The Priestess and the Colosi: Experiments

So after the last post I conspired with my fellow nubs as I am wont to do and got subtly nudged/elbowed/shoved to into doing a.. test, an experiment if you will, on the grounds that I’ll just keep pondering what to do if I don’t. I’d planned to keep it resonably quiet until I’d decided whether it’d actually work or not to more easily just cut the whole thing if it didn’t work out and either go back to the previous status quo or try something else. Apparently however, there are people who seem to keep ‘ol Moonfall under a close watch, because it hasn’t even gone a week and several people have already noticed and asked me who I got acting the other part while I’ve been prowling the wilderness of low level zones.

So I thought I’d mumble a few words here.

I found the name was free, got a second account and set about to create a male Draenei Shaman that looked as close to the original as possible and then set to the grand trek of levelling for fun and fashion, with ‘ol Nhani standing by to help by means of combat and ferrying him around on her multi-passenger mammoth. He recently reached far enough to get Dual Wield and Stormstrike, so I’m starting to rather enjoy the class – or atleast the Enhance tree.

So what does all this mean, am I now playing an NPC?

Well.. yes and no. They have the same name, the same (excluding gear considerations) appearance, the same outwardly apparent class.. but at the same time, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only person to whom it truly matters if they’re the same is ‘ol Nhani Moonfall – I have no interest in his title, and going by the context of the Argent Tournament, his NPC self have – like all other Grand Champions – lost the tournament repeatedly and most spectacularely to give way for the player characters in Trial of the Crusader and Icecrown Citadel. And the only reason it does matter is because after over a year of implied development and random renders, an emergency retcon would weaken the given context. To anyone but Nhani, he could just as well be any random male Draenei shaman who just happens to share name with one more prominent – and it might be better, actually, if the connection isn’t made.

And yes, I realize there’s an irony in copying an NPC for a player character only to hope people won’t connect the two.

Beyond that, by chosing to helm a character – any character – they by default will grow and develop; since he needs a past, a personality, everything.. ultimately, he’ll grow into a character that may not be at all what Blizzard intended, which further emphasizes that he’s effectively become something else. He’s grown out of the NPC, and while for Nhani, I’d think, it’s important that he has that bagage, for everyone else.. I think he’s starting to outgrow any kind of need to “be” the NPC. It’s a somewhat funny situation, all in all, seeing how it’s been progressing in my head over the course of leveling.

I’ve taken care to ensure that whenever he needed help in some way, be it clearing an instance, or group quests, or fast travel.. I’ve had Nhani the one to do it – I could’ve picked more discreet characters for the task, definitely, but I wanted to have the sense of them working together, building a camraderie and chemistry between them in the process.. and both amusing and disturbing my fellow nubs by having them talk to (and talk back at) eachother over the (otherwise OOC) nubchat to help establish a feel for it all in my head. Ultimately.. Nhani’s had over a year to grow to this – he hasn’t. There’s a whole lot to catch up to.

So who is he, then?

Taking a page from how Blizzard started the NPC off as an apparent Paladin with a single, two-handed axe only to then retcon him into a dual-wielding Shaman when the Tournament instances opened (they turned the Blood elven grand champion from a Blood Knight into a Mage, as well), I’ve figured he was once a Vindicator – I actually took that one step further and figured he once served at Karabor before the orcs had their “Demons are Awesome” period and trashed the place. Following that, I think he had a rather lost period hiding out with the other Draenei refugees. Having been unable to do anything to halt the orc advance, and unable to really make the bleak refugee future any brighter either.. I don’t think he so much lost faith in the Light as lost faith in his ability to call on it sufficiently. Not so much that it betrayed him so much as he failed it. Then now Farseer Nobundo comes along and shows the Draenei about the Elements, and our lost little(?!) Vindicator is shown a new, different way to brighten the future for his people, and ultimately decides that the best way he can serve the Light is to embrace those teachings and become a Shaman.

After that there’s a period where a whole lot of stuff happens, like the Exodar crashing, and eventually he finds himself participating in the Argent Tournament, only to somehow catch the notice of a certain ancient Night Elven Priestess.. and things progressed from there.

One of the major problems will ultimately be to what extents I can characterize two characters at once, and how well it’ll come across. I’m still trying to have as much time I can to get used to the idea before I really go to town with it, trying to ensure that both characterizations will simply be there when I give it an attempt. As a positive aside.. if it all works out, it’d also give me the chance to make a duet out of in-game Areen Fuzzybang and her younger sister, Kireen. Sibling rivalry between two gnomish sisters where one is a Holy Light-worshipping Death Knight and the other is a mechanical prodigy.. just imagine the results.


8 Responses to “The Priestess and the Colosi: Experiments”

  1. 1 Gordrake Thunderhoof
    August 29, 2010 at 13:37

    I actually only found out by chance, myself: A random look on the /who list (I was trying to use it to find someone else…I made a gorilla with a certain person’s name and wanted to show it off) and after a simple mistake of not adding a name in, I found these two names side by side. So yeah, that was my form of “close watch”.

    In any case, should be amusing and fun to see how things develop, both for Moonfall and for Fuzzybang. I’ll try to be around, but my own characters are in their own space at the moment, and a lot of stories are likely to pick up soon enough.

  2. 2 Noriam
    August 30, 2010 at 13:07

    I randomly discovered this after noting “Huh, she’s in Razorfen Downs… Why?” and a quick /who reveals all.

    The reason why I did that at all, mind, is mainly because warlock quests are so mind-numbingly tedious to carry out due to large quantities of moving and not much at the end of each journey (thank god they changed mounts to 20 or it’d be unbearable).

