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On Mass Effect 3: Headcanon edition

Yes, yes, I know. Another Mass Effect 3-related post, and still with the spoilers. I’ll get to saying something about something else sooner or later, it just will have to be awhile. For variety though, I thought I’d actually post something positive.

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Random Render: The Obvious Truth

I’d describe this one, but I find that words are superflous when the image itself speak in such obvious terms. Therefore I shall not waste time on needless statements and simply let the image speak with its own clear fact.

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Random Render: the Foonmall sisters

I’ve wanted to return to Hani’s older sister at some point (and in some form) essentially since I first came up with the idea for page #100, over two years ago by now. I’ve long felt that the sister was the one of her family that Hani was the closest to, and who was the one who was the closest to understanding her, so I really wanted to get some time to just explore that.

Of course, it’s been hindered by details such as up until recently, I didn’t have an adult appearance or even a name for the woman… all of which have finally been addressed.

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Random Render: Assuming too Much

While I normally tend to present the context behind random renders – along with an optional small preview – before getting to the actual images themselves, this particular case is… well. I’ll describe the context and what led up to these happening after the actual images rather than before. Why should hopefully become clear once they have been seen. So, without further ado…

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Random Render: The Tiny Future

One of the many things I thought was interesting with the idea that eventually became Letters from the Front was the opportunity to visualize a post-restoration Rei “Tiny” Featherstorm. I’ve long said that I think the reasoning that keeps her from trying to restore herself is far more interesting than what shrunk her to begin with, and with that in mind I wanted the full size Rei to be both similar to what she used to be, but at the same time also significantly different.

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Random Render: Trying On For Size (and other reasons)

One of the main factors that play into how I look to characterization – whether for storytelling or roleplaying – is ultimately practice; I tend to take a character and put them through various situations to get a taste for how they think, act and react. It gives them form, shape, and heads towards a point where I don’t have to think about them and just let them spontaneously act on their own from the situation and then just guide that along the path desired. It’s actually always been a natural process in my mind since before I even put it to use for either roleplaying or storytelling, so it’s something I just do.

And now with my rising interest towards Star Wars: The Old Republic, I’ve been aiming it all the more in that direction lately.

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Random Render: And Now a Completely Different Setting

So I’ve already mentioned quite a few times how my mind tend to wander and occasionally goes curious places in terms of ideas for visuals and whatnot; not all of them stick enough to have anything come out of them, and some require far too much work for me to even bother – there’s several times I’ve had what I thought was a great idea at the time and jotted it down to remember to try to make something of it and then never bothered because it didn’t quite come back to me strongly enough.

Then we have some that from the get go just refuse to stay confined within the context of the models and textures I base most of my renders on.

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