Nhani Moonfall: Present

The more recent history of Priestess Nhani Moonfall – that is, her in-game experiences – are nowhere near the streamlined and thought-through experience that is her past; her present has been formed not only by her, but by the many people she have interacted with, and the many things she ended up being permitted or tasked to do throughout it all. With all the various continuities and characters she has interacted with, including many who left the game either temporarily or permanently, it’s something of a convoluted mess in places. Still, I’ll try to keep to the simpler, more notable portions – I’d scarely expect to remember all the details!

The one, most defining event throughout Nhani’s more recent history is the creation and assembly of the Lights of Elune guild, which was a concept I’d dreamed up back when playing on the EN Beta 9 server of the european final beta; I’d come across another night elven roleplayer there and we were discussing what guilds we’d want for our characters. I was playing an early test phase (if you will) of Nhani at the time, classed Warrior, and essentially spitballed this entire idea of a sort of generic dogooder order comissioned by the Temple of the Moon, which was later refined into the Lights of Elune concept. The important thing with the Lights was that when it was formed – some three or four days after retail hit – Nhani ended up leading by default since it was my idea and I was the only one who really knew it. And since it was an Elune-based order.. the general consensus was that the leadership title, as such, should be Priestess.

Thus, in one sudden decision, Nhani Moonfall went from veteran former Sentinel to fledgling Priestess with an entire order of her own to lead without any prior warning whatsoever. Much of the reason she’s come to be known as Priestess Moonfall was due to the significant amount of effort she put in just to be able to live up to the title and responsibility she suddenly ended up carrying; she had no easy ride there, it was an uphill battle every step of the way to break past class stereotype and portray her place in society, rather than what game mechanics said she was.

Another major element of her early rise, if you will, was the existance of the Disciples of Archimonde guild – one of the first, if not the first, demon cultist guilds on Earthen Ring. Its original creator and leader was a Night Elf, which ensured that Nhani quickly ended up being one of their most enduring advesaries. Even as their leaders fell and their leadership changed, Nhani remained, and would often work either actively or from the shadows to ensure their plots and intentions were foiled; eventually after several years leading to a final showdown between Nhani and Sarlochia Dreadblade – the character who ended up most prominently associated with leading the cult, leaving a battered Nhani and a banished Sarlochia. All of this very much put her on the map, as such, because most people who came to conflict with or intended to combat the machinations of the Disciples of Archimonde would often eventually be directed, through one way or another, to speak with Nhani.

Between this sort of mentoring and her maternal tendencies, a great deal of Nhani’s initial contact network grew out of her simply getting involved and caring about people, sometimes when no one else would. There are many friends and allies – some she keeps to this day – she gained simply because she was there to help when no one else was, or cared to. This is also very much how her extended family came to exist – a select few people who Nhani took on and became something of a surrogate mother for. Though several of those no longer play or have moved on to other characters, at the time it gave her something of a grounding stability; somewhere she could feel at home.

Nhani has acomplished a great deal throughout her time; apart from simply her reknown and having been part of the world, Nhani has led the night elven forces defending Ashenvale forest through three seperate and unrelated events; the first time orchestrating a series of hit and run strikes on a large series of cultists and their hirelings/lackeys moving north to strike at the Moonglade, first delaying them and then following them north to relieve the more stationary defenders located in Nighthaven itself. The second time was with an event with the Horde, and she hadn’t even been intended to lead – it wasn’t too long after the events of Sunrise, and Nhani was still trying to come to terms with how she could presume to guide anyone if she couldn’t even guide those she had taken on as her own. The painfully outnumbered Night elven forces ended up pushed back significantly however, and when they consolidated at Maestra’s post.. there really wasn’t anyone who spoke up or organized anything. So.. Nhani shelved her worries away somewhere, pulled herself to full height and before long she had people running forward scouts, someone heading back towards Auberdine to inform the incoming reinforcements and ensured the injured were tended to. There was noone else doing it so she just.. did, and people listened. And then at the end of that event, a battered and exhausted Nhani who wanted nothing more than find somewhere quiet to tend to her injuries was asked to go negotiate and sign the renewed cease-fire with the Horde because she was the only Night elf around that the people in charge considered had the authority to.

