By Nhani

So every so often I combine Paint Shop Pro and 3ds Max together, mix it with a story or joke and out pops a few pages of webcomic. In the interest of keeping them accessible and easy to find, I’ll be linking them all here.

The webcomic that started it all, Beyond the Tree is the ongoing adventures of the Night elves Hani Foonmall and Rei Tiny in their quest to find their place in the world. With an emphasis on being light-hearted with all manner of puns, jokes and quips mixed in with a slowly expanding storyline. Of course, if you found your way here, I think you already know of it 😉

A retelling of a short story about two characters on Earthen Ring EU, Sunrise tells of the final exchange between Nhani Moonfall and Reiki Moonfall during the death of the latter. It’s sad and potentially heart-wretching, but hopefully also quite a touching peice.



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