So that Patch thing..

So version 4.0 (.1.somethingorother) is about a week in now and so far in my experience it’s been a relatively painless arrival. I say relatively because while it hasn’t suffered any of the direct realm instabilities that can get associated with really major patches, balance is – as expected – still pants, and there’s apparently a very random tooltip bug that might disconnect or crash your client when you mouse over a usable ingame object that causes the cogwheel cursor to appear. I’ve largely been spared its presence (one crash, once), but some of my fellow nubs have been having serious issues being able to complete the daily Headless Horseman event because the usability of his pumpkin keeps kicking them out of the game.

The earthquakes have been an interesting addition.

Not having played neither the Beta nor the PTR, I’ve had a week to slowly adapt to the new attributes and mechanics and while I haven’t put every field through its paces yet, I’ve generally rather enjoyed the result. One of my fellow nub tanks and I have been bouncing various talent and specialization ideas back and forth, and I’ve really come to enjoy the fact that there’s a certain amount of talent points where it basically feels like okay.. she’ll take those and put them in a certain set of talents and get better at one thing.. and I’ll take those same points, put them somewhere completely different and get better at another thing.. and both feel like they’re completely valid choices that won’t leave you feeling gimped doing other things than the one you chose to get better at. The same thing with major glyphs – it was a great thing to basically be told that “okay, for major glyphs.. just pick whatever you like” – it leaves you able to specialize for how you enjoy playing the game, or what you enjoy doing, or to cover a gap in how you play, rather than enforce a strict one-fits-all design.

There’s a few talents I miss from 3.x.. I was actually growing rather fond of Improved Disarm and its fun utility, and Improved Spell Reflection was fun to have. ..On the other hand, a 6 second cooldown on Spell Reflection is, quite frankly, giggleworthy, and I very much look forward to level 85 and being able to pick up Second Wind as Prot. I rather feel like I’m in a good place, and unlike when I was going into Burning Crusade or Wrath of the Lich King.. I feel very comfortable in the class I’m at and have no real upstanding doubts about what I want to play.

Even Arms have been rather welcoming – with adding Throwdown and allowing the use of Pummel in Battle Stance, Arms feels like it’s gained a truckload of utility and it’s actually come to a point where the action bars for Prot and Arms actually can start having similar abilities on the same buttons for me. The numbers are – supposedly – not all that, and with Arms being highly secondary there’s a limit to how much I’ve tried it, but so far it’s felt more straightforward to play – not to mention far less frail and vulnerable.

Of course, the UI has been something of a mess with a whole lot of things changed and several addons that have yet to recieved working upgraded versions; I found myself spending most of the evening following patch day just getting LanguageCycle working since I actually don’t know if anyone is maintaining it anymore – I know I released an updated version at some point after the original author had ceased to update it, though I think someone else took it up after that.. anyway. Additionally, since 4.0 broke Fubar, I even spent about an hour or two figuring out how to use LibBroker so I could put it on a top bar again.

Another fatality is ImmersionRP which, while apparently worked on, isn’t quite up to date yet, and a little too complicated for me to update just like that. As a result, I ended up deciding to try the updated original FlagRSP as in the least a temporary replacement – it did mean a fair bit of headache as it proved nowhere near as quick and simple to hook for tooltip mods as ImmersionRP, but with some work I finally managed to teach LibDogTag (and, by extension, Cowtip) how to ask FlagRSP for names and titles.

Another thing with 4.0 is the whole guild malarky – as I’ve mentioned before, my fellow nubs and I have been discussing a joint banner to assemble under; it’s been a complicated matter since several of us are still in the least quasi-active in terms of roleplaying and don’t want to feel like we’re running around slapping people in the face with a hugely out of character or otherwise immersion breaking guild name; it’s not just about roleplaying either, it’s having a place where a character can feel they’re at home. After a few weeks of debate, a whole lot of opinions back and forth and a week-long, multi-part poll, we finally reached a verdict.

We’re reassembling back into the Lights of Elune

It’s a weird kind of journey because, in many ways, the group that grew to become Yelnenu mainly did so because there were limits to what types of characters I would let into the Lights, and so we ended up grabbing a public channel to have an extra-guild guild chat, and over time picked up old friends or new people we met. And now we’re returning home. I was really hesistant to suggest it as an option at first because.. let’s face it.. the Lights of Elune have as much of a legend to it as priestess Nhani Moonfall herself has, and not just in roleplaying either. We’ve had a fair bit of members who have held key roles in raid groups or been involved in PvP or otherwise garnered their own reknown – it has a heavy history and a still lingering reputation.. it’s a heavy mantle to carry.

And yet I feel almost giddy at the thought that the Lights might actually live again, that we might be able to breathe some life into it – even as an in character institution. I’m really looking forward to seeing how we progress into Cataclysm and where it’ll all lead.