The final time was with the pre-Wrath event when Nhani ended up more or less in charge by default of the combined forces running between Astranaar, Auberdine and even into Darnassus to fend off scores of invading ghouls. It was even taken a step further during the scourge attack of the Stormwind Harbor when I was suddenly and randomly informed that this military council comprised of a few more major military RP guilds on the server had decided not only to petition Tyrande to send what aid was possible to defend Stormwind, but that they wished for Nhani to lead what forces she might send. Cue Nhani spending a night in the Stormwind harbor, acting as much as a symbol as a force in her own right, both tending to injured, aiding the defenders and still unleashing enough force on the flying monstrosities to impress the present dwarven mortar team. It was, quite frankly, awesome to behold.

It’s an interesting contrast inherent in roleplaying servers how Nhani has done so much, been so much and given so much to so many people to the point where some have refered to her as a living legend in her own right, yet many more people still have never even heard of her. It has been a priveledge, though, have been given the chance to do even half these things, let alone all of them. Though, I admit, a great deal of time it tried my patience to the limits, and there’s a good reason I’m nowhere near as prominently active as I once was.. I still have a great many fond memories, though not always the ones you’d expect, and actually rarely of the sort exemplified above; most of my fondest experiences were really the small, personal ones. For example, one that usually stands out is a time when one of the young Nhani had taken on had – for some reason – ended up fighting hand to hand against corrupted treants, with the result that her hands were a bloody mess with splinters everywhere; she was also wary of other people tending to and touching her. Still, she let Nhani take on the slow process of removing the splinters and tending to her injuries, and it was a truly heartfelt moment. In the end, I admit I miss those moments far more than I do the big events – the events more often than not were largely annoyances where you find yourself trying to devote time to everyone who wants some and tiptoe around the many swelling egos of everyone who wants to be an epic champion in their own right. Personally, I had never intended to make this larger than life, iconic Priestess of the Moon who’d all but come to represent what it means to be a Night elf – that was something other people ascribed unto her, and she just grew with what people entitled her to be. She’s become so much more than what she began as, and for all the frustrating times.. I’m glad to have had the opportunity to experience it.

So where is old Priestess Moonfall at the very present? Well.. for once – for the moment, in the least – her situation is relatively simple. The troubles in Northrend are seemingly slowly coming to an end, and much of her time is simply spent being visible – be it in Darnassus or in Northrend – ensuring that her people sees that the Priestesses – and by extension, Elune – aren’t simply holed up in the temple, but walks – and fights – with them. While it may be something many already know, sometimes – she reasons – it’s good to be reminded. Beyond that, she has her budding romance with that Draenei friend of hers for when the two of them have the time. I also tend to think that Nhani and Tyrande are on rather good terms, though with their interaction likely limited by Nhani having a hard time adjusting to occasionally thinking of her as Tyrande, rather than High Priestess Whisperwind; though potentially a bit of a stretch, it’s neither something Nhani speaks of nor would exploit. As I tend to think of it, seeing all Nhani has been part of and acomplished in recent times, it’d be impossible for them not to know eachother.

For the coming Cataclysm.. I don’t think Nhani knows about it; I’m sure she expects they’re not quite out of trouble yet, but I’m avoiding her doing any prophetic statments about it – there’s plenty of people doing those already. At the moment, she seems to have breathing space to come to terms with her own troubles and losses thoughout Northrend; I suspect she might need every moment of it.


19 Responses to “Nhani Moonfall: Present”

  1. March 18, 2010 at 19:04

    You know, it’s a shame i’m on Steamweedle, i SO want to Rp with you.
    Perhaps i’ll get around making a Alliance char there whzn i got the time….

    It’s a well done and well deserved backstory there. If all the other Rp-ers respect you this way i think your allowed to be indeed ‘buddies’ with Tyrande.

    Cant wait to see what else is in store for Priestess Nhani Moonfall.

    • 2 Nhani
      March 18, 2010 at 20:35

      Well it’s an interesting situation in a sense since she can at the same time be very famous and totally unknown, depending on whether the person in question has witnessed/acknowledged the things she’s been part of or not.

