are going to be unfeasible as a roleplaying community should this all come to pass and, frankly, that’s disappointing from my point of view. It’s almost like they’ve injected Ork fuel from the Warhammer universe and decided that’s how it should be when I prefer it the way it is at the moment. Thrall has that personality that inspires neutrality among Orc cultures but it also feeds that aspect of some Orcs wanting to avenge their fallen at the hands of the Alliance – something Thrall isn’t keen to jump at the chance for. As a roleplaying dynamic it’s far more versatile and workable for both sides with Thrall in charge – with the current Garrosh set to take the stage that entire world gets turned onto it’s arse and spiked with barbed wire. Those who wish for peace end up leaving Orgrimmar in the hopes of finding a new home in a world that hates them because they’d be banded as traitors as well. It just doesn’t work. At all.

    In my head, I remember something you said some time ago…about being able to do something and taking a moment to think if you should. I think Blizzard should be doing this right now and thinking long and hard on this, because the directions these things are going are going to upset a lot of roleplayers out there, mostly on the Horde side of things. End of the day, if you want bloodthirsty, frenzied cretins, play a Garrosh-ish Orc or join the Burning Legion (and become a warlock) with the mentality of “It’s fun to fuck up the world! Let’s do it some more!” As was said before, though, most of the people on the Horde side of things prefer the old Horde…frankly I classify those as the less intelligent sort who are incapable of seeing the greater threat (Legion, Scourge, etc.) over what’s right in front of their faces (Night Elves, Humans, etc.) and just want to kill because they think that’s all the Horde are. Pathetic, I know, but ultimately that’s the majority and, as we all know, often the majority wins the argument. But if that’s where it’ll go, then the Horde can die with the Cataclysm, since I can’t see anyone wanting to argue/roleplay with a bloodhungering Tauren on the killing path through Neo-Orgrimmar.

    Don’t know what I’ll do about my blog, though, if that happens. “The Ramblings of a Wanderer” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

    • 6 Myrion Starblade
      March 20, 2010 at 01:04

      From what I’ve gathered of the information leaks, it’s more likely that Garrosh hires someone else to assasinate Cairne, if it really happens, and pins it on the Alliance. Or the Grimtotem are involved. Personally I think it’d make for some great plot advancement, but having not played Warcraft 3, I don’t have the same attachment to the character that a lot of people do.

      However, if Garrosh does indeed kill Cairne publicly, do you really see the Tauren siding with the Sin’dorei and Forsaken? If they were to be truly betrayed like that, I honestly see them joining the Alliance. They’re closer to their Kaldorei allies that way, who share many of their beliefs, and I get the impression they’d get along well with the Draenei as well. Perhaps with some aminosity towards the Gnomes and Dwarves. But the Forsaken and Sin’dorei? Hardly. In fact, I’d find it a very interesting twist if the Tauren ended up joining the Alliance. But of course, they won’t. Which suggests their won’t be a betrayal of that scale. With Garrosh at the helm, the Darkspears may well revert to their cannabalistic, voodoo-practicing ways.

      • 7 Gordrake Thunderhoof
        March 20, 2010 at 09:38

        Well the Tauren are somewhat distrustful of the Forsaken as well, so I can’t see that either, but it’d be a sharing of a common enemy in that respect. That would probably be the only reason the Tauren would join a fight with them, personally, but a lot of them would likely consider their connections to the Night Elves through the Cenarion Circle, so yeah…the Tauren could end up going either way.

        As for this “Garrosh hires someone else to assassinate Cairne” deal…I don’t buy it. From what I’ve seen, Garrosh prefers to get his own hands dirty if he wants something done and isn’t afraid who he ticks off in doing it. If it turns into that direction of Garrosh ‘hiring’ someone, then the only plausible reason that would happen is if there was some whispers from the borders of Ragefire Chasm telling him that Cairne’s a betrayer. Which then, of course, would lead down the avenue of corruption that comes from the Legion and then we end up with the same orcs we faced off against in Outlands.

        At best, I suppose, we can only wait until it comes to find out the story.

  6. 8 Aries
    March 17, 2010 at 13:07

    raine is too badass for them to kill off. Hopefully they will just move her to the forefront of the fight against the warsong encroachment from wherever the questgivers go when asrta is set aflame.