And then for old Nhani Moonfall herself – the ramp up to Cataclysm has already begun, and she’s reacting with it. There’s bigger things coming, and it feels like she’ll have a place in everything.. especially as someone who has survived the world effectively going to hell once already. I’ve really gotten the feeling that she’s been taking this icon role where she simply represents something, and somehow her mere presence can make a difference. Of course, Cataclysm also means a large change in the world balance, and she’ll have to adapt to the changing situation – as a result, one of my fellow nubs ended up inspiring me into trying to create an updated, and more armored, model for old Moonfall to great the coming disaster. I’m planning to make a random render post with the result.. eventually – I have a few issues with it I’m currently sorting out before then. But, so far I rather like the result.


21 Responses to “So that Patch thing..”

  1. 1 Fyrina
    October 21, 2010 at 16:08

    Luckily I’ve also had much less trouble than some others, save for a few crashes in Eye of the Storm when I was heading for the flag – not that I usually do those, but it’s always a nice change from instances when you’re leveling a character, especially when it’s the Call to Arms BG of the week.
    Either way, in opposition to you as Prot Warrior, I as MM Hunter am not sure if I like the new focus system. People might use the argument “Mana never fitted for hunters!” but I found the way things worked much more to my liking than they do now. I don’t consider having to spam Steady Shot just to have enough focus for another ability fun. Chimera Shot still having it’s CD, makes it less easy to keep up Serpent Sting now, but fine by me. However, Aimed Shot going from instant shot to a THREE seconds cast time? No thanks. I’ll know others will say to this “Wait for the proc!”, so it’s instant, but still.

    Either way, the conclusion is, I’m actually not happy with how my class plays now, which is a big shame considering I would never let go of Fyrina – roleplaying being the one big reason. I’ll give it time however, and see how it’ll feel by the time she’s level 85.

    Anyway, one last detail of the new patch I’ll bring up in this post, is both the new water and the sun shafts. It depends on people’s graphics settings, but with both (and everything else, for that matter) on Ultra, WoW has just become a lot more pretty. The water, especially the sea, looks incredible, and I love it when the sun- or moonlight is shining on it. The ripples are nice and realistic when moving through it, too. At times, it does feel like the substance is somewhat thicker than water should be, but I’ve no complaints.
    As for the sun rays: lovely. When the sun is nice and bright, and you’re walking behind a tree with many gaps between the branches or leaves… or when you’re flying on a flappy mount and turn the camera so it’s in front of the sun… I always idle a bit to admire the view. I was slightly surprised you didn’t mention those changes at all in the blog post, but no matter, you were mostly talking about other kinds of changes and the guild anyway, it probably wouldn’t have really fit in.

    • 2 Nhani
      October 21, 2010 at 16:42

      Focus and hunters is interesting; from what I recall of hearing my fellow hunter nubs talk, the opinion seems to split between “Focus is great and has totally revitalized hunter mechanics” and “all hunters do is spam two buttons now..”. I think it’s a good idea at its base, but I can’t really say much for their implementation since I don’t really play it.

      As for sunshafts and improved water.. would you believe the main reason they weren’t mentioned is because I really haven’t noticed that much of it? No, really. I mean yeah, sure, okay, I’ve looked at the water, gone “okay, that’s quite pretty” and then.. it’s gone out of mind. The Sunshafts.. I actually haven’t even seen. They are on, if I recall from the settings, but I don’t think I’ve even noticed them anywhere.

      Okay, if I really come upon a situation where I’m looking out over the water or the like, and it’s a really pretty scene, I’ll probably pay attention, but on average day-to-day things, water is such a tiny part of my experience that I really thought about it more than that. I’ve actually given far more notice to the fact that they once again changed the Devastate sound effect, because that’s something I’m far more likely to be repeatedly exposed to and something that directly pertains to my experience.

      Some day I might need a backdrop with really shiny water and might thank Blizzard for adding it, but so far, it hasn’t really mattered. Water was always very low down on my list that I felt Blizzard could change to make World of Warcraft prettier.

      • 3 Fyrina
        October 23, 2010 at 01:37

        Ah yes, the new Devastate sound effect. I’ve noticed it well enough myself, having a (as I write this) level 66 Prot warrior alt. While the sound itself is alright, it’s actually, well… less fitting. The BANG when stomping on the floor was more realistic to go with the action of raping the ground with your foot than this more electrical-ish sound. Either way, it’s only a minor detail and something I’ve already gotten used to. Quite some ability sounds have changed for several classes, but mostly I find them to be positive changes.

        • 4 Nhani
          October 23, 2010 at 07:56

          It’s not the first time they mess around with Devastate, really – the first time was in the pre-Wrath patch where it went from simply re-using the (rather thunderous) Sunder Armor effect to this new effect that.. pretty much sounded like slicing cloth with a monomolecular sliver of ice.

