Characters in One Word

This is something I’ve been thinking of for awhile – it started when a friend of mine and I were discussing the overall Paladin archetype (I can’t exactly recall what the context was) and I suddenly expressed that I felt that the one virtue that Areen Lightspark would hold as highest was actually Integrity. The conversation itself moved on from there of course, but it got me thinking of whether there were similar one-word concepts that line up with the rest of the characters.

So after some thinking, some discussion of the topic with another friend of mine and then some more thinking, I ended up with the following set:

Hani Foonmall: Devotion
Be it to Elune, to Tyrande, to the Sentinels, to her Friends, to her Allies or to her People, Hani is largely devoted to other things than herself. A highly spiritual and somewhat fatalistic person, she finds herself very conflicted over trying to figure out what exactly is expected of her. Though she may not always succeed, and sometimes bits of herself slips through, her devotion lies at the very core of her person and motivation.

Rei “Tiny” Featherstorm: Rebellion
Tiny is the rebel – for her, it’s not about the cause, it’s about the rebellion. Being contrary is its own reason – she needs no other than that. Though there are things that even she values and wishes to see protected, she spends most time simply revelling in her own personal anarchy. And even that may just be an attempted rebellion against what she really is like inside.

Te’len Nila: Courage
Bravery is not about being fearless – it is about being afraid, and still standing in spite of it. And where Hani might lack many common fears, and Tiny likes to pretend she does too, Te’len still has them, and feels them very keenly. And yet in spite of that, she is capable of getting up and taking one more step forward. It’s a slow journey, but as terrifying as her journey might sometimes be, Te’len still has the courage to stick to it.

Areen Lightspark: Integrity
While being good, doing the right thing, making the world brighter and all that is definitely all part of what it means to be a Paladin of the Holy Light, Areen staunchly believes that first and foremost, you must practice what you preach – principles that can not withstand hardship are not worth holding to. So Areen holds integrity above all, because only then are her principles worthwhile, and only then can she expect others to hold to their word as well.

Of course, here’s the big thing – no one character can truly be summed up by a singular word, and the more developed a character becomes, the more layered and multi-sided they become. So, I’m curious, what would your picks be. Are you fully in agreement, or think I’m totally off my rocker about some of them? Do tell.


3 Responses to “Characters in One Word”

  1. 1 Noriam
    August 31, 2011 at 14:22

    I have to admit, part of me feels “Determination” might be a worthy consideration for Hani, although I suppose that overlaps quite heavily with Devotion in many cases. Rei’s… Yeah, that’s probably the best word for her, no arguments there, the ratty little rebel.

    Te’len.. You know, although courage fits I’m not sure if it’s quite so apt for her ‘character in a word’, even if it is a notable part of her personality. As you said, things are multi-layered, but I think there are other aspects to her that ‘define’ her more. I can’t really think of a word for them, mind.

    Areen’s is right, too. I have to confess that it doesn’t necessarily flare up like an alarm when you read through the comic, it’s always there because it literally /is/ how she acts. Which I dare say is the best a ‘character in a word’ can hope to achieve.

  2. 2 LolDrood
    September 4, 2011 at 15:09

    I don’t know about the whole one word thing, but I do wonder who’s more running scared, Hani or Rei. They both have too much confidence for it to be genuine; Hani’s I think stems from a genuine psychological issue, Rei is a bit more nuanced about it. I guess ‘standoffish’ works for Rei: she needs to have people around her, but keeps them at a comfortable distance with cynicism and contrarianism. I had a good word, but didn’t write it down and now I forgot.

    Te’len always struck me as maternal. She wants to fix all the problems, and has the uncanny mom-stare that can stop Hani in her tracks (There are times when she’s very similar to Tyrande in that regard).

    Gotta go with ‘huggable’ for Areen. She’s so nice and adorable!

  3. 3 Frostsaben
    September 5, 2011 at 12:50

    You know, for Te’len I feel Loyalty is a better word. In the end she does stick to her friends and people and such out of loyalty and to me it would seem more the driving force behind her. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s how I see it.

    About the others I don’t have anything to comment since I feel they’re preety spot on.

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