    But i agree, i would be a bit upset if they killed her off, she is one of the toughest PVP NPCs outside of the capitals in the game. There must be a reason for that, hopefully blizzard will make use of her, instead of just smashing her.

  7. March 17, 2010 at 13:38

    From what i read so far in ‘Stormrage’ Tyrande is a strong female character and does indeed kick ass. I admit her love for Malfurion is a HUGE weakness and made me shudder each time i see a line of text of her swooning over her sleeping lover.

    However i do believe Tyrande will remain the main leader of the night elves while Malfurion leads the Cenarion Circle, which includes night elves but also Tauren and i bet Trolls and Worgen come Cataclysm.
    i see some friction between these two because furion, as a neutral figure, will be forced to work together with the Horde while Tyrande wil be fighting them to reclaim Ashenvale.

    My theory on the War of the Shifting Sands is Furion was forced to remain in the Emerald dream, because he is the head druid, while other druids, such as Fandral, are allowed to leave once in a few thousand years to see their lovers and their children.

    The wedding between the two i think is actually well deserved.
    The note that Furion actually promised to marry her 10 000 years ago when everything was setteld, was to me, very sweet.

    Reane…i believe she’ll be one of the Night elves leading the counter attack on the Horde in Ashenvale, if not they can expect the wrath of Nhani, right?!

    Yes for a Horde this comes off very traitor-estic, but i’m on team Thrall so there.
    For the Horde!

  8. 10 Frostsaben
    March 17, 2010 at 20:29

    About the male-dominant society I won’t talk till I read all that’s been said, something I do not really have time for now.

    Still, haven’t read the Stormrage novel, but from what I heard in it Malfurion is presented like a demi-god, even more powerful then Ysera, and somewhere he marries Tyrande. I heard more, but not to spoil I won’t say.

    Anyway, from this point of view I felt Knaak simply doesn’t like powerful women in any way. The story of the SUndering was nice, but seriously, he did the same thing, shallowing women heroes and making his characters demi-gods, Rhonin teaching Illidan, Krasus in his weak state that he could barely walk move mountains etc…. that was just lame.

    About the marriage… night elves don’t marry. The marriage is out of lore, because from a RPG book it sais that clearly, night elves don’t marry. I once read a forum post, can’t remember what was the subject, where it said that blizzard is trying to transform all races in humans and orcs. (small humans, smaller humans, purple humans, blue humans with hooves and tails; furry orcs with hooves, blue-green skinny tall orcs; undead orcs and stylish orcs). At that time I only found it funny, but then I got into Northrend and… all I see is orcs and humans. Sure, we do get some forsaken plan but the orcs stop it, we do get some dwarves in Icecrown… but also Varian (who appeared out of nowhere after the flying ships battle). I understant why some races as night elves or draenei might be left out, but what about blood elves? their whole race got destryed by the Scourge, what about more dwarves? I only see Muradin clearly…

  9. 11 Frostsaben
    March 17, 2010 at 20:42

    Oh, and about Malfurion, no need to worry, he’ll probably think the chopping of Ashenvale is ok, it’s Ragnaros who should be stopped at all cost with an alliance of all races, horde ones and alliance ones. In fact I can even imagine the Warcraft Cataclysm part 2

    I can really see it, a wounded sentinel reaching him while he celebrates with members of all races, but very few night elves. She sais there’s an urgent message from Tyrande so he goes to read it:
    “Dear Malfurion,
    If you’re reading this, probably most night elves except the ones there… are dead or worse, including myself.
    I have tryed to warn you again and again about the dangers we face in our ancient homeland. I know however that you needed to leave to defend the World Tree, even though there were others focusing on this I knew I could not stop you from going.
    To you and the other night elves there I only wish you’ll manage to find a place of your own in what’s left… oh, yes, I forgat to tell you, while you were gone the orcs chopped our ancient forests of Ashenvale and Darkshore, they entered Astranaar and [new city name in Darkshore] and murdered everyone.
    Woman, man, child, sick, or elderly were killed in the most gruesome manner and the cities were burned while the orcs laughed at the victory they have managed to inflict upon us together with their allies… while we stood alone, the Alliance busy elsewhere.
    Our people fought with bravery and for every night elf fallen, 10 horde members layed dead, but in the end with no help from anyone, they overran us.
    A few days ago they entered Darnassus and destoryed everything they could… we barricated in the Temple of the Moon, merely less then 100 of us, but soon I fear they will break in here too for they march by the hundreads.
    In the last moment I have decided to at least save this child I was teaching in the arts of war and send her on my hippogryph when the gates were finally broken and they would come in.
    Know that I will love you always and may Elune be with you my love!

