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On Arc Two: Putting it together

So having taken some time to look over some of the various suggestions I’ve gotten in regards to what people have found interesting or memorable in and about the old Barrens, and in a way the responses I got were both more and less than I’d hoped for. On one hand, most of the things which people did find memorable seem to have stuck with most people – on the other, many responses has also made the Barrens sound something like the most boring place on Azeroth where very little of interest ever happens. Still, in an effort to put all of this together, I went loose on some old maps, the old mapviewer and Paint Shop Pro in order to try to put it all together.

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On Arc Two: That Faction Conflict Thing

Trying to construct anything useful and workable out of the wild, chaotic maelstrom that is my plans for the might-possibly-happen-but-no-promises second story arc of Beyond the Tree has always come across to me like something of an uphill battle. While there are many aspects to Arc Two that makes it inherently more complicated to construct than Arc One, one of the largest source of complications stem from a single, simple fact: It takes Beyond the Tree into contact with the Horde.

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Request: Tell me of Memorable Central Kalimdor Characters

Step one: Find Plans. Step two: Save world. Step three: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!

So I thought, it’s now 2012 and what better way to start a new year than ask some random people on the internet for help! …well okay, on reflection putting it like that makes it sound more than a little bit mental, but bear with me. Basically: Do you consider yourself familiar with Warcraft as a setting? Have you spent plenty of time leveling around central Kalimdor back in pre-Cataclysm days? Have any fond memories of quests and NPCs in that region? Read on, because You May Be Able To Help.

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Random Render: the Foonmall sisters

I’ve wanted to return to Hani’s older sister at some point (and in some form) essentially since I first came up with the idea for page #100, over two years ago by now. I’ve long felt that the sister was the one of her family that Hani was the closest to, and who was the one who was the closest to understanding her, so I really wanted to get some time to just explore that.

Of course, it’s been hindered by details such as up until recently, I didn’t have an adult appearance or even a name for the woman… all of which have finally been addressed.

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Random Render: Assuming too Much

While I normally tend to present the context behind random renders – along with an optional small preview – before getting to the actual images themselves, this particular case is… well. I’ll describe the context and what led up to these happening after the actual images rather than before. Why should hopefully become clear once they have been seen. So, without further ado…

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Random Render: The Tiny Future

One of the many things I thought was interesting with the idea that eventually became Letters from the Front was the opportunity to visualize a post-restoration Rei “Tiny” Featherstorm. I’ve long said that I think the reasoning that keeps her from trying to restore herself is far more interesting than what shrunk her to begin with, and with that in mind I wanted the full size Rei to be both similar to what she used to be, but at the same time also significantly different.

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Letters from the Front

Dear Areen

I hope this letter finds you, and finds you in good health – recent events being what they have been, I’ve worried. It has been some time since we last saw each other, and I felt it would be appropriate to write.

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