On Arc Two: Putting it together

So having taken some time to look over some of the various suggestions I’ve gotten in regards to what people have found interesting or memorable in and about the old Barrens, and in a way the responses I got were both more and less than I’d hoped for. On one hand, most of the things which people did find memorable seem to have stuck with most people – on the other, many responses has also made the Barrens sound something like the most boring place on Azeroth where very little of interest ever happens. Still, in an effort to put all of this together, I went loose on some old maps, the old mapviewer and Paint Shop Pro in order to try to put it all together.

(click to humongify)

The most obvious point of interest is Crossroads, the central hub of trade, travel and just about anything Barrens-related, situated along the Gold Road. It apparently hosts most of the more memorable people, including the famous Mankrik, along with smaller notables such as a Forsaken Apothecary, a tough and capable female Orcish warriorshaman who champions gender equality, a Troll researching the Silithid and apparently a butcher that has a thing for the innkeeper. Oh and it gets attacked a lot.

For other settlements there’s the neutral Ratchet, which seems notable mainly for being Neutral and having Goblins, though they also fight pirates, contain a single high- or blood- elf that appears aligned with the Horde and – if I recall – helped facilitate some degree of trade between the Horde and the Alliance at some point. There’s also Taurajo which seems to largely be remembered for being That Hunting Camp that Burned in the Cataclysm, and also for housing a Quillboar captive – beyond that it’s a good place to run into Tauren. There’s Bael Modan which is a surprisingly fortified dwarven settlement that upsets Tauren by doing archaeology – it also explodes in Cataclysm. Northwatch is a Kul Tiras remnant fortress that – I believe – used to be marked as friendly to the Alliance in spite of implications that it probably shouldn’t be – I seem to recall a reference to the Alliance essentially taking it from them to use as a staging ground in Cataclysm.

There’s also a few scattered farms and watchtowers throughout north to central Barrens, including one farm north of Dreadmist Peak which is apparently burnt down already; central Barrens also seem to have a few various small camps that look like mixed Orc and Tauren architecture, including at least one that’s been razed near Taurajo. I can find two mines, one which seem to be held by the Horde, the other in the north surrounded by Horde architecture but was actually held by Venture Co if I’m not mistaken; speaking of Venture, they also have an oil-drilling operation by the Sludge Fen. At least three peaks seem to be inhabited – Dreadmist Peak being home to Sarilus Foulborne while the peak north of Wailing Caverns had a Tauren camping that was involved in some quest relating to Wailing Caverns, while the one east of Crossroads seem to hold an Orc hut.

There’s generally Centaur settlements near any oasis – including the one by the Wailing Caverns, and Quillboar seem intent on camping near mountains, particularly the ones where large brambles have sprouted. Most of Dreadmist Peak, on the other hand, seem to be held by Burning Blade cultists. There’s also what I think is a large Raptor population in an indent within the mountain range not far from Northwatch. Harpies seem to be camping the only non-oasis forest in the Barrens, to the Northwest. Wreckages suggest caravans and logging operations there have been under assault.

Oh and there’s this odd camp out on an island that looks like a (former?) prison camp where warriors used to go for training in order to obtain Berserker Stance. And a group of couriers that seem to handle messages between Ashenvale and Theramore.

Over in Dustwallow Marsh, Brackenwall Village is an Ogre camp which is Horde-aligned I think? – I can’t recall seeing anyone mentioning it. Neither Mudsprocket nor the Grimtotem camp seem to be in place yet. Tabetha has her cabin off in the middle of the swamp, Swamp-eye Jarl is going mad over in his own cabin (which used to have a semi-hidden quest about a report on Theramore made by an Orc Spy, I believe), there’s two watchtowers aligned with Theramore (one populated by high elves or half-elves?) and a third which is run-down and held by the Theramore deserters. There is a mine present in Dustwallow Marsh, north of Brackenwall, but if I recall correctly, it’s inhabited entirely by large spiders whose eyes are coveted by Swamp-eye Jarl.

Of course, Orgrimmar and Theramore still exist, but they’re more their own zones than anything, so I’ve not included them here; neither is quite as dependant on memorable NPCs or the like to garner a visit as most other places might be.