  10. 12 Moltrazahn
    March 18, 2010 at 13:11

    A penny of my own thoughts for the alliance atleast…

    Gnomes: With the takeover of their old home, i think we will see them on more fronts then before. no longer “confined” to the halls of Ironforge, we may get to see some more bold experiments on their behalf, which the alliance may or may not benefit hugely from, sad thing, they need it with the garrosh-aggressions of the expansion.

    Dwarfs: Interestingly, the dwarfs had alot of interesting lore about them in Wrath, they learned of their origins, their royal brothers were united, and now they get their entire city back to themselves, all in all, the dwarfs are really a sturdy breed, ive never played one, and dont think i will, but the only thing i can see them opening up to is the ways of shamanic research, as they both get shamans, and the world is torn asunder, perhaps their histological focus will turn on the events of the cataclysm.

    Humans: I belive this faction will be as allways out in the shoes with their oppenions and moral, the king is a strong one, and thought i dislike his ways, he does seem to wish a strong guard for his people, so that nothing may threaten the kingdom of Stormwind. I do however belive he and the rest of normal human kind in wow, will react skeptical towards the worgen. Its true its an alliance reforge as the humans once were during the second war, but with their curse, i doubt Stormwind will ever look upon the worgen allies as more then petty beasts in human skin. Anywho, thats my guess.

    Worgen: Pretty much as above, i think they will ofcause act out towards the alliance, as is their only option, the world asunder, and the forsaken at their doorstep. They really got no choice. Though im not sure whom the racial leader will be for the new races… i belive that the worgen will have NO problems displaying their beast-within if provoked. Sure, some may do the classic “im cursed, leave me alone to my solitude” were others may seek redemption, but i somehow think the worgen will have embraced their change… yet all this is speculation, so its left to be seen.

    Night Elven: As a nightelf player myself, im worried about them aswell… So much precious land utterly destroyed to them. The horde furiously pushing forward, cutting down the wonderfull area of Ashenvale to reinforce Ogrimmar, and boost Garrosh’s war-machine. I hope as well that dear Wolfrunner dont die, and will most likely do gorilla tactics on the horde id imagine (questgivers still have to be in ashen-vale mind ye šŸ™‚ so she is a likely candidate). But, blizzard is known for killing people these days, so all we can do is crossing our fingers. As for Tyrande and our returning Arch Druid, well… im positive, i think Mal’furion is a extremely strong-willed person, and he will do what he can both for his people and for the world. I dont think Tyrande will be pushed off the throne, as present, Night elven rule is with two leaders, not one… and for those two to be united, well… im crossing my fingers… and staghelm i could imagine hopefully getting corrupt and killable by the nightmare :3. Or another interesting thing could be a (and forgive the referance) Snape/harry potter deal, you hate a guy UTTERLY thill the last moment were his reasons are revealed… im not saying it will happen, but its an option that even Staghelm may go down with honor.

    Draenei: Ehm… I got NO clue what soever… Draenei dont get any new class(which i dislike from a morally standpoint), the prophet has done squat since the redemption of the bloodelf’s perspective of the light along with Lady whatshername at the sunwell. Which puzzles me surprisingly little … if you think about it Velen is older then all the other racial leaders combined! … his patience and planning i have no doubt is amazingly thought through and calculated. He is a Eredar after all (original name of their race, not Draenei which they were named by their turned bretheren) which were known for their keen minds… Okay, i give it sounds like im praising him, but i am quite in awe of a being fighting with the alliance who is over 25,000 years old (according to wowwiki)… so what and if anything will happen to them, no clue.

    Jaina Proudmore: …. She is alliance, but… i dont know, she is not bound specificly to them, i love her for caring for thrall, and yes im an open supporter of cheering those two into some sort of romance… heck wow has too little love and too much hatefull conflicts as it is :P. So im a carebear on that point, but if its true that Thrall could become the new Guardian, i hope Jaina at least supports that, but i dont know if she will have any major impact else.
    … I could go on a rant for the horde, but i find that its still so unclear what will happen with Thrall, Garrosh, Cairne, Sylvanis, Lor’themar, Vol’jin and the new Gobling boss… Garrosh tossing them out CANT be good, but i wont go into that… as Gordrake allready put nicely, so ill leave them at that.