          The new devastate sound for Cata sounds more like cutting glass with that same monomolecular sliver of ice, which still leaves it a very “thin”-sounding noise, but in the least it seems to have slightly more shearing force this time around.

          I still preferred the more raw force-sounding effect from Sunder Armor, mind you.

  2. 5 Synchronizor
    October 21, 2010 at 19:32

    I’ve been using LanguageCycle for a while now, but it still seems to be half-broken from the patch (at least, the version on Curse is). It’ll switch languages with the hotkey, but not with mouseclicks, and the checkbox for guild/party translation isn’t there.

    • 6 Nhani
      October 21, 2010 at 19:49

      I just recently noticed the version on curse actually – was curious to see if it actually still lived while making this post; the Curse one last updated 6 days ago – not sure if that’s the version you’re using or not; I had the same problems with my pre-4.0 version before I took some time to fix it.

      Well, okay. I couldn’t actually get the checkbox to reappear (or rather, I have no idea what caused it to disappear to begin with) so I did a sort of hack solution where I put that functionality with holding ALT down while clicking the button instead, with the text colour on the button denoting whether it’s speaking in common for party/raid/guild chat or not; it’s not very documented functionality, but such is the way with edits for personal use. I did manage to get it working with LibBroker though, so I can have the thing on a top bar with a Broker-based addon instead, which in my case tends to make how well the actual button works moot.

      I actually linked a copy of my updated version to the current maintainer on Curse in case he wanted somewhere easy to steal LibBroker support from, if you’d rather give it a try it should be available here, no guarantees it’ll work if you have TitanPanel or Fubar plugged in though, no idea how stable those components are anymore.

      • 7 Synchronizor
        October 21, 2010 at 19:52

        Well, I don’t use either TitanPanel or Fubar, so I’ll give your modification a try when I get home tonight. I use Curse’s add-on client, so I should have the latest version they have installed.

      • 8 Synchronizor
        October 22, 2010 at 04:31

        Well, your version seems to be mostly working. I can click on it now, and though the checkbox isn’t there, I can at least keep the prompt from showing up on mouseover. I never really used that translator anyway, so it’s not a big deal.


        • 9 Nhani
          October 22, 2010 at 08:18

          yeah, I have absolutely no idea why the checkbox no longer works; if I can be bothered I might research it and see if I can get it working, though it’d be a bit weird to be stepping on the toes on the current maintainers since they seem to be in the least somewhat active.

          Besides, I actually don’t really use the button itself – I tend to use the top bar version which currently means attaching it to LibBroker. You can still alt-click the button while it’s minimized and it’ll change mode anyway, it’s just not very documented, heh.

  3. October 21, 2010 at 20:07

    Personally I’m glad Tyrande and Velen get invovled in Alliance politics now.
    If you haven’t seen it yet, go to Stormwind to Varian, all the faction leaders (plus Jaina) will be there discussing the Earthquake issue, same with the Horde leadership.

    • 11 Nhani
      October 21, 2010 at 20:14

      I actually have; I’ve even concocted my own excuse for ‘ol Moonfall to loiter around Stormwind for awhile attending Tyrande. That said, the characterization of Velen really struck me as just off — it fits their history, perhaps, but it seems to entirely miss how the entire point with how the Draenei arc in Burning Crusade was essentially “Here but no further. Here we make our stand.”

      It really felt like whoever wrote that exchange might’ve had a cursory knowledge of Draenei history but no real grasp on their present.

      Otherwise, it was interesting to see. Helped me get a sense of where priestess Nhani Moonfall fits into the overall picture, too, with the earthquakes and all.

  4. October 21, 2010 at 20:47

    I just hope that Blizz manages to fix the bugs soon. I’m really getting tired of getting my computer frozen whenever I click on something. > <"

    • 13 Nhani
      October 21, 2010 at 20:52

      There’s apparently a workaround available through disabling tooltips – I think there’s even AddOns available now that gives you a quick and easy toggle for them. I haven’t tried it myself as I’ve only had that kind of crash once and I’m rather fond of my tooltips.

    • 14 Synchronizor
      October 21, 2010 at 21:30

      New software = bugs, it’s kind of a universal truth. I’m sure Blizzard’s trying to get it fixed.

      • 15 Nhani
        October 21, 2010 at 21:45

        To be honest, seeing how utterly random it is, it strikes me as the sort of bug that’s absolutely the most bother to resolve – it happens sometimes, during certain events – some experience it often, others hardly ever see it at all. Trying to repeat unknown “sometimes” circumstances in the hopes of finding an answer is a major headache.

        That said, it would be welcome to see it fixed, though my sympathies to whoever at Blizzard is trying to figure out why it happens and how to solve it.