Unambigously Evil antagonist factions at work seem to include the Centaur, Venture Co, the Burning Blade (serving the Legion), the Qullboar (seem to eventually align with the Scourge), Harpies, Pirates and Silithid. Alliance-related factions openly antagonistic to the Horde seem to be the Kul Tiras remnant and possibly the Theramore Deserters (I seem to recall they weren’t really in a state to really be all that openly antagonistic, mind).Horde-related factions openly antagonistic to the Alliance seem to be mainly Grimtotems from Stonetalon and Mulgore (They don’t seem to have a Dustwallow camp this early on) and Warsong Orcs in Ashenvale, plus a few spies keeping tabs on Theramore. The only truly neutral faction I can find seem to be the Goblins out of Ratchet.

Of course, this isn’t every single detail people told me of, nor every single thing I’m actually aware of, but it should be the rough gist of it. It doesn’t mean that every single thing will find space in the actual Story Arc either; since I’m largely trying to avoid spoiling what my actual plans are, this is more about story potential than actual story, so far.


32 Responses to “On Arc Two: Putting it together”

  1. January 10, 2012 at 15:45

    Yay! North Point tower! The sheer fact you mentioned it makes me sqee! ( I really hope they don’t kill off Captain Darill…)

    Thalo’thas Brightsun is a high elf, that just has a beef with the Theramore commanders at Northwatch Hold. He offers Horde quests, but is affiliated with Ratchet, so he’s technically neutral. (I guess I’d be mad if my ships were sunk too…) While you’re killing off Theramore commanders, you run into Gilthares Firebough, another high elf that was on one of the sunken ships, and is part of an escort mission.


    This all goes along with my theory that the horde knows the differences between High and Blood elves better than Alliance. You have a ton of quests where you slaughter high elven outposts/npcs . And Alliance walk up to Ranger Lord Hawkspear and complain they can’t kill him…

    Meh. I play Alliance and even I admit they’re ADHD. I go around in my Silver Covenant RP gear and people keep asking why I didn’t roll a blood elf…

    • 2 Nhani
      January 10, 2012 at 16:38

      Honestly, it wouldn’t surprise me if Alliance players not being entirely clear on the difference between High elf and Blood elf is much due to that Alliance players never really get introduced to the difference. While there are a few High elven settlements spread across World of Warcraft, they typically serve as Horde quest targets, rather than Alliance quest givers, and the times when there are High elves mixed in with the Alliance, such as the Silver Covenant, they’re usually kind of just… there. Even having done the Quel’delar quest line, I can’t recall a single instance of the game truly explaining who the Silver Covenant are, what they’re about or how they represent a notable part of the Alliance.

      This is all off the top of my head, of course, so it leaves room for things I’ve forgotten, but… off hand, the only direct NPC statement I can think of implying High elves as an actual presence within the Alliance is the seamstress from Allerian Post. (And, well, Allerian post in general, really)

      • January 10, 2012 at 19:35

        Dont forget how Taela Everstride tells you that she’s NOT going to suck the magic out of you. (Also from Allerian Stronghold) XD

        Yeah, come to think about it, there are rarely any mentioning of high elves in alliance quest dialogue (or dialogue in general). I think they mention the high elves at the Quel’danil lodge in the Hinterlands in Cata, but the quest givers are a Wildhammer dwarf and a Draenei.

        I did re-review the Quel’delar (alliance) quest chain again, and they mention the “quel’dorei” a few times in the present tense. But then again, only “lucky” Wrath veterans would know, and most don’t pay attention to all the lore.

        I always found it sad how far they’ve fallen. I know that if I REALLY wanted to play one I should play a blood elf (since blizzard says they’re the same :V) But the reason I don’t is because I’ve been playing warcraft games for so long (all the way back to Warcraft II and the Archers/Rangers), I’ve always viewed the Dwarves, Gnomes, Humans and other Alliance races as my allies. When I played a blood elf, it felt… wrong. Even after getting past the acid trip that was the blood elf starting zone, seeing all those former allies…

        Don’t get me wrong, there are good people in the horde, but its simply just not for me. Plus all of my Hero’s are from the Alliance (Alleria, Turaylon, Khadgar, Kurdan, Danath…)

        Not to mention, the Horde has done a pretty good job at pissing off the Alliance in Cata. And I don’t have any respect for Garrosh, and my faith in Sylvanas is pretty much gone. Cairne is dead (Baine is cool, but Cairne… will be missed), Vol’jin seems interesting, and Lor’themar (who?) is still doing jack s@#%. (I actually thought it was cool how Halduron summoned Vereesa and her rangers to help with the trolls in patch 4.2. HE actually does things!)

