Random Render: Blood Ranger

Every so often, I come up with ideas for or otherwise get asked to do random renders of various sorts; whether I actually follow up on these varies immensely depending on factors such as how interesting the idea sounds, how much work I estimate is involved, how much I feel like playing with 3D graphics at the time and how interesting and/or cool I can picture the result being. So when one of my fellow nubs made a request and gave me a reference of a human male character, I felt a little hmmm..

For starters, the human male player model is possibly the most uninteresting player model in World of Warcraft; sure, there are ones I like less, but that usually at least provokes an emotion. The human male model is just.. bland. Secondly, the example outfit provided was an ensemble collected in-game to sort of match both eachother and a certain theme, and with Blizzard seemingly being almost outright hostile towards the idea of providing players with decent, matching outfits.. well. It looked almost like one of those crazy, mis-matched leveling outfits, to be frank.

So I asked how much I could change and tweak around, and started thinking about how could I take that.. and make it look, well, badass. I was given rather free reigns beyond a few guidelines – the overall theme was described to me as “Blood Ranger” which again made me go hmm, but this time as various wonderous ideas of how I could possibly alter existing gear for that theme.

So I spent some time working with various layer techniques to alter the colours of a few existing pieces of gear so they’d all nicely match together, put all that onto one of my conveniently available posable paladin models and away it went. There were a few things I felt needed to tweak; ultimately I wanted the new boot model rather than the old one, and where the earlier users of my human male poseable had beards.. this one didn’t, which suddenly made the jaw and chin look preposterously wide, to the point where I actually slimmed them down which made for a more striking face.

I’m actually quite proud of the result. And usual, click for larger ones.

Of course, once done with that, the person doing the request asked me if there was one tiiiny little thing I could add, and he asked in a very careful I-know-you’re-going-to-hate-this sort of way. He asked if I could add a sleeping red dragon to the background.

Now, I’ve never been a great dragon fan – sure, I can appreciate that dragons can be very visually awesome much the same way a duck standing astride a rampaging rhino while wielding a claymore might be, but I’m not exactly sitting around expressing how the world desperately lacks imagery of either; especially not in a world that already contains images of Batman killiing a shark with a Lightsaber and eagles flying upside-down.

So with this latent disinterest in dragons, I’ve found the blighters one of my biggest issues with Warcraft over latter years – just too much dragons, everywhere. And the general characterization, or their tendency to be either insane, murderously evil or helpess has done little to abate that, to the point where I’m currently in a position where I officially resent dragons and might frequently express desires of dragicide.

But.. I relented, this once, and the sleeping dragon got to remain unmolested.. for now. I figure with the average competence of Warcraft dragons, if I’m lucky it’ll accidentally impale its brain on a giant sword or convienently nearby branch or somesuch. So you get to enjoy contently resting dragon, for the moment.


13 Responses to “Random Render: Blood Ranger”

  1. 1 Cobs
    April 18, 2011 at 12:46

    What’s that sword of his? =o

  2. 3 Loaniss
    April 19, 2011 at 12:07

    Oh no… I’m sorry to hear about your disinterest towards dragons. The idea of them is abused a fair bit, unfortunately. Examples that come to mind are when people decide to add them to stories or characters without really thinking of a good reason to have them there, except for the powerful/cool factor.

  3. 4 Dkfreak1
    April 19, 2011 at 13:08

    Am i allowed to take one of these pictures and use as my background, because they look so freaking epic!

  4. 5 Raukangren
    April 19, 2011 at 20:21

    This is gorgeous! I mean it, armour and looks and almost everything (yeah, almost – nasty word) looks exactly what name implies!

    By almost I mean that silly sword and blue gleaming eyes. Everything else – perfect.

  5. 6 Xel
    April 19, 2011 at 22:35

    My first alt ever in the game was a male human mage. I really wanted a character that could fight with both sword and spell (And I had read that mages could wield one-handed swords! Cool, right?). The character is now deleted, because not only does a mage barely hit for any damage with his trusty steel sabre, but he doesn’t even hold it while casting his spells and generating chaos in the ranks. If I imagined that character at higher levels, utilizing the game-play style I had envisioned, he’d look very similar to the fellow you rendered, Nhani. Very impressive, and I have to agree that I don’t care for the dragon in the pic.

  6. 7 Ice
    April 20, 2011 at 14:15

    aye, i do agree that blizz’s plotlines involving the flying lizards HAS been ‘dragon’ out a bit too long >XP

    puns aside, i want that armor in-game now! blizz should hire you to do gear design or something, IMO

    • 8 Andarien
      April 21, 2011 at 00:40

      Please, don’t be silly. If that were to happen, there would actually be random sets that MATCH. Perish the thought!

  7. 9 MysteriousP
    April 21, 2011 at 16:19

    Wow, veery nicely done Nhans.
    I adore the kneeling one, and the resculpted jawline is just staggeringly good looking compared to what the poor men of Azeroth have now. You certainly perfected the look of the armour he was aiming for, but you’re so mean for teasing that it looks levellig stuff, its not that bad! Leave a guy to love his dragon in peace, we’ll cook you up some Broiled Dragon Feast to chew on. (We will cook it, note that part!)

    I hope he loves it, and I hope that the render isnt sooo awesome that when he looks at the char now it just seems… disappointing. (Like certain paladins boots and weapons – but at least thats fixable ingame!) What a stylish Blood Ranger, I wouldn’t mind a night of dinner and champagne cocktails with someone like that ;D

  8. 10 Moltrazahn
    April 21, 2011 at 17:49

    I have to agree, i mean, i love dragons in general, mythical beings as they may be. In Wow, were they once were sorta special, they really ARE just everywhere. Everyone have a dragon mount, we got ancient dragons, we got corrupted, twilight, neather, mutant-abomination, enslaved and half-dragons :S… there is just too many of them of late. I guess thats also why i find rift more fun, there are only 6 dragons. And those are the top 5 bag guys/girls, there aint others really.. or at least i haven’t seen any or heard of. Also the regard of dragons being something easy to go kill, im a big fan of the whole DnD concept of… Dragon = “run very very fast the other direction”. Wows dragons just have (to my at least) lost their charm.

    I dont know how many dragons Guildwars has, but this vid atleast i find awesome. The dragon there at least appears like an awesome foe, and supposedly, thats only a lesser dragon, so yay!

    Rant aside. Interesting Deathknight, i think he would be cooler looking with a red glow though, though i suppose you couldn’t make him ingame then *grins*. He does look good with the red Drake though. And god i wish we could recolor Armor and Weapons in wow. You can dye armors in Rift, so that leaves some roof for personalization.

  9. 11 Erik Warhammer
    April 23, 2011 at 22:47

    ok this…Badass.

  10. 12 Deathlance
    April 26, 2011 at 21:17

    Just if this was public

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