      There was actually this interesting thread I was pointed to (but never responded to) on the Earthen Ring forum some two-three years ago where someone had this idea (that never took off) for a sort of feral night elf guild, which he had tentatively named the Moonfall elves. Cue several responses to the effect of “Uhm.. you know there’s this famous night elven Priestess named that, right?” to the point of one of those referring to her as a “Legend”, and the original poster hadn’t really ever heard of her.

      Ultimately, not everyone have witnessed everything and not everyone accepts the same continuity – there’s certainly parts that I consider inconsistent or nonsensical at best. It’s not helped by how many oldies are long gone and many newcomers haven’t seen or heard of any of it. I generally try not to play up her position or actions too much unless first prompted or pushed into it.

      • March 19, 2010 at 07:55

        It does help if you have a Wiki page on the Earthen Ring wikia.

        • 4 Nhani
          March 19, 2010 at 08:37

          I’ve considered it a few times but it never really got off the ground, part because.. well.. like said, the above is just scraping the surface. Trying to put it all into a digestible perspective without going too overblown is some serious work. I also don’t know how active it is.

          Still, I might give it a try.

          • 5 Morbium
            March 20, 2010 at 02:30

            Famous yet unknown sounds all too familiar. My own server, Argent Dawn-EU has a site called the argent archives, which is basically an IC wiki. If you have dedicated people, then it’s better to set up a site that’s IC rather than OOC.

            I suggest just putting facts and accomplishments in your wiki if you make one. Keeps things simpler and also reduces the amount of knowledge that can be abused to metagame.

            As always, a good read.

  2. 6 Moltrazahn
    March 19, 2010 at 06:41

    I read your story, and cant help to haveing flashbacks to my own… Just after wow beta, i started a Night Elf Druid on Argent Dawn, and strait on knew i was “home” on RP-servers… And while running around in the starter areas, i aswell met some more druids who liked the rp-feel of the game… thus, we made a guild named “Druids of Elune” (Ironic namesake compared to your own).. Okay, it was not the most throught through idea, as it was a druid only guild, but nevertheless, it was fun, and we had weekly meetings, and eventually merged with another druid-only guild, becomming the largest single-class faction on the server. Being leader was an interesting process, and one i did with all my heart. However… i tend to care alot about people, and have an ability to make people open up to me about their problems. So eventually, after only sorting problems for others, and careing too much about it, i myself sorta went down with the flag dou to stress of leadership and getting too attached in trying to help others out… Anywho! you live and learn, and though thats only my own rp start, maturity kicks in after you hit the rock buttom, and you get back, “wiser” one could say.

    Anyways, i wont go on a rant, but i found the likelyness of our beginnings amuseing :), And as Gorvar says, the more one reads of you, the more of a “zomg i wanna rp with this person”-thought gets to mind.

    Anywho, keep it up 🙂 i myself dont play my old main anymore, though i still have her. So its nice to see you can keep your own alive with alittle classswitching now and then, and some innovateing thoughts put into it.

    • 7 Nhani
      March 19, 2010 at 06:54

      Interestingly, and perhaps ironically enough, I was really apprehensive about letting Druids into the Lights of Elune at first – as I figured it, the loyalty of the Lights was to Elune (and Tyrande) first, with the only exception really being for the sake of family. Druids, I felt, risked serving two separate masters by being bound to follow both the Cenarion Circle and the Temple at the same time.

      Of course, in the end the restrictions ended up pretty relaxed to fit in all manner of alts and whatnot

      • 8 Moltrazahn
        March 19, 2010 at 08:03

        And who can blame that, Nightelven culture is based around Elunes guideance, but druidisem became such a major part of it aswell after the sundering. Mal’furion and Tyrande ended up both as heroes of war, lovers, wise and exceptionel leaders for their people, whose race were granted immotality for their curage and will in the first great war.

        Thus, how can young and old nightelfs alike not idolise these two alittle. Not only do they rule the people, but they are lovers, in harmony. As seen later on, the druids would venture into the emerald dream to aid nature and learn more about the world, and try to maintain the delicate balance. Meanwhile, the sentinels would guard the lands and aginst the reckless use of the arcanum which did open the portal in the first place.

        Thus, presently, i feel that the nightelfs are “split” between these two forces, and dont feel to be, as it once were, in harmony. Under the rule of Staghelm, that “trust” in the leaders i personally feel have been scarred, i recall serious talks between the Druid of elune and priests of the temple of elune, and though both parts had very valid points, none were more right then the other.