        …anyway, I think I’ve rambled long enough.

  2. 4 Raz
    January 11, 2012 at 00:21

    In respect to the Barrens being boring, I find it was the dull, repetitive landscape, especially when you were close to a form of mountain: The hills they made had this unique model of being steep slopes, then flat out, then another set of steep slopes and it was very monotonous to look at.

    It was also dull to travel across and peer at the creatures. Spotted cats, raptors and plainstriders in the north, leading to thunder lizards and kodos in the south: It wasn’t a very diversified area in terms of what models you got to see. There was nothing that was “Oh, whats that? I should go look at it” because it was a long detour, and the Barrens was already quite big.

    I think the Oasis’ were actually the most interesting areas.

    Oh, and on Northwatch: It was an area where a little fight happened between Orcs (influenced by the Burning Blade) and Humans (also influenced by the Burning Blade) with conflicts on staying and going. The Orcs wanted the humans out within the hour, and it ended up in Thrall’s advisor being pulverized by Doomhammer infront of the lieutenant of the keep. That is, also to say, the lieutenant of the time was a bit of a coward, especially since he just stood there dumbfounded!

    If you’re going to use Theramore, there is an inn used in the novel Cycle of Hatred called the Demonsbane Inn and Tavern (managed by Erik, but is not used/called that in the actual world.) An interesting run-in article I found was this: http://www.wowwiki.com/Olaf_(human)

    I guess it’s kinda late to point that out, though.

    • 5 Nhani
      January 11, 2012 at 00:31

      Huh! There doesn’t happen to be any kind of reference in quests or NPCs or added detail or whatnot on those events at Northwatch, does there? Because that does sound interesting, and also like the kind of thing I might totally be able to find a use for.

      • January 11, 2012 at 03:19

        I can’t seem to find anything on it either. Wowpedia says that the Demonsbane Inn and Tavern is not in game, and is from the novel “Cycle of Hatred”


        I’m guessing that the events Raz mentioned are from the book. It does sound interesting.

        • 7 Nhani
          January 11, 2012 at 09:56

          Having actually double-checked the entries for Northwatch, apparently it inhabited Theramore marines, not Kul Tiras forces as I mistakenly remembered them as. That said, the entry for Gilthares Firebough refers to them as Theramore zealots specifically, which makes me curious what exactly that implies, seeing how it doesn’t seem to suggest zeal towards following Jaina Proudmoore’s orders.

          If anything, they seem halfway to renegade almost.

          • 8 Raz
            January 11, 2012 at 20:01

            Well, considering Cycle of Hatred is based upon a year ago, and Theramore is majorly the Kul’Tiras, and that Northwatch Keep was established by Admiral Proudmoore (who, mind you, was zealous in his vendetta for the horde), I can see how collisions arise.

            In Warcraft III’s Special Orc Campaign, you follow Rexxar in the establishing of both Orgrimmar and the surroundings. One of the main antagonists is Jaina’s father, Admiral Proudmoore, who lays waste to the Lost Isles and takes over Jaina’s command on Theramore. This leads to drastic measures in which Admiral Proudmoore is killed and peace is restored again. Many Theramore folk aren’t in agreement over the actions of that day, which could explain them being zealous. The first strike in the battle over Northwatch was also caused by Corporal Rych, who, as CoC page 211 mentions, had enough of being pushed around by orcs/goblins/trolls.

            Davin was also the person in charge of Northwatch at that time, if that helps.

            • 10 Nhani
              January 11, 2012 at 20:32

              Thing is, though, if you read the article for Daelin Proudmoore there, it strongly implies that Theramore is settled mainly by Lordaeron survivors, not former Kul Tiras citizenry. In addition to that, the article on Theramore notes that the populace of Theramore is very strongly loyal to Jaina, regardless of whether they agree with her policies or not, so “zealous” seems somewhat dubious without qualifying what that zeal is for, since it’s clearly not towards Jaina.

              Also, assuming you mean Cycle of Hatred (rather than Cycle of.. Cycles?), I actually went and looked, and page 210 actually makes it clear that this Corporal Rych actually has no idea who pulled the first strike or why, just that he’s totally fine with the fight breaking out because he’s itching to take the Horde down a notch. His first actual combat action isn’t even an attack – it’s a parry.