    Anyway, playing two characters gets a bit of getting used to – I’ve done it but I was multiboxing. That’s very confusing and occasionally one message meant for the other screen goes through… But it has a great many offshooting plans.

    With the priestess and the colosi in particular, as long as few people draw the comparison and/or press her on it ICly you should be perfectly fine with that attitude. However, me being… Me, seeing how Kireen and Areen do in the same room is an infinitely more interesting thing =p Can’t wait to see -that- in action.

  3. 3 Cobs
    August 31, 2010 at 15:05

    By golly, Nori. You copycat in regards to /who.

    I did it with the /who The Barrens, so I was waaaay ahead of you.

    No. I do not…spy on people.

    That often…

  4. 4 Noriam
    September 1, 2010 at 11:39

    It’s worth re-mentioning that I’ve seen Nhani dual-clienting Kireen and Areen and she did a very good job of it. Hope she can pull the same magic/chemistry off with the priestess and the colosi.

    Meh, I’m sure you can.

  5. 5 Landusk
    September 1, 2010 at 20:09

    well gatz i guess you can make that love story happen I like the Draenei they are out of the world kind they they look cool I got 2 Draenei mage and shaman I like to think they are bothers that came to the BC eara the Mage is the older one hot head but now in WoTLK he more wise and clam untill you bring up some thing in his past… (plot point XD ) and my shaman he the happy go lucky healer he heals and try to make what the worst of it clam and happy and think possite the elder one look over him so that he does not lose him as they lost there family…

    any way I best not keep baging on just happy for ya you get to make your story ah well we may get to see it soon 😀

  6. 6 Iasion
    September 9, 2010 at 05:00

    This sort of character building is what has always interested me in rp servers. I’ve played with the idea of transferring some of my mains, but one reason or another holds me back. The chief one being that my friends all mostly play on one server. And, while I’m not a huge fan of pvp servers, more than one occasion I’ve been roped into some hectic world pvp under the banner of the horde. It’s strange that, for as much clout that rp servers and rpers get, you still see avid pvpers throwing down their city’s flag before administering pain. It likely has more to do with bragging than any kind of fictitious character building, but it’s at least more appropriate than repeatedly sitting on the face of your deceased foe.

    The other reason holding me back would probably be that I’m too much of a novice with WoW lore. I’ve never picked up any of the books, and have only taken a cursory glance at the lore in the game booklets and load screens. To this day, I’m still pretty confused about the blood elves, at what point Kael’thas became a traitor, and at what point the blood elves of Silvermoon City broke off from the Scryers in Shattrath. I get my orc and troll clans confused, and am not sure what the Grimtotems are upset about. You seem to have, at least, pretty good knowledge of night elf lore, and your draenei lore seems pretty well kept too.

    Finally, $25 is a lot of money for me, at least until I get out of school. It’s hard to justify spending almost 2 months of game time to move a single character to an rp server that may not be any good to begin with. I’d hate to regret a transaction like that. ;P

    • 7 Tomah
      September 10, 2010 at 12:58

      wowwiki.com has a good overview of the lore (sometimes specifics are off, due to the wiki format, but they do pretty well for themselves!) if you want to browse through some time. You usually don’t need too great a grip on all of it at first, though, just the basics about your race (like how your night elf can’t have been born on Teldrassil because it was only planted recently, a fact which eludes a surprising number of nelf RPers) and your character’s background (where/when they would have been during big events, what tribe they’re from, etc.).

      You can pick up the rest as you go, generally. Or not, if you’d prefer not to! That’s okay too, you don’t have to get too deep in Historical Business to have a good time.

      I’d definitely recommend starting up a new character and scouting out the main cities and the realm forums (and the regular Roleplaying Forum too, they have lots of good information. Maybe the realm’s community site if they have one and you’re feeling particularly interested). Goldshire, Brill, Storwmind and Silvermoon can be a little misleading about the general type of RP you may find, since they’re places where Everybody Goes, and can vary wildly in content from day to day (or even hour to hour in some cases)!

      If you’re on an EU realm, I can’t really give any recommendations, but as US realms go, the most ‘open’ RP I’ve found has been on either Moon Guard or Wyrmrest Accord. Both of them are apparently full of ERPing catgirl half-night elf half-dragon death knights, according to the other one, but they both seem pretty alright to me.

      Good luck with your situation, Iasion. Always love to hear about people interested in getting involved!

      • 8 Iasion
        September 11, 2010 at 07:29

        Heh, your interest is flattering to be honest. :p

        I’ve perused Moon Guard before. It does seem like a good server, but -always- full! Haven’t checked out Wyrmrest. I do know to avoid Goldshire and Silvermoon City. As for ERP’ers, I’ve come to terms with the understanding that all servers have their drawbacks. On pvp servers, gankers roam the Outlands and swoop down on unsuspecting lowbies while they engage mobs. I recall, years ago, almost besting Araj the Summoner with a buddy, only to have a human pally roll in and totally ruin our efforts. Maybe this is my inexperience talking, but neko death knights seem less invasive than opportunistic pvpers. :\

        Another issue is that I really enjoy the Forsaken. They may be my favorite race. I always imagine the two that I play as being some shade of villain (lawful evil and neutral evil, if you’re familiar with DnD alignments). My chief concern is being unable to get along with players when in character! Do you have any experience with characters like that? Do they use OOC messages a lot to cover their rude characters?

        I think I might make a new character on Wyrmrest, just to check it out.

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