        .. I want Mal’furion back, causs i hope that pair can be reunited, god knows i respect tyrande, but even she has feelings, and i think his return would not only aid the healing of the present nightelven conflicts, but also -hopfully- give some much needed pillars of trust in the leadership once again, since i sencearly belive that even Tyrande could use some peace from senceless debates and focus on the pressing matters. (A note here is that we dont know how Staghelm is reacting to the aggressions of the warsong offensive either, but id still prefer Mal’furion there).

    • 9 Gordrake Thunderhoof
      March 19, 2010 at 10:30

      Haha…that “OMG I wanna RP with this Moonfall!” was what got me over to ER as well, oddly enough. And it worked even better for me because it was an Alliance player I was going to have to make to do that, an aspect to me that was fresh and new – it was something I needed after the Normal server drama I dealt with over on Kilrogg…

      I even had Alverenia know of Priestess Moonfall before encountering her as a honourary tribute to the lady’s past…Nhani’s yet to meet most of my other characters (and Enyon, I decided, would know little of Nhani’s deeds since he was behind the closed walls of the Cathedral of Light at the time of the attacks and didn’t read the papers) so it’ll be interesting to see how the others relate to her. It’ll depend, I guess, on how long-lived I make them, and their experiences beforehand – my Druid would know of her, for certain, since I made him old, but Valuria…I think she’d be too lost in her own world to have someone to look up to, but if they ever met…I’m convinced Valuria’d have someone to learn from.

      • March 19, 2010 at 18:23

        I recently made a Night elf rogue there, not really to talk with our esteemed host (ended up talking with her over whisper anyway) but more to see Nordrassil because of Stormrage.

  3. 11 Myrion Starblade
    March 20, 2010 at 01:32

    You’ve just brought back some fabulous flashbacks of my own character’s development over the years. Like the time he was suddenly asked to lead an Alliance force along the Pathy of Glory in Hellfire Peninsula, alongside the Orcish shaman, leading the Horde force. That was a great event, when the Legion was trying to push through the Portal into Azeroth again. And then there was the the time he and his mate sat on the banks of the lake surrounding Astranaar talking long into the night. Oddly enough, on The Sha’tar, I (Myrion) ended up leading a contingent on Night Elves from Darnassus, for the Stormwind Harbour attack as well…

    There are times I do wish we played on the same server though. While my roleplaying ability has vastly improved from the days I first started out, I feel that in the presence of another character that embodies Night Elves so well (and a player that understands them), it’d actually help me even more. Who knows, I’ve been considering transferring elsewhere when I eventually return from my extended absence.

  4. 12 Nirene Feathersong
    March 21, 2010 at 17:44

    The reasons I started playing on ER was not sorely to meet Nhani in person, but also to discover the role-playing aspect of the game. Sure, ol’ Ragefury back on Shattered Hand has been through many adventures, not unlike those of Nhani, but it’s all been more for fun and achievements rather than dramatic, role-playing events. It sort of makes me regret that I didn’t started on a role-playing server when I first bought this game, now when I’ve read all the epic adventures most of you veteran role-players have been through.

    Anyhow, it can never be too late though. Seeing as I’ve played on ER for a few months already, and are starting to get a hang of the whole aspect, I should be able to partake in some of the bigger RP events in due time. It will take another few months for Nirene to be ready for the events following Cataclysm, and she might very well not partake in the reclaiming of Gnomeregan.

    At this very stage, she’s still stuck in the pre-TBC events, dealing with the Scourge, the Cult of the Damned, and the orcs and dragons of Blackrock alike. She has yet to challange the Gurubashi Empire, Ragnaros, Nefarian and the Quiraji Empire aswell before venturing to Outland. All-in-all, it’s a slow process, but this way I don’t diverge from the lore as I’d basically build my character from.

  5. 13 Ellessar
    March 28, 2010 at 20:31

    You know, but I never really knew you were all that famous on ER. I think we met once or twice but I can’t recall really knowing your char until I started reading this webcomic.
    Or atleast… I can’t remember really knowing your char.
    Then again I have always done most of my RP in Darnassus where most people go to SW or IF. Personally I dislike those places for NE roleplaying. But to each their own.
    Ofcourse this leads to me being pretty much unkown to the larger RP-community but that fits my charachter anyway.