            • 11 Raz
              January 12, 2012 at 07:57

              Bah, it’s been a few years since I last read Cycle of Hatred.

              I guess it is kinda constant that Blizzard’s stories and game stories contradict itself.

            • 12 Nhani
              January 12, 2012 at 10:20

              To be fair, Cycle of Hatred wasn’t exactly the most memorable of books; I’d forgotten it even existed until you mentioned it.

  3. 13 Morb
    January 11, 2012 at 15:24

    THe ogre camp in dustwallow is indeed horde-aligned. IN fact, it’s the ONLY horde-aligned ogre tribe.

    They are the very same ogres that Rexxar encounters in the WC3 Frozen throne bonus campaign, where he defeated their leader in single combat to take over the ogre tribe in order to help the settling horde against the threat of Admiral proudmoore.

    I’m not sure if anyone mentioned, but blizzard made mankrik an ex-blademaster.

    At the great lift at the far south is a small tauren outpost. Literally just a tent with two guards I can’t remember the name of. (though one was names skysomething I think).

    Ratchet is run by Gazlowe, perhaps the only altruistic goblin. Furthermore, there was a goblin merchant with an ogre guard constantly traveling between Ratchet and the crossroads which could make for a non-hostile person for the group to meet.

    A good source for more information might be the Lands of Mystery book, their section on the barrens is certainly far more interesting than the actual barrens themselves.

    • 14 Nhani
      January 11, 2012 at 18:01

      Unfortunately, only three pages of Barrens proved to be far less than I’d hoped and submitted its opinion that Northwatch is actually populated by Kul Tiras troops, not Theramore ones as the game claims.


      I do love how entirely consistent Warcraft lore is…

      On the upside though, a completely different section of Lands of Mystery did confirm something I was starting to feel slightly uncertain about, so that’s something.

  4. 15 Frostsaben
    January 11, 2012 at 18:07

    Didn’t read the comments, only read your writing:
    -the blood elf in Ratchet is a blood elf and used to complain Alliance destroyed his ship. If I remember right, in Cataclysm he sends you to get revenge on them since they’re already there now.

    -the ogres in Dustwallow were Horde alligned, Rexxar beat their former leader and became their leader. He left a chief to take care of the town. Their true town got attacked by black dragons, so the chief asked them to run away, they’re still Horde, but barely until you help the tribe warlock beat the chief and become the new chief I think. Also there was a ogre who remained in the goblin town south to take revenge and lay to rest the ogre spirits.

    -the orc on the peak near the Crossroads was related to a warrior Horde class quest to forge them some armor. He was a notorious blacksmith that lived a hermit life in his old age.

    -and last, the Kul Tiras thing in Durotar. Kul Tiras was considered Alliance-alligned, but not fully Alliance anymore since it was peace, sort of it Jaina spoke of them as rebels and deserters. They were attacked by Horde for a long time, but in Cataclysm a tidal wave came and killed all the ones left, but Theramore forces moved in to keep the area.

    • January 12, 2012 at 00:59

      The blood elf in Ratchet is not a blood elf- he’s a HIGH elf.

      Also, sometimes it pays to read the comments.

      • 17 Frostsaben
        January 16, 2012 at 13:33

        He’s a Horde alligned high elf… all Horde alligned high elves are blood elves.

        If you look at the comments it says his model has been that since Blizzard was experimenting for a model for blood elves, in the end they settled for that. Did you know that the priest at Uther’s shrine should actually be a high elf and not a night elf as in-game? Just an example that shows how Blizzard doesn’t correct all these little things they forgat about.

        How do I know he’s Horde alligned? Well he sends you to kill Alliance troops. Therefore, he can’t be Alliance or neutral.

        Also, maybe I don’t have time to read all the comments like you.

        • 18 Nhani
          January 16, 2012 at 14:29

          He’s actually aligned with the Steamweedle Cartel, not the Horde – he heads an organization called the Thalo’dan Privateers, which seem to run goods/contraband between Ratchet and Booty Bay, among other things – and have an entire fleet of their own, according to his claims. The sole reason he sends you against Northwatch Hold is because they’ve sunk some of his ships; the most recent one apparently holding a cargo of moonshine, suggesting that he and his crew are possibly more bootleggers than actual privateers.

