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Nhaneh’s Tumblr Hideout

Okay, just a quick heads-up. As I suffer this strange delusion that anything posted here needs to at least make some semblance of sense and requires me to take time describing why and how they happened and the sheer amount of things I actually ended up never posting here because I couldn’t think of anything to say or the like… I’ve been hiding away on this placed called tumblr. Specifically on, doing mostly Mass Effect related stuff of the happier, fluffier variety. Somehow it seems easier to just put up an image and simply state how it just somehow happened and be done with it there; I don’t know why, just some fix idea I have for some reason I’d wager.

Anyway, if you’re curious about what I’ve been doing lately in terms of random renders along with a few experiments in animation and the like, that’s where to look.


Random Wallpaper Post

Well not so random, actually. With Beyond the Tree having passed a million total views (though not counted as unique in any way, so I keep my ego that much reigned in, atleast!), I wanted to come up with something for the occasion. Eventually, I decided that simpler is better and cranked out the above. It’s not very complex and only took me maybe an hour at most, but I’m still rather happy with the result.

Ultimately, I do like the contrast between the characters, both in looks, in expressions and overall.. well.. feel of them. They all look very distinct, both in general appearance and the way they carry themselves. I do like to think of every character in the cast as unique – everyone have their special quirks and mannerisms that set them appart from the rest.


And now we return to..

Seems uses some S3 webservice thing for image host which apparently.. well, broke slightly yesterday.

It seems to be back now. Just for information in case someone came across a flurry of broken images yesterday. (I sure did)