    • 13 Gordrake Thunderhoof
      March 19, 2010 at 15:47

      *Gordrake bows down graciously.*

      I can’t really see the Draenei doing much in the new world myself. Think about it: Their original storyline was set in what’s known now as Outlands – they have no real understanding of Azeroth’s multitude of mysteries (and even if they ask the Night Elves, they are unlikely to share all and/or they may not know everything themselves) so it’s understandable if they just do what they’ve done since BC and ‘aid the Alliance to the best of our ability, like they have aided us in the past.’ They have no real continuing storyline or connection to Azeroth except for Burning Crusade, so they’re just a race that wanders on as of now. Blame Blizzard’s short-sightedness of including aliens into Warcraft.

      At most…the only thing I can see is Draenei Shamans becoming affected, due to the world going donkey-up and crying in utter suffering and pain. Farseer Nobundo will be telling all the spirits talk of to the Prophet and thus the Prophet will look into the cause…identify Deathwing, rally the troops, “Kill the Dragon!” and away they go. Or perhaps there’ll be some identification as to what corrupted the dragon and the Draenei will seek a means of purifying the dragon’s temperament so that it’s power can be called upon to rebuild the world he carelessly broke. Regardless, for all the planning and strategizing the Prophet can muster, I find it remarkably useless when you don’t really know anything about the planet you make a new home upon.

      As for my rant of the Horde, I missed something out…though it wasn’t really worth adding since it’s common knowledge. Story is, for the Goblins, one of the Trade Princes (the combined leaders of the Goblins, effectively) gets betrayed/threatened/something and is forced from their home, forced into an alliance with the Orcs (since the Humans start slaying them piecemeal) and thus they stick with who they feel is the winning side (Goblins being all for the best deals and the Orcs making progress under Garrosh’s iron-fisted rule, who do you think they’ll side for?) if and when the time comes the Horde gets divided.

      On that note…I personally want to see a feature available for the 85’s where they can choose to commit to the Horde or the Alliance and recieve their benefits or choose to be neutral to both parties, being able to negotiate on both sides but unable to reap the benefits of the dedicated. Considering the two new races are only dependant on their new sides (Worgen need the Alliance to protect Gilneas and the Goblins make a living from trading to anyone anyway) I think it’ll be an interesting dynamic to throw into the game. I think I’d stay neutral with all my characters, simply because that’s how I am, and it would be a heck of a benefit with negotiations between the different races when learning their languages (which is something else they’d need to do to make it work).

      I think it would be fun for Gordrake to be permitted passage into Darnassus to speak with Shan’do Stormrage…that will be some epic conversation the two would have.

  11. 14 Falgarion
    April 10, 2010 at 18:25

    I know this thread is a bit old already but I’ve only recently discovered your comic, I just hope I won’t bother you with still sharing my thought about this subject (for it might have became clear in already, but I don’t know that since I haven’t been following cataclysm too close).

    I know that I don’t know all about lore, I only know what I hear from people, so feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

    I’d just like to say, that I don’t think that Tyrande’s role in society will become a lesser one. The temple in Kaldorei society leads the sentinel force and (I think) the political matters aswel, while the circle… well, everyone knows what their role is.
    The reason why I’d not be concern is because the circle is in Darnassus because it they’re basicly needed on Teldrassil, They have their own ‘capital’ in moonglade, and therefore Stormrage wouldn’t become higher then the high priestess in society within Darnassus, at least, in my eyes it wouldn’t look right.

    Now what could happen in my eyes is that the druids see Stormrage as a higher standing person, or atleast admire him more, then the common folk, the sentinels and the priestesses. At the moment that might not be the case, but that’s mostly because the current Arch Druid is to a lot abit… well, most don’t really get what he does there, as you have said in your article.

    Blizzard most likely knows all this aswel (if everything I said is correct) and I don’t think they would put Stormrage above Tyrande, it would just not make sense.

    Annyway, that is my view, and again, I hope I haven’t bothered you with still posting something on an old article. šŸ™‚

    Elasiah / Sulfarius (ER)
    If you ever happen to find free time and know nothing better to do, I’d love to talk and learn more about the Kaldorei lore.

  12. August 6, 2013 at 12:39

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