          Looking at the situation and shaking it a few times, I can’t seem to find a single argument for either Blood- or High- elf that strikes me as definitive enough; the “He sends you against Alliance so must be a Blood Elf” argument only barely holds water because of Blizzard having a reputation for avoiding complexity, because it simply falls apart the moment you acknowledge the existence of outliers. A much stronger argument for him being a Blood elf is that one of his underlings, Gilthares Firebough, actually does seem to be a Blood elf, but either could be a mistaken texture just as easily as Gilthares could simply have been a later acquisition.

          If I were to theorycraft a past for him myself, I’d probably assume that he was either a Fleet Master or Privateer in Alliance Employ at some point during the second war, but jumped ship to the Steamweedle Cartel either because he (like the Blood elves) felt the Alliance had failed his people during the third war, or simply because the Goblins gave him a better offer; seeing the implied size of his fleet, I’d guess he took at least a sizable chunk of the people and vessels under his command with him. I’d think it’s also entirely possible that he might’ve bolstered his numbers with Blood elves who ended up discontent with the general direction Kael’thas charted for his people.

          Of course, this is all up in the air because we really only have two NPCs and two quests to go on, neither of which strikes me as all that conclusive. Especially considering how the lore can’t seem to make up its mind whether pre-Cataclysm Northwatch Hold is of dubious loyalties or not.

          • January 17, 2012 at 03:45

            *sigh* THIS AGAIN.

            (this is aimed primarily at Frostsaben)

            Lore wise, the difference between high elves and blood elves is FEL ENERGY. Blood elves are biologically different from high elves due to the exposure. That’s why blood elves have green eyes, and (uncorrupted) high elves have blue.

            If you look at the article on blood elves and high elves, there are several clues to prove that both Thalo’as and Firebough are high elves.

            First off, in-game high elves have blue eyes. Lets look at the model viewer shall we…?

            Yep. Blue. On BOTH of them.

            Second, in-game high elves have modified night elf quotes when you click on them. *Click Click Click*

            WOULD you look at that. (or HEAR that for the second part) They sound like night elves. WHAT COULD THAT MEAN?

            At the top of the High Elf page on wowpedia it says something along the lines of “most high elves cling to the Alliance”. Key word here is MOST. I’m sure if you recall, there are plenty of high elf mobs in Azeroth part of various cults, assasins, and even the Argent Crusade, and such, why not some join the Steamweedle Cartel if they feel like it?

            Another thing, they’re NEUTRAL, not horde aligned. They offer quests to horde players. There is a high elf in the Hinterlands that is both Alliance and Horde friendly that offers quests for horde. Is he a blood elf? I guess you didn’t read the quest text. It says he’s a high elf. He’s near the HIGH ELVEN LODGE.

            There are humans that give horde quests. There are DWARVES that give horde quests. There are Orcs and Goblins that give Alliance quests! Are Orcs and Goblins Alliance now? No. There are many NPC’s in the game that give quests according to faction. Does that make them horde/alliance? NO! They’re either neutral, don’t care, or a third party like the Argent Dawn or Cenarion Circle that don’t like the whole “taking sides” thing. We have bigger problems to deal with. Take your petty squabbles elsewhere or we sic our guards on you.

            Also, even in the link you provided, there are TWO comments saying he’s a blood elf, and SIX comments (with evidence and logic) saying he’s a high elf.

            The point is, this topic has happened many, MANY times on the forums, so I apologize for my terseness.

            Believe what you will.


          • 20 Frostsaben
            January 19, 2012 at 18:40

            You’re actually right Nhani. If I think about it more, there’s no definitive proof he’s either so I will just stop arguing as we can’t be sure who is right, I’m not even sure Blizzard does with some things.

            And, Tailed, this is not me saying you’re right. It’s me saying Nhani is right and we’re both wrong. We can argue until tomorrow if he’s a high or blood elf and we’d both have our arguments that both look good.

            • January 22, 2012 at 16:46


              I don’t ever recall ever being called that…

              But either way, I agree. This is what we decided on the wiki pages as I recall.