  5. 16 Moltrazahn
    October 24, 2010 at 02:54

    Agreeing with missing Improved Disarm, 10% damage reduction is something great to have if you do arenas. I tried a fun concept of going pure resilience Prot in bg’s. Needless to say, your a wall, but you dont hit for much more then 2k on a good day. However with my present 1760 resi, you are the most annoying flagcarrier ever.

    The Spellreflection talent from previous patch i found annoying honestly, As atleast for a pvp scenario, you cant plan who want want it to guard, and you cant be certian you yourself will be guarded… So i tended to gently skip the improved Spell reflection in previous patch.

    As for the new, well its interesting, i would have prefered if the “Thunderclap % Rend” put the rend on all targets, without me having to apply rend to one target first… Still, maybe that would be too easy? Not sure myself.

    At first it felt odd, and tanking sure makes you focus now, as anything seems to pull aggro from you if your not on your toes. At first, it was annoying, but now, im honestly starting to enjoy the “minigame” of aggro that seems to appear, you dont “Struggle” per say, but you do have to work for your aggro.
    Anywho, id still take 10% more damage on my target, but then again, if you go prot, you cant be a Juggernaught of Death aswell, so i guess its a basic case of “Take some, loose some”

    Good post.

    • 17 Nhani
      October 26, 2010 at 11:27

      We actually have an interesting setup right now in the nubs, with me at 2/3 Incite and 2/2 Safeguard, and the other key warrior tank having exactly the same spec except for using 2/2 Blood and Thunder and 2/2 Thunderstruck instead my two above choices; we actually sync up very well with me being a little better of a single target tank and overall protector, while she’s a little better at tanking large packs. From what I understand, what she does is charge in, rend, thunderclap, shockwave, and then hit thunderclap and shockwave on cooldown.

      Vengeance is hilarious for the record.

  6. 18 Nirene Feathersong
    October 26, 2010 at 10:55

    For the most part, patch 4.0.1 has struck me more as annoying than useful, especially with the many glitches and class changes going around.

    First of all, we have the warrior prot tanking, which, out of all class tanking, must be the most bothersome at the moment. If they hadn’t removed the threat regenerative abiity on heroic strike and given it a 3 sec global cooldwon along with cleave, it’d be much more fun. But for now, I’ll leave warr tanking on the shelf until Blizzard have got their heads around how to solve it.

    The new guild UI has become a very useful tool, if anything – especially with the achievement point list, guild reputation, as well as showing what other players’ professions are. Guilds will definitely become more powerful when you co-operates along with their fellow guild members or when you participate in guild events, since guild achievements will be unlocked that way, and you earn a better reputation with the guild on the go, making it more worthwhile having a guild than being guildless.

    I must give a big thumbs up to Blizzard for kicking up the graphics a notch tho. The new water and sound shaft effects, as mentioned above, as well as shading gives the game a whole new perspective – and I’m playing on the same default video settings as before the patch, too, which has struck me as quite remarkable, as my computer wouldn’t have handled these new settings before.

    • 19 Nhani
      October 26, 2010 at 11:22

      Uh, what? I’m sorry but.. what? Prot warriors are in a great position now, I find; ignoring a few lost fun talents that I don’t think that many picked up anyway, I’ve found prot Warriors overall an improvement. There’s a little more space for utility without actually sacrificing that much, and they finally got rid of the – albeit hectic – counterintuitive on next strike mechanic, at the same time finally throwing out this delusion that fast weapons are somehow better for tanking, an idea that’s been lingering since forever despite the fact that it basically hasn’t been true since they gave prot Warriors Devastate.

      You might not enjoy the new flow, and that’s your prerogative, but I find the assumption that Prot Warriors are currently a problem that needs to be solved to be mistaken.

      Beyond that, between them reducing the Stamina gap between damage dealer plate and tanking plate, the lack of a defensive stat and the utility of mastery means you have far more leeway to pick and choose gear for a situation, especially with reforging.

  7. 20 Gorrefrog
    December 19, 2010 at 20:12

    I see you use Warcrafty UI if im correct. Ive tried it out, but as a shaman my totem panel keeps buggin out and places itself over my characters portret wich is very frustrating.
    Tho i see u dont have a character portret so i wonder, is it realy Warcrafty? or just a entirly other version of what i might have tried out.

    • 21 Nhani
      December 19, 2010 at 20:28

      I actually use my own custom mess of a UI; a few cut together textures from the old WC3 interface art, and then that combined with a few other addons such as Bartender4, some minimap addon and a few other bits.

      I’ve been wanting to find a replacement unitframes mod that has the features I want, doesn’t sacrifice performance for it and still doesn’t offend my sense of aesthetics to fit into the whole thing. Haven’t had any success yet though; most are either functionally lacking, too slow or just aesthetically offensive.

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