    Anyway, nice to know this stuff. seeing as my char is an Elder he should know some of this 🙂

    ow and before I knew how important Nhani was, my char acted so reverently towards Nhani because she is a Priestess. No other reason is needed to him. Will still be for that reason ofcourse…

    Greetings Ell.

    • 14 Nhani
      March 28, 2010 at 21:18

      Part of this is old stuff; Nhani’s been around Earthen Ring from the start and has played a part in a great deal of things as a result. She’s never completely been the forefigure; she helps, guides and leads, but rarely asks for credit for it. The first fight in Ashenvale was way back before Burning Crusade and involved the Shards plot, Ravenstein, Sarlochia and all of that.. the second two events were more recent and were out of Coragon’s planning.

      I admit, I actually expected people would take issue with her signing the Mor’shan treaty, but no one ever actually confronted her about it, and even The Blunderer focused far more on the fact that Coragon had, so she managed to dodge that bullet too.

      She actually does reference some of it sometimes, though rarely directly. I recall a discussion with two druids some weeks back that continued on from a discussion they’d had earlier with that sham sentinel guild that sometimes go around nowadays and Nhani made a remark how she’d “signed some agreement” under the pretense that it would lessen the conflict, and expressed her displeasure that it hadn’t. Of course, it all turned into a talk about how paper can’t really stop a charging nightsaber.

      In the end.. many of the people she knew and most of her contact network is gone now; either left those characters, the server or even the game. In a way I almost feel like a relic of a bygone era, with all these kids making noise in the backyard.

      • 15 Ellessar
        March 29, 2010 at 14:33

        Yeah I have been on ER aswell since WoW went live in europe. But I never particapated (meh. how do you spell that word) in big RP-events. Find them annoying for the reasons you announced earlier. Too many people wanting too much attention.
        I will help if people ask, but won’t be likely I will ever be very active for events.

        Although… I have been thinking of trying to bring back something like the council of elders in Darnassus/Kaldorei at large.

        • 16 Nirene Feathersong
          April 2, 2010 at 22:22

          Actual RP events is something I’ve desired since I began to play on ER. It’s been a few months already, and to me everything’s a little too monotonous; questing, gaining reputation, waiting in dungeon queues just to be grouped up with people who leaves for petty things, etc. It’s nothing different from what I did on Shattered Hand, apart from the In Character role I’m currently playing on ER.

          Getting to know people on a realm where I’ve so far only got to know a few role-players is quite difficult. Starting a brand new role-playing guild has shown to be even more difficult. I even had a time where I tried to persuade people from my current guild on Shattered Hand to join me on ER, which didn’t give any result. That didn’t surprise me, however, as only a minority of them would understand the concept of role-playing. Nonthereless, I might get around to explore the overall role-playing world on ER in due time and see what I might catch on to.

      • 17 Ice
        October 11, 2010 at 17:00

        i know that feeling….

        ive been RPing on MUCKs since ’98 or so, for years on one specificly. The head wiz eventually made a few choice bad moves, and the place eventually became deserted as people got fed up, or MMOs like WoW got started and pulled ppl away from text RP/gameplay. many of my chars from there that still exist in my head, when ‘picked up’ on other MUCKs give me that feeling of ‘long since left behind’ by everyone, whether they ICly died, or OOCly moved on…… tis a lonely feeling indeed, although one which can add an interesting depth if channeled properly.

        this sounds like a VERY interesting char, and that it all happened ‘in gameplay’ makes it all not only that much interesting to read, but adds that much more believability and charm to the character.

        As an RPer, although ive never tried RP on WoW, i salute you.

  6. 18 Niala Moonthorn
    July 16, 2010 at 09:45

    Haha, I wish I could manage to be known so well. On Ravenholdt (Rp-pvp) It can be difficult to find someone to do things with.

    However, I think Nhani’s story is just plain awesome. I love your comic a ton and really wish I could rp with you on my Night elf. Is too bad there’s no cross-server roleplay, hmm?

    Keep up with the awesome work, and get them outta deadmines, will ya? xD

  7. June 7, 2013 at 22:04

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