              “Agree to disagree and drop it”. I can live with that. I hate this kind of arguing. Sorry I got so overworked. ^ ^;

            • 22 Frostsaben
              January 24, 2012 at 09:35

              Sorry Blayaden, I saw the reply Tailed gave under and I wasn’t paying attention while thinking at his/her name so wrote “Tailed” lol

  5. 23 Tailed
    January 12, 2012 at 13:33

    It might be quite late, and it might be quite un-related to most things but glancing at your map reminded me of my old Horde druid I leveled halfway through TBC when my usual leveling partner was away on vacation.. Aside from remembering the Barrens as a great big walk through the savannah (sp?), I remember hating two things in particular..

    First was that damned Raptor Camp with the stolen silver (I believe the quest was even called that..) at which it was never truly explained WHY the damned cretins nabbered the stuff anyway.. Maybe that goblin in Ratchet with his ‘raptor-horn smart drinks’ might give us a clue, but I dunno..

    And second was NOT Mankrik’s wife.. I Wiki’d her even before I entered the damn place after reading up on the meme. No, my opponent was a druid moonstone I had to find for my cat-form quest.. Or I believe it was the cat-form quest. Either way, the quest told of a moon (or lunar, frakked if I know) stone I had to find on the border between Barren and Mulgore and a matching Moonkin (Lunarclaw I dare remember) who’s butt I had to kick after summoning it there.. After a couple of HOURS of searching I finally went and looked it up on WoWhead. The damn thing was hiding behing a huge-ass tree somewhere in a narrow between two cliffs on the border of Barrens and Mulgore. Damn thing was hard to miss but man if I wasn’t pissed..

    Aside from those pet peeves I can still remeber quite a few things about the Barrens.. The Cat’s Eye Gem you had to swipe from that Venture Co mine at Sludge Fen (what a grind that was), Samophlange (don’t even get me STARTED on that.. Still exists I dare remember tho..), Chen Stormstout’s Kegs scattered around as well, that summoned lion was also somewhat fresh in my mind (rare lion texture even.. can’t remember the name tho.. check WoWpets perhaps fer it..) and.. Err.. Hmm.. That warlock after.. What was that quest called again.. It was a quest line starting at Thrall, sending you to Skull Rock (or I believe that cave next to Orgimmar was called) to stop the Burning Blade, then a trip into RFC before sending you to this two-faced warlock at the other guard tower between Durotar and Barrens.. He sent you to Dreadmist to nabber this gem out of the cave (where that rare demon hung around.. Good memories of raping the bastard once I hit high level..) and then timing you back to him to neutralise it or summat.. And lemme think what else.. Raptors, check (TAKK THE LEAPER D:<), shit-tons of hunting quests, check, Mankrik, check, Quillboar and their assorted mischief, check, the Great Lift (and their fabled two lvl 30ish guards), check, Crossroads, check, Sillith, check, centaur, check, Ratchet, check, Burning Blade, check, Venture Co (along with that neutral gobbo trying to steal that shredder and failing after a long escort quest thru Sludge Fen), check, Wailing Caverns, check.. What else perhaps.. *shrugs* Can't remember much more.. Spent too much time at the Ramparts having fun in WSG methinks.. But I don't REALLY hate the Barrens.. It was big, a bit boring, but I always did have fun exploring and screwing about..

    OH! But that island, with the stance quest off the shore from Barrens, I honestly think there was nothing else on there aside from those fighting hooligans, and once those eventually got patched out it served as a decent RP spot I dare remember.. And I nearly fergot that.. Underwater stairs thing near Ratchet.. It had a small fishing camp near it with a couple of Tauren methinks it was.. Part of a Alliance quest chain or summat.. Can't remember the quest details but I CAN remember the location.. Just south of Ratchet..

    Either way, I hope it might have been of some use..

  6. January 21, 2012 at 01:53

    I’d forgotten about the raptors. There are a couple of quests. One chain starts in the crossroads with a quest called “Stolen Silver”, and another had to do with planting raptor plumes on nests good ways further south. I’m not sure if that’s part of the same chain or not.

    The thorns found throughout the barrens apparently sprouted where the Quilboar god’s blood fell (hence the captive quilboar shaman’s interest in blood shards).

  7. January 23, 2012 at 23:23

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  8. 26 Katherine
    March 3, 2012 at 15:09

    The High Elf pirate in Ratchet is neutral, but the reason the quest is Horde only is, well kind of obvious: he’s not going to tell a member of the Alliance to attack an Alliance fort.

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