The Priestess and the Colosi: Progress

Right, so it’s been awhile since I posted anything (a month, to be exact) – I’ve been busy with all sorts of things, from other projects to computer failures. Things are somewhat starting to calm down though, so I figured I’d post some sort of update; thinking of digging up some Work in Progress stuff and shoving that up as well a little later. For now, however, you get more on the duo.

The Big Guy is now Level 80 – been for awhile, in fact; managed to pick up the last four or so levels in a day due to Alterac Valley Weekend some weeks back, I just haven’t had/taken the time to get him up to spec past that. As per norm I’m not doing all that well doing just damage, but he’s proven a somewhat capable healer, though lacking in gear-based power. I’m not certain to what extents I intend to gear him up; with Cataclysm oncoming, any gear he gets is likely to get swapped out pretty quickly anyway in a few months, so my main interest is simply not having him look like he got all his gear cheaply at a yard sale.

It has proven remarkably convenient to have a semi-afk-played pocket healer to drag along whenever I want to put ‘ol Nhani up against something that might hurt; with his off-spec being Restoration (and Enhancement as main), they create a handy tank/healer dynamic by default, with Nhani charging ever onward against their foes while he keeps having to hoof it just to keep up. I find it an interesting sort of visual where ‘ol Nhani Moonfall – in spite of her notable height and size – is the smaller one of the two, yet is generally the one swinging the larger weapons.

With all this, I’ve had a fair amount of time to try them out in a roleplaying environment, try to act both of them at once and see if I can keep up. I’ve only made one slip-up so far, and thankfully it was in a mostly controlled environment of people that already knew and I was arguably very tired (but was still very embarassing..), so I’ve come to feel fairly reassured I can pull it off. The most taxing example so far was when they were standing out of earshot of eachother and ended up having two completely separate conversations with two completely separate people and I still somehow held all that together. He’s grown interesting on his own too, which is good – it means he’s gaining his own identity beyond “That Draenei that Priestess Moonfall keeps dragging around.”; so far only one person has even called him on his NPC roots too, so it feels like I’m reasonably able to get away with absorbing the version I’ve taken on to be his own person, rather than being a walking around NPC.

There’s something fun, though odd, about being able to remarks and dialogue between them; since I’m aware of all the subtleties, they can act off of and respond to eachother in a way that makes them seem like they know eachother very well, which really helps sell the whole thing. So far the responses I’ve gotten are generally that they seem really good friends – there’s a subtext of romance there when they’re amongst people Nhani trusts enough to show it, but most of the time it’s really about friendship and companionship.. and I’m happy with that portrayal – Priestess Nhani Moonfall isn’t really the sort to be caught doing indiscreetly public displays of romantic affection. They work off eachother well, and it’s interesting to have a situation where it feels like Nhani, of all people, can actually joke around at times.

I’ve had a lot of fun with it, really – though it’s definitely a tad more work involved than playing just one character. It’s so far felt very mutual though, which is good – it’s not just about Nhani, it’s about both of them. And just as it’s evolving Nhani’s own story forward by taking her romance with a Draenei to a new level, it’s really building his own story as well as both of them are starting to find a greater understanding for eachothers’ people and culture by way of understanding eachother. I’m quite interested to see where it heads in Cataclysm, and to what extents they might start consider eachothers’ people as “their own”.

Of course, then there’s Areen and her (much) younger sister; I haven’t actually dwelved into that duo anywhere nearly as much as I expected to – my busy period have largely coincided with Operation Gnomeregan, so I haven’t taken the time to have them sit around there talking and doing things; it’s tempered furthermore by the fact that Areen has a much smaller social circle than Nhani does (in fact, sometimes it almost seems like most of the people Areen knows and talks about are all the alts of one single person). It’s not helped either by the matter that I really don’t have that much of an established character for Kireen beyond young mechanical prodigy.

Fortunately, I did run across one of the Tinker’s Guard when Areen went through Operation Gnomeregan – I didn’t have Kireen along since there’s limits to how much my second computer can handle, but it was great to have a proper fellow Gnome to speak to and hear respond throughout the event; not to mention it was good to enact the actual Death Knight side of Areen for once, seeing how she normally prefers to try to hide it.


1 Response to “The Priestess and the Colosi: Progress”

  1. 1 Stoker
    October 4, 2010 at 19:45

    As the member of the Tinker’s Guard in question, I can honestly say it was a pleasure to hold the line with Areen!

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